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  1. Wildcat/Martlet 1/48 windscreen needed

    Hi, doorgunner, Get a Rob Taurus vacuform. A delight to work with and fits perfectly. FErnando
  2. British Pacific Fleet aircraft decals & kits

    Hi, stevehnz, Xtradecals 48052 and 72064 contains the "roundel plus bar" insignia, and there are several sheets with Black and White letters and numerals for both serials and codes. FErnando
  3. Kits World decals, how accurate are they?

    Hi, Wm Blecky, The Rumanian example looks accurate. On the contrary, the Dutch one doesn't. Most probably they had the "rectangular flag" insignia with nothing on the upper wing surface (other than the RAF roundel overpainted). The colours, however, look accurate. Remember those were IIbs with 12-gun wings, though the two outer were taken out. FErnando
  4. F-16 Kits/Block questions

    Mmmh... I'll check it back! REgards! FErnando
  5. F-16 Kits/Block questions

    Hi, Robertone139, Yes your are right: Revell otherwise very nice C lacks the bulged main gear doors. But so does the Hasegawa CJ, AFAIK. But you can outsource them. Revell C kit actually makes a wonderful AM, as all the A Plus parts are there. You are also right regarding the Polish AF: their F-16s are Blk.52+, with PW engines. That's how Kinetic managed to pull Israeli, Greek and Polish kits out of the same basic mould! Fernando
  6. Weathering a RLM 76 finish?

    Hi, Neil.C, From your tale I assume that you used no preshade. The first step to remove blandness, therefore, should be a postshade, in the same Vallejo colour mixed up with some White. Thin it a bit more than usual and airbrush it "mottle fashion" in random patterns (or, if you prefer, avoiding the panel lines). This mimicks the wear and decoloration of the paint, previous to any "dirtying". Then you could go for dark washes, exhaust fumes and any "dirt" effect. In such a light colour, a pencil on the panel lines is effective, though it can render an artificial look (too even) Fernando
  7. Humbrol number for Dutch colour "Fokker khaki" ?

    Hi, everyone, Good ol' Humbrol 108 RFC Green doesn't fit the bill? Or any modern equivalent. FErnando
  8. P-40F 'Stud' and AmTech 1/48 P-40F/L

    Hi, Artie, Yes. See this review. http://www.hyperscale.com/2009/reviews/kits/hc1418reviewbg_1.htm FErnando
  9. 1/48 PRU B-25C mission marks

    Hi, everyone, Is there any reasonable sketch about the cameras location and related structures? And yet there seems to be none on the Buffalo... Fernando
  10. F-16 Kits/Block questions

    Hi, PhantomBigStu, I have made a single seat (no CFT) Polish F-16C out of the Revell F-16C, as aforementioned. Not big deal, though you have to do some surgery to adapt the long parabrake/electronics tail to the C unit (and scratchbuild the antennae). As said above, the kit comes with both large and small intakes and both exhaust types. CFTs can be got as aftermarkets. Get proper armament, like Sniper pods and AIM-9xs. Kinetic also boxes an "European" Block 52++. I have built one as the Greek example. It is a bit of a dirty assembly, but can be done. I think both can be seen at M2 site. Fernando
  11. P-40F 'Stud' and AmTech 1/48 P-40F/L

    Hallo, everyone, Allow me to disagree in regard to the nose in the AmTech model. The original plastic nose is not good in contour. The bottom intake contour goes up to steeply. The resin nose is correctly square shaped. Just see the picture. The resin nose is not difficult to install, I have made it; some small wedges in strategic places will help. Seawinder correctly recalls it was originally made by another manufacturer (Hi-tech, the type and colour of the resin is a tell-tale -it came together to a rear fuselage plug, i don't recall if to lenghten or shorten the rear fuselage!; it was reissued by Aeromaster as a stand alone) to convert another kit (Mauve's) though the rear part (the equivalent to the infamous "nun's hat" area!) needs to be almost rebuilt and there are very few specific images. I am almost sure that the instrument panel had some detail differences in almost every P-40E/F/M/N variant; no wonder some old Eduard PE sets brought three of them. But I concur in that no one will tell the tale. See this review: http://www.kitreview.com/kitreviews/p40flreviewbg_1.htm And this construction feature (if you allow me): http://hsfeatures.com/features04/p40ffr_1.htm Fernando
  12. 1/72 F-16 canopy question-Tamiya/Revell swap?

    Hi, all, I have used the Rob Taurus vacs. They are just a bit short, but opened it doesn't show. Fernando
  13. RAF Phantom in 1/72

    Hi, philbrad, You look pretty good on track. Just hold on. Do not forget the ID telescope on the left rear canopy. Fernando
  14. Revell model with Eduard detailing

    Hi, PhillW, No interior detail set fits completely correct even in the kit it is intended for. Expect some juggling but nothing you wouldn't have had to do even to the correct kit. If the subtype you intend to depict is correct, just go ahead. Fernando
  15. Ta-152H and late Fw-190D canopy

    Hi, 0viking0, Well, 152C was not pressurized, so I guess they would be different, with the caveat I put before. FErnando