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  1. I take it to be the Monogram 1:48 kit. Don't know about the rockets, but there are resin bits around by Belcher Bits for the nose radome and other Coastal Command mods - see
  2. one needs to consider
  3. not an unkind cut (You've got to think outside the box, even if it looks Escher-like!)
  4. and scissor-lift platform (I just don't understand why such large equipment is needed to pick up such small items ...)
  5. I can't believe that - not in this thread ...
  6. will be picked up
  7. Thanks to you both. Every time I think of Combat Models or Anigrand I have to sit down with a stiff single malt until the twitching goes away!
  8. because of the egg
  9. Not big enough! Get a second one and do a Zwilling - someone does a resin centre section to deal with the hard bit ...
  10. So as not to hijack Jockney's thread, I'll start this one: I'm sure there was a furphy around a wee while back that there was a 1:72 kit of the Clipper (by Academy or Minicraft, IIRC) coming out. Am I right, or just having a senior moment? If correct, has there been any further news?
  11. of the kitchen sink
  12. blue, rare or medium
  13. I see from the Pheon web site ( that Rowan isn't expecting his until February or March. Doesn't look hopeful for we mere mortals! I did note from the site that he will be making it very hard for me to avoid buying several of them, though - the Horus is a must, and hopefully the Aces sheet(s) will include Cobby's white/black one from Leighterton.
  14. and your whatnots too
  15. sponning of the nurgle