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  1. M3/M4 Medium tank Gallery

    The Mad Nurse's 2nd entry for this GB is:- Mirage Hobby's 1/72 M3A1 Lee Again built OOB, and build thread is here. She's finished in Vallejo Olive Drab, over an undercoat of Xtracolor Faded olive drab. Interesting to see that it's much browner than the Tamiya OD on the Sherman. Done in the markings of a tank of the US Army's Armored Force School & Replacement Center, Fort Knox, 1942. A kit with a "short-run"feel to it, with a little PE fret, of which I only used a little. And with my other entry for this GB, Well, that's it from me for this GB, all that remains is to thank our GB Co-ordinator Enzo Matrix for the great job he's doing, our host Sgt. Squarehead, and his co-hosts Ozzy and Threadbear for their work on this GB, and thanks to all the participants who have made this such a successful GB. I've enjoyed myself among the treadheads, and I'll never call them targets again!
  2. M3/M4 Medium tank Gallery

    1/72 Italeri M4A1 Sherman Here is my first entry for this GB. Build thread is here. Built OOB, she is finished in Tamiya Olive drab, and the only identification Italeri give is "US Army, Normandy campaign 1944" And shot with my other entry, the Mirage Hobby 1/72 M3A1 Lee. All done!
  3. Mirage Hobby M3A1

    Finished!!!! M More pix in the gallery!
  4. We're here four the money!

    served in half a
  5. Thanks, Giorgio and Trevor, for your input. Here is the well-known picture of Finnish Rocs, allegedly taken at Dyce near Aberdeen, which would demonstrate that these aircraft did indeed fly bearing Finnish serials.That's what I'll build . . . . . . and in the knowledge that the Blue Swastikas were actually applied, then covered, mine will wear its Swastikas.
  6. I fancy a go at this, I've always liked to produce models where the finish is a little "unexpected", shall we say? I have 2 possible candidates, both a bit "iffy", a 1/72 Special Hobby Blackburn Roc, where one of the options is in Finnish markings*, and the same manufacturer's Folland Gnat F.1- the "British single seaters" boxing includes an option for the Oscar EW-5894 Phallus from the movie "Hot Shots". This is in US markings. Would either of these be eligible for this GB? *Evidence is that these aircraft never flew over the UK in Finnish markings, the Blue Swastikas being applied then covered over for flight in this country, so that the Rocs for Finland flew in standard FAA camo with plain white discs in the locations of the Finnish markings. It was felt that to fly in Finnish markings would attract AA fire! In the end, the Rocs were never delivered to Finland, so they never flew in Finnish markings. To me, this makes them a bit "iffy"
  7. M4A1 in 1/72.

    Thanks, Ozzy & Sgt. Squarehead. Ozzy, the engine is completely concealed! It would be possible to build this with open engine hatches, but then the prospect of extra detailing, and/or diorama building (to give context) enters the picture . . . This build is coming towards the end. I am primarily an aircraft modeller, and as I've got to where these photos show, I've decided I rather like the look of a clean tank. So I'll take some good pix of her for the gallery and call her done! Once the M3A1 is finished, I'll have a break from GBs until later in the year . . . I only have 1 tank in the stash now- an Emhar Mk.IV Male in 1/72, which I'll build in the "box art" scheme, 'cos that's the tank I sat in at Bovington . . .
  8. Mirage Hobby M3A1

    I suspect I'm about to commit heresy here . . . The M3A1 Lee has got to the next stage, and here are the photos to show : The heresy is that I'm discovering that I rather like the look of a "clean" tank, so I'm disinclined to weather it, so gloss coat and decals next . . .
  9. Mirage Hobby M3A1

    Thanks for all the kind compliments, chaps, they are really appreciated as I am my own worst critic and invariably only see the faults and mistakes in all of my models. Well, I cracked on with this and after only a short time since the last report, she (she?- are tanks feminine?) now looks like this The paint is Xtracolor "WW2 faded Olive Drab", hence the glossiness. When the paint is completely, thoroughly, totally dry she'll get a coat of OD and then a dry-brush of the faded OD and then review how the model looks . . .
  10. Mirage Hobby M3A1

    Atsa nice Grant! After doing a little bit of parts painting on the sprue, assembly has commenced, and here's where we're up to. Basically, it's a chassis . . . What The Sarge said about treating it as a short run kit seems to be about right. Each chassis side has a notch at the bottom where a tab on the bogie locates it . Notches on the chassis bottom plate (allegedly) line up with the chassis side's notches so as the bogie's tab locates on there as well. But the bottom plate notches don't line up with the chassis side notches!. Line up the forward notch, the others are out of alignment. Easily fixed, but one to be aware of! It's not perfect now, but I can overlook the slight unevenness in the bogies.
  11. M4A1 in 1/72.

    Parade Ground Tank! Nearly there!
  12. Colour of spare track links?

    Thanx, guys, that's been REALLY helpful . . .
  13. Colour of spare track links?

    Hi, Guys! As a mainly wingy-thing modeller, can I pick the brains of all you treadheads (oops) armour modellers? I'm getting close to finishing a 1/72 Italeri M4A1 Sherman for the Sherman STGB. I've modified the hull to represent a wet-stowage Sherman (thanks for the gen, Sgt. Squarehead!) and as I study photos of Shermans for reference I see lots carrying lengths of spare track links draped about the hull. Would these track links always/usually be new, unused links, or would crews salvage links from damaged or otherwise unserviceable tanks? If the tracks were new, what colour would they be? (Other than picking up dirt, dust & mud along with the rest of the tank!). Sherman tracks appear to me to be bare metal with a rubber pad on the running surface, so would rusty steel with a black facing be appropriate? And if salvaged tracks were used, then a bit rustier and the black worn and discoloured? Thanks in advance, fellas, I'd like to get this right to the best of my (meagre) ability. Oh, and while I remember (like a sieve these days!), can anyone suggest a cheap and readily available source of 1/72 Jerrycans? I see lots of pix of Shermans carrying a jerrycan strapped to the nearside headlight (apparently) and I'd like mine to do the same.
  14. Mirage Hobby M3A1

    I had occasionally seen pictures of "Cast-Hull" M3A1 Lee tanks, and was intrigued by the different appearance from the more often seen riveted hull M3 variants. I found this and bought it for this GB It's a flimsy end-opening box that contains 7 sprues of polystyrene parts and a vinyl sprue with tracks and a towing cable An A4-sized instruction booklet is included and stapled to this is a little jiffy bag containing a decal sheet and a PE fret. (I've just seen the date stamp on my photos and realised my camera is set to the wrong year!) I'll get going on this when I can
  15. M4A1 in 1/72.

    Thanks, Sarge! This is now beginning to look (a bit) like a Sherman . . . Details to add, and a bit of light weathering, I think . . . As mentioned in a previous post, I now have a M3A1 Lee to enter for this as well. Time to make a start, methinks.