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  1. My Telford sin... Supermarine Walrus

    What a good boy you are!
  2. The Sign of FOUR

    when you're three sheets
  3. The Sign of FOUR

    in places most uncomfortable
  4. The Sign of FOUR

    to soak their dentures
  5. The Sign of FOUR

    until the next fad
  6. The Sign of FOUR

    not the Durham Dollop
  7. Funny & Odd Things in my work Area

    The bloke sitting at the bench ...
  8. The Sign of FOUR

    ants, gerbils and smurfs
  9. The Sign of FOUR

    to the teeth with
  10. What have you purchased / been gifted

    The postie brought me some Czech (Special Hobby) goodies today: in 1:72, a P-40N (which doesn't include RAAF markings, so I'll have to find some) and a 2-in-1 P-40F/L (which includes markings for both 3RAAF and 450RAAF, which is nice), and a 1:48 Fairey Firefly IV (which includes RAN markings, although if I can find a target winch to hang under it I'll do a Navy one in silver with black and yellow stripes). All look to be really nice kits, especially the P-40s.
  11. The Sign of FOUR

    feast for a king
  12. The Sign of FOUR

    with snouts in trough
  13. The Queen settles a jammy situation

    I thought it was "scoon" ...
  14. Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    What he said.
  15. Eduard 1/48 Limited edition Gladiator

    If I were you I'd be following the photograph - you can't get a better reference than that - and putting the squadron codes aft of the roundel on the starboard side. We all know how accurate kit instructions can be sometimes!