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  1. IPMS Gloucester Model Show 2017 - see notice re catering

    Any cancellations ?
  2. 1/24 B-wing

    If you do get stuck I've got a vac-formed if you need help.
  3. 1/24 B-wing

    You could always sell it
  4. IPMS Gloucester Model Show 2017 - see notice re catering

    Ok Well will you let me know if things change.
  5. IPMS Gloucester Model Show 2017 - see notice re catering

    Room for one more ??
  6. Very big Batmobile

    Next I tackled the vents just behind the front intake. There was just a hint of engraved detail there before, so that had to go. Then reconstruct with appropriately curved sheet plastic. And........sit back and relax.
  7. Very big Batmobile

    Here's a shot of the finished bit.
  8. Very big Batmobile

    I used one of these. They are brilliant
  9. Very big Batmobile

    Here's what I did to get the mesh into the openings on the gun covers. I cut a slice off the back with a razor saw (very fiddly) and trapped the mesh in between.
  10. I've had this thread going on a Batmobile forum but thought I might show the build here as well. Been doing this for quite a while now so there's some catching up to do. As far as I know it's a casting from the studio model car used in the Axis Chemical Plant scenes. It's nearly 28 inches long and made of a mixture of resin and fibreglass. There were quite a few bits missing and some of the remaining parts were badly cast or inaccurate. It had no underside/floor, no interior (but weirdly had seats and dashboard) and the wheels were terrible, and virtually useless. Anyway as a model builder with a few years under my belt I thought I could polish this turd. First thing I did was cut out the gun covers. You can see by this pic the uneven thickness of the shell. I had new gun covers laser cut out of acrylic but had to add the vents/louvers with split plastic rod.
  11. Revell AT-AT with mods.

    Yes that would be great thanks. I've got one of these walkers to do so I'll need the same size you got
  12. Revell AT-AT with mods.

    Noel do you mind if I ask where you got the tiny hex screws and grub screws from ?
  13. Big R2D2

    The project is being help a bit by the Deagostini one with certain bit being pinched off there. Still a lot of work though to get this to a level I'm happy with.