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  1. kit (& bits?) for a Belgian Sea King 48 in 1/72.

    The starter set is the new tool model: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/968669-airfix-a55307-westland-sea-king-har-3 The other Airfix Sea King kits, except from the Commando, seems to be old tool. Nils
  2. Norway 331 Sqn F-104G stencils

    Hi. As Niels says, the original delivery of F-104Gs (actually RF-104Gs) were USAF property and came with standard US stencils. Later on, as aircraft were painted, there were small alterations. Nils
  3. Garfield can easily be made from a few lumps of Milliput. Nils
  4. Norwegian F-35As At Orlond

    No current plans, sorry. I don't know what the future brings, though. Nils
  5. Norwegian F-35As At Orlond

    332 Squadron has been reactivated at Ørland as the F-35 OCU. 338 Squadron will still operate F-16s for some time. Nils
  6. Very nice model! The code letters were actually black on the real aircraft, though. Unfortunately Special Hobby got this wrong. Nils
  7. Colours for F-35 Lightning II

    Colourcoates also has a FS36170 in their range. I used this on my model (Hasegawa 1/72), but thought it was too light. I ended up using the paint out of the box for the RAM lines/panels, and mixed it 50/50 with black for the overall coating. This looks quite right in my eyes. Nils
  8. Hello from Norway

    Hei, Thomas Nice seeing you in Telford! Nils
  9. Thanks. This means that the Aeroproducts propeller most likely will be included in a later RAF version of the kit. Nils
  10. Are both propellers included in the standard kit? Airfix will undoubtedly release the kit as a P-51K/Mk.IV at some time, with the Aeroproducts propeller on the extra sprue. I just wonder if this is included in the first P-51D kit boxing. Nils
  11. Norway 1940 marine camo?

    Hi, Just curious, which books are you referring to? Nls
  12. Put me in. I have a BOAC Dakota (WWII), an ABA DC-3 and a RNAF C-47 on my todo list. Nils
  13. It is not entirely unlikely that I do a new "classic" sheet some day. There are a few minor errors to correct, and the old sheet's paper format does not fit my current plastic bags. Nils
  14. Very nice model. 666 as a pre-MLU aicraft would have been with the smaller "Fokker style" roundels though. You might be aware that 666 also carried a very special "nose art" (thus on the ventral fin) for a short period while serving with 334 squardon after MLU upgrade, with the name Bitchn' Betty. Please note that Vingtor Decals also has a decal sheet for 666 as a test aircraft at Edwards AFB, with 299 on the same sheet: Nils
  15. What is the suggested Humbrol colour for the area behind the cockpit glazing? It is not specified on the colour sheet. Nils