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  1. You have done a real good job on that one Nice to see someone else who likes old cars .Treat to look at.
  2. Another of my 16th Scale brass era carsNot sure if this was a actual Merc model, but I quite like it.
  3. Great build Think the weathering really works well. Muted colour of cab looks good too & of course the scratch built flat bed. Fine job
  4. That's a great looking rescue. Fine work you can be well pleased.
  5. Oh I like that.Coming on nicely .
  6. Looks good as I thought it would. I am on the Scania T143H 6x2 after a 4week lull in modelling. Just out of box + rear axel lift a per your conversion.Did you finish that one ? as it seemed to disappear after you got the cab done.Mine will just be the blue one as I did not want anything complicated
  7. Built a couple of OOTB but well weathered Unimog trucks some time ago. Make nice finished model. I will watch progress as I am sure it will be above average when done.
  8. Thank you .PhilX I have 5 or 6 brass era cars. If you are interested look back on posts think you will find 3 others.Still got 2 more to post.
  9. Thank You Homer. County Durham lad myself, till they messed it up & I became Tyne Wear.
  10. Thank you for the kind comments & likes.Much appreciated. It was a good build.Shame there are not more 1/16 scale auto's around.It would be a nice scale using today's manufacturing technology
  11. You say so much missing.Hope you can ignore or scratch it to completion. Would be a shame to bin it
  12. Coming along very nicely. Hope the missing parts do not prevent finishing the kit. Checked up on one on Ebay but the price was OTT
  13. I look foreword to following the build of a unusual car.Sure you will do a great job.
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