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  1. This was an easy kit to make and modify, I just sprayed it Gloss black and then ALCLAD dark aluminium , for a very quick build. I don't know if Pegasus is still going, but this may be one of those kits that will get hard to find soon. I used it to practise spraying silver paints, getting the pressure right and of course, washing to prepare beforehand.
  2. Just finished the kit: Pegasus models, 1/32nd? Terminator HK Machine. This was an expensive model but close enough to the movie prop and fits together well. Basically a grey-blue soft styrene with one transparent sprue, so you can light it if you want. Landing legs are moulded retracted, and would need new legs to be in the down position. Model has a single leg stand. CAUTION: The internal locating pins are too large for the locating sockets -had to drill socket holes out to get an easy fit...Otherwise a test fit could fix the two body parts together! The two engines are not linked on the model, and probably rotate differentially to balance the machine by computer control, but I found it looked better when they rotate together. To do this I had to cut away two of the large locating and alignment pins and their sockets, which were in the way of the cross shaft, but there are other locating pins, so it isn't important. I then made up a cross-shaft out of a plastic sprue, then drilled out the two collars, (Parts A4), and glued the length of sprue in place, making sure I had aligned the engine mounting lugs: see picture. A very easy mod. Most joints follow panel lines, some need a little filler. and sanding. Painting: There are no guides for this so any imagination can come up with a scheme painting with Alclad Lacquer Gloss black undercoat and dark/light aluminium top coat. Seemed to look just fine with this simple finish so I left it at that for the moment Box Art The kit is otherwise not bad, and only the main body join needed filler. HK1 Internals HK2 HK3 HK4 HK5 HK6 HK7 HK8 HK9
  3. aha, that FantsticPlastic space station is very small, about 8in in dia. around 1/1400 to 1/2800 or so. Glueman is re-working an old Luna Models Discovery on Britmodeler, that I had about 15 years ago, Here is a picture of the command module when it was painted: Discovery I stripped the paint off before I sold it, and it was not a bad rendering, but nowhere as good as the Mobeius version.
  4. The 4k release of 2001: I hope they go back to the 70MM B/W triple masters CMY and make the 4K from that, as the details will be much better than the 35mm master. The Blu-Ray release was done from the 35mm master. I got to see 2001 in London at the only cinerama curved screen left, but the projection set up was poor, 4K at home on a 55in+ OLED would be as good ,if not better, Stanley would have loved that. Yes, I recommend snapping up the kit ,even if it breaks the bank, and you wont build it just yet, I have had to search a lot for other very good Chinese made kits as they disappear very quickly. I started work as a draughtsman in electronics in 1970 and several of the engineers I worked with left their jobs in 1965-6 to work with Stanly K on the movie, then just went back to their old jobs afterwards. LED displays were just in, but you can see Nixie tube numerals in the space bus consoles, that was as good as it was in those days. Also lots of Honewell lit rocker and press-swithches in the space pod. The screens were 16mm films. The model makers detailing is described in a number of books, but the book : 2001 file; Harry Lange, by Christoper Frayling has several paragraphs describing how the spacecraft were detailed. p74/75 give the best detail in black/white of the paneling of the Discovery command module. and p.234/5 for the rear view. I get a feeling that not all the drawings in the book were by HL, the interior of the command module for example, also some seem to be done by a different hand, and may be edited to improve the contrast from the pencil originals.
  5. Indeed, I would recommend buying the Discovery as it will go out of circulation pretty soon I think. Do you have any links to the TCM/WB's 2011 movie anniversary sites? Somebody said there is to be a 4K release of the movie. so , all I have to do is buy a 4K flatscreen and a 4K player. A 1/144 Space Station V would be a nice addition to the range. -just wishing. I have several other kits to make before I get to the Moebius one, but it looks very good, not needing modification to make an accurate Discovery. The kit has very detailed color instructions to make sure the correct spine pods are fitted in the correct places, they are made of several parts to ensure correct moulding of details. The engine parts are truly superb in detailing. and Glueman will be pleased that is is that good. I will put pictures on this site soon. As far as making copies of SciFI movies etc, You may have noted that DVD recorders have disappeared from the market by the way. There are a number of charity/thrift shops near here, selling old electric goods, and VCR's are now increasing in price second hand , as making a 'hard' copy of anything on tv will soon be impossible. Sony/Time/WB etc, I think, intend to start controlling streaming/download pricing, and they can do this when there is no other method of making a permanent copy. Hard-drives etc, will be under download control for replay, or they already are, They can adjust it so that you have t pay each time you watch any downloaded stuff, a backwards step for us consumers, when the HD's die, you loose your stuff. I now have a new VHS-S machine, to do this (400 lines, nearly as good as DVD). technology, don't you just love it?
  6. I have found out from other sources, that the excellent model kits commign in from China are made by company order, being made in batches, then the superb Chinese manufacturers change to the next brand. This means that some kits will be on the market for a short time, then it may be many years before the brand can get another slot in manufacturing. SO, if you want a certain kit, t would be advisable to buy when they appear, as one cannot predict when they will be available in the future.
