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  1. Any cancellations ?
  2. If you do get stuck I've got a vac-formed if you need help.
  3. You could always sell it
  4. Ok Well will you let me know if things change.
  5. Room for one more ??
  6. Next I tackled the vents just behind the front intake. There was just a hint of engraved detail there before, so that had to go. Then reconstruct with appropriately curved sheet plastic. And........sit back and relax.
  7. Here's a shot of the finished bit.
  8. I used one of these. They are brilliant
  9. Here's what I did to get the mesh into the openings on the gun covers. I cut a slice off the back with a razor saw (very fiddly) and trapped the mesh in between.
  10. I've had this thread going on a Batmobile forum but thought I might show the build here as well. Been doing this for quite a while now so there's some catching up to do. As far as I know it's a casting from the studio model car used in the Axis Chemical Plant scenes. It's nearly 28 inches long and made of a mixture of resin and fibreglass. There were quite a few bits missing and some of the remaining parts were badly cast or inaccurate. It had no underside/floor, no interior (but weirdly had seats and dashboard) and the wheels were terrible, and virtually useless. Anyway as a model builder with a few years under my belt I thought I could polish this turd. First thing I did was cut out the gun covers. You can see by this pic the uneven thickness of the shell. I had new gun covers laser cut out of acrylic but had to add the vents/louvers with split plastic rod.
  11. Yes that would be great thanks. I've got one of these walkers to do so I'll need the same size you got
  12. Noel do you mind if I ask where you got the tiny hex screws and grub screws from ?
  13. The project is being help a bit by the Deagostini one with certain bit being pinched off there. Still a lot of work though to get this to a level I'm happy with.