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  1. Long (ish) Jokes.

    Nope, not them either! I think you'll find we're talking about the NISSAN S-Cargo! (but it was "inspired" by Citrioen's 2CV Van!)
  2. Guy Martin

    That'll be the Asperger's Syndrome then! . . .
  3. Internet help please!

    Hi Ray! Now I'm not an expert (hopefully one will be along soon) but I DO know a little. Depending on your router it should be possible to restrict network access to devices that have your approval to connect by using something called the MAC address of the devices. This is an alphanumeric code, unique to each device, that the router can query from the device when the device tries to connect and "if your MAC code isn't on the list, you aren't coming in!" If you don't actually need the WiFi function of the router- if all your devices can use a wired connection- then you could turn off WiFi altogether and just connect via wire (Ethernet, as it's called). A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. Your anti-virus supplier probably offers VPN services. Basically a VPN will encrypt your connection and disguise your IP address. Whether that would help you I don't know. VPNs are usually used either to protect privacy, or to hide dodgy downloading! I'm sorry I can't offer you more in the way of a solution, but you're doing everything right, I hope you find a resolution to this, and I hope this has helped . . . Regards, Gaz.
  4. F4U-1d paint conversion

    Those numbers Beefy gave you for Vallejo ARE Model Color . . .
  5. Humbrol

    Humbrol 183 is simply called "Grey". On the Paint X-Ref Guide cards given away by Model Airplane magazine some years ago, it appears similar to Humbrol 162 "Surface Grey". Both of these colours are claimed to be equivalent to ModelMaster 1730 and PollyScale 505380. Looking over the cards, Humbrol 166 "Light Aircraft Grey" and 129 "Satin US Gull Grey" are also claimed to be equivalent to these ModelMaster and PollyScale colours. The Gunze Sangyo equivalencies for these paints are different. Accoding to the cards, Humbrol 183 = Gunze Aqueous H51, Humbrol 166 = Gunze Aqueous H332/Mr Color C332, Humbrol 129 = Gunze Aqueous H325/Mr Color C325, and Humbroll 162 has no equivalents in the Gunze ranges. HTH!
  6. Seconded about the petrol Octy! I got my 1.4TSi seven months ago, and it's been excellent until last week. Returned up to 56.8 mpg on the motorway, rewards economical driving with 42mpg overall. SWMBO has a MUCH heavier right foot than me (I'm not slow, I just prefer to let torque do the work rather than revs!) and if it spends a week with her driving the mpg goes to 33! However, a major problem came up last week: clutch slip. It started suddenly, with the engine revving then the car catching up, and within 2 days, the slip was uncontrollable. It's been with the dealer for 3 days now and we've heard nothing, hoping to get it back soon. The Skoda dealer couldn't get us a courtesy car at such short notice, but Motability (whose car it is) provided a hire car for us- 2 litres and 217BHP of black Golf GTI! Now this is a lovely car, blisteringly fast (scary fast on our local roads!), handles beautifully, good-looking and cool as a cool thing in a freezer on a cool day in Cool Town, BUT I couldn't live with it every day. The road/tyre noise is horrendous, the ride comfort is somewhere between "Harsh" and "Series 3 LandRover". I'd love that engine in my Skoda, I believe that's called an Octavia vRS! I hope I have the Octy back before Telford, I'd fear for my licence if I had to go in the GTi . . .
  7. P-47 supercharger installation

    Your house central heating system doesn't have to produce 2000hp!
  8. Lawyers or Motor Insurance Gurus, please!

    My daughter-in-law recently (a few weeks) had her car stolen, but has heard today that it has been found. The thieves have used it in the interim, there are items a family would leave in their car, but that aren't hers. It's in a compound and she will have to pay to get it back from there, will she be able to recover this (£150 so far) from her insurer? More worryingly, the car has been in a collision with another vehicle which has been damaged. Jade (myD-i-L) has been told (don't know who by) that her insurer may be liable for the other car's damage, so that she'll have to pay the excess, and face a claim against her. I really don't know, but that seems SO unfair that it can't be right. Surely, if the vehicle had been reported stolen, and was thus being used by an unauthorised driver and outside the term of her insurance cover, her insurers can refuse to pay out, and direct the aggrieved party to the thieves, if they are traced, or the Motor Insurers Bureau for recompense?
  9. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    Well, I'm usually an aeroplane builder, but there is one target tank kit in my stash. It's Italeri's 1/72 M4A1 cast hull Sherman, so count me in! I may build another if I find something suitable at Telford, probably a M3 of some description?
  10. Night working

    I did several years of nights when I was nursing, I'm on permanent nights again now, working as a Warehouse Operative, for the biggest Sports/Fashion chain in the UK (and worldwide, now!) I may have been a mad nurse, but I should point out I haven't been a naughty nurse, physical health issues caused me to leave nursing- If my back let me down and I dropped a patient, there'd be a patient injured, a career ended and a lawsuit; if I drop a box of T-shirts, I've dropped a box, no harm done. But that's an aside! We work 4 on/4off and the work/life balance is the best part of the job. My supervisor is an incompetent lying sexist slavedriver- in a career over 45 years so far I've never met a manager like her! I'd better stop there, else it could be a fast-track P45 for me. Still, only 2 years, 8 months and 2 weeks till retirement- not that I'm counting . . .
  11. Right of passage

    Welcome Straight Six! My most recent spill was thinned paint out of an open airbrush cup as I manoeuvered the A/B to get coverage- right onto my just-painted Revell 1/32 Hunter . . . I won't be using an open cup on the A/B in future . . .
  12. What's your car used to go buying models

    Radar thingy? . . . Sorry, just ignore me, I haven't been following the thread. That's what happens when you post before reading everything!
  13. I've joined the Dad brigade.

    Congratulations to you all! I can only reinforce what everyone else has said, even in bad times, it's the best thing to happen to you. I speak as a great-grandfather. . .
  14. F4U Corsair Primer colour help needed

    Wow, thread resurrection! I'm working on the Academy F4U-1, using the kit option of Cdr. Tommy Blackburn's machine of VF-17 in the tri-colour scheme. I found this thread while looking for details of Vought's Salmon (aka Indian Red) primer colour. From IPMS Stockholm's helpful website I gathered that wheel wells should be in the underside colour, but it also stated there that the smaller "forward" section of the wheel well should be in salmon or Interior Green. Is this correct, or all of the well be white? It also states on that site that the interior surfaces of the engine cowling should be White(!) I have literally just put my brush into my brush cleaner jar after painting exactly that! D'Oh!
  15. Hats & Caps

    Crash helmet when on the scooter, Ushanka when out in the cold, a fez in the mancave . . .