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  1. Norway 1940 marine camo?

    Hi, Just curious, which books are you referring to? Nls
  2. Put me in. I have a BOAC Dakota (WWII), an ABA DC-3 and a RNAF C-47 on my todo list. Nils
  3. It is not entirely unlikely that I do a new "classic" sheet some day. There are a few minor errors to correct, and the old sheet's paper format does not fit my current plastic bags. Nils
  4. Very nice model. 666 as a pre-MLU aicraft would have been with the smaller "Fokker style" roundels though. You might be aware that 666 also carried a very special "nose art" (thus on the ventral fin) for a short period while serving with 334 squardon after MLU upgrade, with the name Bitchn' Betty. Please note that Vingtor Decals also has a decal sheet for 666 as a test aircraft at Edwards AFB, with 299 on the same sheet: Nils
  5. What is the suggested Humbrol colour for the area behind the cockpit glazing? It is not specified on the colour sheet. Nils
  6. Nice! My friend has witten and published a book on this individual aircraft, mainly in Swedish service though. Nils
  7. Norwegian Albatross

    There were two marking alternatives for Norwegian Albatrosses. The first one was as for your model, borderless roundels and large registration letters. These markings were eventually replaced with roundels with a white outline and smaller British style letters. A well-built model like this deserves better decals. Nils
  8. Norwegian Albatross

    Very good model! It's a pity that the provided roundels are not too accurate, though. Nils
  9. Great photo! It is difficult to determine the exact colour shade from a photo. It could possibly be Light Olive Drab, but it might also be some other light green colour. The ground personell at Little Norway referred to the colour as "apple green". The photo does however confirm that it is green also on the undersides. Nils
  10. F-16 Model 18 Navy

    I would say a photoshopped - or rather hand modified (in those days) - photo. Possibly of a model. The "Navy F-16" existed only on the drawing board. Nils
  11. Spitfire Vb "SKAGEN Ind." (Danish pilot)

    Check this site. A forthcoming book: https://www.facebook.com/britainsvictorydenmarksfreedom/ Nils
  12. 263 Sqn Gladiators in Norway

    No worry. Although the 331/332 Sqn books were published in Norwegian, the 330 and 263/46 Sqn books will be in English. At least he has told me so. Nils
  13. 263 Sqn Gladiators in Norway

    The well known photo you are referring to, which has been distibuted as a not very good copy, has been used as "proof" of both Temperate Sea Scheme and the "Arctic Scheme" - both high demarcation. My friend has much better copy (in fact from the original negative) of this photo that shows clearly that it is just the standard RAF DG/DE/LG/LE shadow shading scheme. My friend (you might by now know his name - the author of the "Spitfire Saga" volumes) has lots of material on 330 Squadron, as well as 333 Sqn., and is planning books on both, as well as the 263/46 Sqn operations in Norway. His first book many years ago was in fact on the 330 Sqn. N-3PBs. His problem is that the day has only 24 hours. He should be cloned... Nils
  14. 263 Sqn Gladiators in Norway

    My friend has just finished 7 volumes of 331 and 332 Squadrons WW2 history, each volume counting about 400 pages and weigthing 2 - 2.5 kilos. he deserves a few months to recover. He says he has material for some 15-20 other books (of the same size), but I am persuing him to do the 263 Sqn book first. Back in the 1980s I met Stuart Mills, pilot at 263 Sqn, at a meeting with the Norwegian Aviation Historical Sociary. This was at the time that N5641 had just been restored, and when my friand was diong his research. Mills could indeed tell that N5641 was his aircraft, and he recognised the bullet holes in the fuselage and wing struts. He also told that when he flew the aircraft, in April 1940, it was coded HE-B, not HE-G. This would be a dispute between Crawford and Mills, sadly Mills is no longer with us. For the second campaign. another airframe would most certainlly been allocated the code letter B. On their way to Norway for the first campaign, 263 Sqn lost one aircraft and received a Sea Gladiator, N5518, as attrition. It would be interesting to know if this was painted with squadron code letters, and in that case which individual letter. Nils
  15. SAAB B-17C

    Great model. Not often seen in Danish markings (although they never operated in Denmark). The designation should be B 17C though (without the dash), the B-17 was known in Sweden as the Flying Fortress. Nils