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  1. You are a lucky man. Where are you going to put them all though ?
  2. Very big Batmobile

    They are and whenever I see Paul at a show I make sure I grab some top up blades.
  3. Very big Batmobile

    Next on the to-do list was some parts of the side detail bits. I tried to 3d print these but they came out shockingly bad , So I decided to build them myself,
  4. Rogue One AT ACT

    Nice to know I've inspired someone
  5. Rogue One AT ACT

    Finished, now well sort of. Think it might need some mini palm trees or something ( anyone know of a source ). There's a patch of clear resin near the front to indicate a beach. If someone could photoshop this on to a better background for me that would be great thanks.
  6. Rogue One AT ACT

    Forgot to show this one,these top panels were completely blank before I started .I added some details and scribed some panel lines
  7. Rogue One AT ACT

    They should be easy enough to do with shaped sheet plastic. I didn't bother because I quite like it, it's different.
  8. Rogue One AT ACT

    I'm calling this finished now. I just got to make it an appropriate base but the main construction and painting's done. Put quite a lot of work into making this look not so much of a toy. Had to drill three holes and two slots in each side of the container pod because surprise surprise Revell didn't include them.
  9. F-104 Cockpit ##Finished##

    I've got this one in the attic somewhere as well as the F16 one. I managed to get the heads up display working on the F16 one.
  10. Rogue One AT ACT

    He is the tiny hidden ( sort of ) switch that now does the electrics. Hopefully now one will notice it that much. Just noticed the seam I missed as well. Nearly finished with the base colour. Got a bit more to do then weathering and decide what happens with the big orange panels. Little video showing the electronics working and the benefit of a bigger speaker. Still got to dim those gun lights.
  11. F-104 Cockpit ##Finished##

    I've got this one in the attic somewhere as well as the F16 one. I managed to get the heads up display working on the F16 one.
  12. Great work so far. I know there was a ton of work involved in getting all of that up off the base. I did think about doing that with mine but with so many kits to build and so little time I strengthened the underneath with wood.
  13. Rogue One AT ACT

    I will try and tone them down a bit, they are a bit too bright but I think it worked.
  14. Rogue One AT ACT

    Really have put too much work into this now. But I couldn't help myself I wanted to add the two red lights underneath the guns.
  15. Rogue One AT ACT

    Here's the feet and most of the legs complete and I'm going to stop working on them now.