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  1. tastes like ... er, um ...
  2. not easy to light
  3. -induced kleptomania and other
  4. and tackle used for
  5. with brown sauce and chips
  6. and the Great Panjandrum
  7. Makes sense - they've done a lot of the work already, and the existing kit is set up for just such an eventuality. A glass nose and two-stage Merlins would be an obvious fit. Still like to see a Beaufighter, though, especially if it comes with Mk 20 options ...
  8. a stirring, salacious tome
  9. of trite sayings from
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  11. receptionist for some extra
  12. Nah - hulks. They're shells
  13. Keep your heads down up there - and see you on the other side!
  14. lead to the inevitable
  15. I carry a donor card - they can have whatever they need once I'm gone (brain won't be much use to them, though!).