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  1. Like it. Will watch with interest. Always nice to see a truck model.
  2. That's a real nice build I like the sharp photography too.The Bentley was the 1st model I built 5 years ago after a 40 years break.After many more kits I am thinking of doing the 12th scale one when it becomes available again.
  3. Great build Not the easiest of projects but it does make a impressive model. I think you did a good job on wheels.I used decals for the spokes on mine Have you thought about a display case for it? It is worth pride of place, & shows your other half has good taste.
  4. Thanks Pat Still a great build.Well done. I had a Rolls Royce( twice) & a Nissan that were the same & all 3 got binned. Strange as I have built many far more complicated models
  5. That's a nice clean build particularly in white.Never the easiest colour to use. Was it a very basic kit Pat ? I do not get on well with them. Had a couple & for some reason messed them both up.
  6. Thank you so much. Enjoyed making both trucks.The American wrecker is unusual for me, in that it is pretty clean. I mostly tend to make trucks quite weathered.
  7. I ironed the kit belts before I used them. Came out straight at least.
  8. Fine job you made of it I like odd door & weathering
  9. That's a good looking car & a fine build. I have done one white car with just a coat of clear on main body parts.
  10. Thought mine was decent,but I am in awe of your build.Great work.
  11. Hi Alan Yes I did convert to RHD I think the regular model open top Beetle comes with the option of either L or R hand drive.
  12. Nice build Like it. Nice to see the odd truck on Britmodeller I too like the unmade bed. Good work.
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