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  1. Night working

    I did several years of nights when I was nursing, I'm on permanent nights again now, working as a Warehouse Operative, for the biggest Sports/Fashion chain in the UK (and worldwide, now!) I may have been a mad nurse, but I should point out I haven't been a naughty nurse, physical health issues caused me to leave nursing- If my back let me down and I dropped a patient, there'd be a patient injured, a career ended and a lawsuit; if I drop a box of T-shirts, I've dropped a box, no harm done. But that's an aside! We work 4 on/4off and the work/life balance is the best part of the job. My supervisor is an incompetent lying sexist slavedriver- in a career over 45 years so far I've never met a manager like her! I'd better stop there, else it could be a fast-track P45 for me. Still, only 2 years, 8 months and 2 weeks till retirement- not that I'm counting . . .
  2. Right of passage

    Welcome Straight Six! My most recent spill was thinned paint out of an open airbrush cup as I manoeuvered the A/B to get coverage- right onto my just-painted Revell 1/32 Hunter . . . I won't be using an open cup on the A/B in future . . .
  3. What's your car used to go buying models

    Radar thingy? . . . Sorry, just ignore me, I haven't been following the thread. That's what happens when you post before reading everything!
  4. I've joined the Dad brigade.

    Congratulations to you all! I can only reinforce what everyone else has said, even in bad times, it's the best thing to happen to you. I speak as a great-grandfather. . .
  5. F4U Corsair Primer colour help needed

    Wow, thread resurrection! I'm working on the Academy F4U-1, using the kit option of Cdr. Tommy Blackburn's machine of VF-17 in the tri-colour scheme. I found this thread while looking for details of Vought's Salmon (aka Indian Red) primer colour. From IPMS Stockholm's helpful website I gathered that wheel wells should be in the underside colour, but it also stated there that the smaller "forward" section of the wheel well should be in salmon or Interior Green. Is this correct, or all of the well be white? It also states on that site that the interior surfaces of the engine cowling should be White(!) I have literally just put my brush into my brush cleaner jar after painting exactly that! D'Oh!
  6. Hats & Caps

    Crash helmet when on the scooter, Ushanka when out in the cold, a fez in the mancave . . .
  7. I built this in the original issue about 5 years ago, nice kit, goes together well, the wing struts can be awkward, I positioned a couple of the struts, then built a jig to support the wing in the right place while I added the others . . .
  8. Village Photos - a few qu's

    Well, I agree with bullbasket and Alex Gordon!
  9. Aviation of Japan Blog

    It may be worth mentioning here that on his ATF profile, Dancho describes himself as a "Professional Malcontent", which may explain his outlook . . .
  10. What's your car used to go buying models

    Very good. Had it 4 months and well pleased! Comfortable, spacious and fast enough for us. Good economy for its size and performance at 40 mpg (without trying!) Lots of bells and whistles on the SE-L. We got it on the Motability scheme (both have mobility issues), we went to the dealer to look at a Yeti, actually. Sat in the Yeti, SWMBO decided it wasn't for her, but "What's that over there?" "That" was an Octavia Scout Estate Our funds for the upfront payment wouldn't run to one of those, so we were ready to go for the 1-litre(!) SE model, but our sales person upsold us to a 1.4 SE-L hatch, asking what our budget was; when we told her, she offered a contribution to the advance payment that put the 1.4 SE-L in our grasp!
  11. Revell Spares

    I used the contact form on Revell's website to enquire about a replacement decal sheet. After about 2 weeks I received a letter from Revell GB, explaining that all parts were held in Germany, they had submitted my order, it would take about 5-6 weeks, but I would receive my request. That was about a week ago . . .
  12. What's your car used to go buying models

    Ok, the only car in our family, Mrs. Gaz's Skoda Octavia. Full title 1.4 TSi 150 SE-L
  13. Recommend me a good acrylic gloss varnish

    Sorry, I've no experience of Vallejo varnishes, so I can't help you there, but I do like Vallejo Model Color paint! Definitely gloss for a decal base, then whatever is appropriate for finishing. Many people believe military subjects are always Matt finished, but that's not the case! Sorry for the delay in replying, I thought I'd replied yesterday, but I was interrupted while composing the message!
  14. Recommend me a good acrylic gloss varnish

    Humbrol Clear as a basis for decals, Winsor & Newton Galeria Gloss, Satin or Matt for finishing coats. I found MicroScale's MicroGloss & MicroFlat to be one of my biggest disappointments in modelling (apart from recognising my lack of skills!)
  15. Sworfish cowling ring interior colour?

    Thanks for sharing that! It looks light enough inside that ring to say it probably isn't black, but the old caveat about interpreting colour from a black'n'white photo remains. I'll go with interior green- that's RAF cockpit interior green, not the US green shade . . .