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  1. Thanks. I sent a mail to Welsh Models as well, and got the same answer. Nils
  2. One question about the Welsh Models resin parts. There are two parts that seem to represent the engine generator bulges. However the bulges are also molded into the engine parts. Are these items for something else? If so, what? Nils
  3. Nordic Starfighter

    As said in your build thread, Giorgio - a very good looking model! You have done a good job on this one. Nils
  4. Very nice model! I have the kit in my stash, waiting for the Poseidon to appear in Norwegian markings. But that will not happen for about four years, so the kit will mature until then. I will do some effort on see-through cockpit windows. I think a model in this scale deserves that. Nils
  5. BAe Harrier GR7 Revell 1/48

    My favorite GR.7 scheme - and very well done! Especially the lower side "dirt". I will do one myself one day, but probably not up to this standard. Nils
  6. Vingtor, not Vignator.... This model is 1/48 scale, from my own workbench with decals from my scrap box and a few home made, laser printed decals. Nothing that will be offered from Vingtor Decals. Nils
  7. Congratulations with a very nice Starfighter model! Nils
  8. VAAC Harrier Cockpit References?

    If I am not wrong, we still have the 1/48 scale sheet in stock. I will not be able to check for certain before before we open business next week after the holidays, though. Total price, including postage to Britain should not exceed £15. Nils
  9. 1/72 Welsh Models B737 BBJ

    Having just purchased the Welsh Models P-8A Poseidon kit, the new kit has modified and longer gear legs (especially the main gear). My worry, though, is that they are resin. Possibly a bit fragile for a heavy model like this. Nils
  10. Good work, Giorgio. I am following this build with great interest. Nils
  11. Boeing 737 STGB chat

    I have bookmarked your BM thread for reference. I think I will stick to 1/144 for the group build though, if I should have any hope finishing a model. Nils
  12. Boeing 737 STGB chat

    I just got the Welsh Models 1/72 scale P-8A Poseidon kit today. I doubt I will manage to finish it in three months, though.... Nils
  13. Mosquito, 333. Sqd.

    Very nice! I wouldn't mind more photos of the models. What's the scale? Nils
  14. Jonners' builds for 2017 - Not a bad year this year!

    You definitely beat me. I especially like the SHAR and the Seafire. Nils
  15. It also bears a resemblance to the HM Coastguard scheme. Nils