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  1. You say so much missing.Hope you can ignore or scratch it to completion. Would be a shame to bin it
  2. Coming along very nicely. Hope the missing parts do not prevent finishing the kit. Checked up on one on Ebay but the price was OTT
  3. I look foreword to following the build of a unusual car.Sure you will do a great job.
  4. Great build Well done.Love the colour.Got one in my collection but not of that quality .Couple of years ago I was in Monaco just after F1 race & a little 2cv was circuiting with all the supercars. It held it's own against all the wedges.
  5. The variation of the cab colour is just my photography. The nearest to the true col is the second off last one. Thank you for looking
  6. All in All quite pleased with this one & looks good in display cabinet
  7. Finally done after a 3 day break while I repaired & restored my laptop after the dreaded blue screen of death. Multi talented or what Ha Ha. This was a thoroughly enjoyable build. A late-ish addition to the chassis which I gather is to do with the bed lift. also finale engine assembly & the instrument panel,which I was not entirely happy with,looks Ok with the roof on. All in All I am quite pleased with this one & looks good in display cabinet
  8. Fine job Well done. It will make good display.
  9. Hi JeroenS Quite right it was me who made comment re painting & gluing.Have taken the plunge and got a 1 /35th kit (civilian B type Bus) & I think a tractor will follow. Most impressed with quality of kit, & your building skills.
  10. Main cab body painted & test fitted. Getting close to finishing this one.Will post when done.
  11. Looking good & doing a great job assembling it. Seems quite a complicated model .
  12. Great work Jeroen That looks to be an incredibly detailed model.Will have to give 1/ 35th scale a try. Just been to Specsavers so should be Ok.
  13. Completed cab interior Scratch built white box on floor which I gather is the bed lift control. The instrument panel was copied & embossed in computer program, not sure it has given the effect I was after,but it will hardly be visible when cab is on top. Also a clean up & primer coat on cab itself.So coming along OK.
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