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  1. Has anyone on here bought one of these yet ?
  2. Here's the results of last nights work. The eyes are not finished yet, I've got to get some wire going across them somehow ( or just paint it on ).
  3. Have you got reference for your build ? I've got tons of pictures if you need them ( just got to work out how to send attachments ). The knob you're looking for was originally off a set of gun sights. You never know one might turn up on ebay or car boot.
  4. While looking in the spares boxes for some suitable eye replacements (as the ones on here we just stickers.) I found these lenses I'd kept from some old kit. As they fitted nicely in the sockets I thought I'd give them a go. I reckon with a bit of lighting in the right place they'd be just right.
  5. Here's some work done on the head. I wanted to change the mouth area a bit as the detail wasn't crisp enough for me as in photo 1. I wanted to make the head removable so I cut off the screw posts at just the right height and glued some magnets on the ends, as in this picture.
  6. Bettween 19-20 inches Mike
  7. I was going to the just rebuild the aerials but I thought I rebuild the entire back panel because it's easier to work with off the body, plus I might use it for battery access.
  8. More work done. Had to cut and re-glue nearly all the finger joints. . Also built a grenade. I didn't do the one that appears in the film because it be too small for his hand and I didn't like the look of it anyway.
  9. I've now cut his fingers off. As I want him to be holding an Imperial grenade I'll have to cut the joints of the fingers and curl them around it. The legs are also do which means at least it's standing again now ( and in a more natural pose I think )
  10. There's an episode of The Walking Dead where one of the characters builds models and someone actually kills a zombie with one.
  11. Apparently from the studio mold for the one they used in the Axis Chemical Plant sequence.
  12. I think the colour whether documented or not will always be open to personal interpretation. After I finish my K-2SO I've got this beast to continue with. God knows what I'm going to do about colour.
  13. Cracking job
  14. A little update. There's a fair bit of plastic surgery required to fit these new aluminium joints. Replacing some of the missing edging, trapping the joint.
  15. Here's a build I'm doing of K-2SO I'm using a Jakks Pacific Big Fig and adding parts to make it better, giving it a better paint job and changing the pose. After a lot of sanding and filing of the seams I gave it a coat of primer. Then I got busy with the lathe and machined some aluminium rod down to replace the hinges and joints. The first picture shows the replacement joints I made and then there's a couple of pictures of the old joints cut off and replaced with the new ones.