  7. Looking at my copy of the Moebius kit, the raised detail is not as high as the 3-d modeled sample at Wondercom, just looking at the details compared to some of the still from the movie, somebody in China has seriously spent a lot of effort ensuring a close copy, perhaps of the15ft studio model. The exact scale is something to be determined, as there is no real way to scale it, though there are various efforts on the web, scaling from the windows and images of the astronauts. The box art is a close painting or rendered copy of a still from 2001, but looking closer it is digitally textured somehow. The copyright assertion on the box and instructions is to TEC(s17) whatever that is. I recommend printing off as many stills that are on the web, plus perhaps taking snapshots of the screen from a Blue-ray copy of the movie, and using that for the panel work and details. No weathering is needed as there is no 'weather' in space, though off-white bleaching of colours would be the result of years of sunlight. I intend to paint mine a slightly darker light blue than is suggests. with darker panels as best I can see from the prints as that is how it looks in the movie. Most of the 70mm takes were near first generation with hand-pained masking and matting of stars on to the same 70mm original, so there was little loss of contrast or detail. the re-exposure was doen to the original, this time the spacecraft manually masked off for each frame. Mobeius have done a superb job selling this
  8. Hello again Glueman, wow, you are making a superb job of this. looks as thougn you are gradually replacing many parts for more accurate scratch-building: er, I have obtained a Moebius models 1/144th Discovery kit. A quick look shows this to be very high quality, and very faithful to the movie Discovery XD1 spacecraft model. I paid £187, plus £27.27 customs tax to buy the kit direct from Moebius and have it shipped airmail, I expect it is available in UK shops somewhere for less. A brief examination of the injection-moulded parts show faithful detailing, a strong spine and the ability to align all the modules correctly. The kit has better detailing than the prototype 3-d mode shown at Wondercom, though I may tone down some of the raised detail some more. Model does not have pods or lighting, but these can be added. I plan to put a show and tell on the Britmodeler site as I make the kit. Currently making the Pegasus Terminator movie 1/32nd Hunter Killer Arial machine. this kit is good, but suffers from over large locating pins, all which need drilling out to get a good fit. regards, M
  9. Wow, amazing detail for 1/72nd. Hanna Rich was supposed to have flown one of these, very brave as there was no way of getting out in an emergency. The Imperial War Museum in London has some b/w pictures of the captured examples, but these were of several re-painted in speculative colours by the allies before they wre displayed. the FZG-76 was costed at £11 (in 1965 pounds) by the allies, , and many were unpainted steel or a grey primer, some RLM blue under and RLM greens on top. often camouflaged to hide when stored . so dangerous to fly that sensibly, even Cpt. Eric Brown passed on this one.
  10. GOSH! I remember making this kit more than forty years ago, but it goes together well, and the staging hods together well as a push fit. engine bells etc fit well and hide their mounting pins, much better than the old AIRFIX 1/144th one. Service module is correct size, but the command module has no ftting lugs , you might have to make up something. I remember it just sits on top.
  11. Impressed at the sheer level of detail, the PE dish is amazing. is this going to a radar museum?
  12. Thanks for the reply, I should put more pictures on, but my camera is giving poor results at the moment. The bottles were from the Tamiya 1/32nd Churchill kit. Have got the 1/32 MENG OBJEKT 279 to do next. The kit is amazing in detail. weird.
  13. Thank you for the comments. I ca no longer make a good go at 1/72nd models, : eyesight etc. so 1/48 and 1/32are my main scales nowadays.... then I bought the MOBEIUS models 1/144 2001 Discovery, so its not all that easy to get what you want. The camouflage was seen on Armenian http://www.janes.com/images/assets/044/64044/1685966_-_main.jpg and consists of spray-on 'digital' or digital stickers in various colours. This is an interesting method, depending on the soldier who gets around to doing it i suppose, the more artistic flair, the more interesting. One I saw had rows and rows neatly sprayed on, hardly camouflage, but it seem to break up the outline. If you have done the SS25 TOPOL TEL, , the drive train details are just as exacting and detailed. The kit is very expensive but superbly done. Note: I painted the edges of the windows to cut down internal reflections, this seems to have helped .
  14. Yes, I have seen the lighting kits. I probably will do the kit without interior, with windows in the command port at the top. not quite sure yet. I have many detailed 2 1/2 in sq contact print pictures taken by Doug Turnbull on the set with a Bronchia 2 1/2 sq, in 1966, which shows several different Discovery ships, but the movie one is probably the one to do. maily off-white colour, Also have Simon Atkinson's artworks as well. It will probably have to go on the ceiling or be used as another movie prop perhaps, or at Sci-Fi shows. Just pleased to get an injection-moulded Discovery, having given up on restoring my old Luna Models one,
  15. well, I have ordered a Discovery from the Manufacturer , and costed at £186, posted to the UK address. I will do a full review of the kit when I start building. looking forward to it!
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