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  1. Big DeBoers Enterprise

    Yes because it seemed like i was the only one responding to the updates
  2. Big DeBoers Enterprise

    Being as this was, a ) a big spaceship and b ) a Star Trek themed thread, I thought there'd be more interest in this build. Apparently not.
  3. I've never seen one of these being built on any forum since buying one myself ages ago. Great job Lee. Feel inclined to get mine on the bench now.
  4. Had mine in the attic for ages before deciding it's got to be done. It's a great kit and subject which makes it all the more weird that no ones bothered to re-do it. Still look how long it took us to get decent kits of the Enterprise, Proteus and the Flying Sub. Here's how mine turned out. ( with a few optic fibres and leds added)
  5. 1/24 B-wing

    any update
  6. IPMS Gloucester Model Show 2017 - see notice re catering

    Any cancellations ?
  7. 1/24 B-wing

    If you do get stuck I've got a vac-formed if you need help.
  8. 1/24 B-wing

    You could always sell it
  9. IPMS Gloucester Model Show 2017 - see notice re catering

    Ok Well will you let me know if things change.
  10. IPMS Gloucester Model Show 2017 - see notice re catering

    Room for one more ??
  11. Very big Batmobile

    Next I tackled the vents just behind the front intake. There was just a hint of engraved detail there before, so that had to go. Then reconstruct with appropriately curved sheet plastic. And........sit back and relax.
  12. Very big Batmobile

    Here's a shot of the finished bit.
  13. Very big Batmobile

    I used one of these. They are brilliant