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  1. Haha thank you Everything is Available at L&L Models if you want to get yourself one! here is an updated Picture of it! I designed the wheels especially for this body so id get those if you don't have the means to modify the chassis Sierra RS500 Available at L&L Models i'll update the Cain build shortly
  2. Hey Everyone,.. Sorry my Cain project kind of too a back seat over the summer I've been doing a lot of work for an RC Company here in the u.k. Called L&L Models if your into RC then you should definitely check us out! L&L Facebook Group L&L Models Website/Shop Example of something I was working on below,.. I've done some more on Robo Cain Completing the Left arm,.. With a small modification,.. Ever since looking over the instructions at the start I wasn't happy with the idea of elasticated/rubberised bullet
  3. Hey! again bud,,.. Just dropped by to see how yours had come along,.. mine got kicked to the side for a bit i had loads of other 3D modeling work come up so didn't have time for mine,. ive just started on it again,.. so i'll do some updates to the thread! yous looks much cleaner than mine,.. i'm tempted to re-do it in SLA and keep this one black,.. but who knows Cracking work so far! and cheers for the heads up Keep it coming!!
  4. Hey,.. I thought i'd drop by and see how yours was coming along,.. I have to say it's looking impressive and the paintwork is really strong! that's going to look the business when it's finished!,.. Well done thus far! ive done a bit on mine i'll update it shortly! ;)
  5. nice find! do you have a link for anyone else looking? Edit: Arhh I see what your saying yep £5.20 for the screen and £5.00 postage (to the u.k. at least) it plays spot on too! as long as like I say you convert the footage to AMV I found if you converted your footage to .mp4 first I didn't get any issues! and this is the tutorial I followed to convert my footage to AMV Convert to AMV Youtube Tutorial
  6. Todays deliveries brought us our Media Player and as you can see Fits like a glove! But there is a Belt clip you'll have to remove in order for it to fit into the head properly also when the Media player arrived there was no Mini USB Cable so you'll need one of those too,. I already had one! (don't mix up Micro usb with a mini USB Cable it's the Mini USB you want!) and of course I couldn't wait to try out the footage Where you can see Here! you'll have to convert your footage to .amv in order for it to work this took some research to find out! b
  7. it's great once you get over the 1st few nervous breakdowns! and i'm about to go at it all over again with a resin printer!
  8. he's awesome! I bet your proud of him! i like the case too ,.. i'll have to come up with something too!,..i'll have a proper read of this thread when i get chance! did you document anywhere how you did the mechanism for the head opening up and the screen flipping out? Top Work!
  9. So,.. Last night this happened i've collected a lot of high resolution images from the Chronicle Studios 1/6 Cain which any of you in the know used the original puppet to make molds from there's a bit about him here! Youtube VideoI from which i've notice some subtle differences,. the chast plate with the Toxic badge on his chest is actually embossed so I went about remodeling that part based off the original when this next batch print finishes it run a print and see how it fairs up! and i put the rivet detail back in!
  10. sorry to bump this one again,.. i'd seen footage of this on youtube and was blown away! i've only just discovered this project build so i've yet to read through it properly! it's nearly his 10th Birthday!!! do you have something planned for him??? be awesome to see where he is today! please tell me you still have him! if my build looks even half as good as this i'll be impressed! AWSOME! Dave
  11. thank you I use Cura to slice but i've looked at the parts in 3D Maya as well but they are definitely not there!,. i have my printer set to hollow them out then i'll work out if i need to print any of the parts solid,.. i'm also anticipating breaking parts so i'll get him fully assembled then desasemble him for sanding and painting,.. i decided to do him all in black pla too i'd like to get a picture of him all soluetted before painting!
  12. you know your stuff!,.. i used to love the way cain moved and that upper body strength stature,.. if I can find my old pictures I used to draw of him i'll scan them in and put them up here for a laugh,.. I cant have been much older than 10 when I drew them, yep I remember all those films! the Star Wars ones i'd actually wear out! if someone gets the benafit from me or it inspires others to do the same then it's a pleasure to share!
  13. Let's give you People some updates since my last post i've been printing like mad,.. and it's been driving me and the Mrs mad so i bought a few upgrades for the printer a Bigtree E3 Dip board (Silent) added dampers to my stepper motors metal Extruder and uprated Bowden tube now we can get some sleep! this was a picture from about a week or so ago lots of parts printed and the Hardware had just started to show up I Started to crack on with the build and got the 1st few stages done in one go,.. becaus
  14. Hey Nice work! im also building him i've not quite been at it as long as you have but getting there! you've done a nice job of the pipes either side of the Nuke Chamber i've done those not fun! did you ever work out what the Gundam metal option was for the Mini Gun? all I can deduce is that it some sort of gun barrel,.. i asked the artist but he just said he bought then in malaysia,.. and that was about as far as that conversation went,.. you can get away with printing them if you slow your speed right down,.. are you planning of the Screen Head too?
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