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  1. Hi Alvaro, this really looks great! Congratulations on great looking model. Can you share more info on the model of the anycubic printer you are using? I am very interested in 3d printing myself and I really like the result of your printer. So much so, I'm thinking of getting one myself!
  2. Wow, just wow brilliant work. As many have said, I thought it was a real car... as the matter of fact, I still do, it's a real car and you just found a 24/1 prop human hand
  3. Hi John, no, I'm not a pilot at all, just an aircraft enthusiast, those pictures were taken one year when our air force had an anniversary, and had an sort of "open day" at their main operating base, here in Zagreb. The fire bombers are usually stationed at the coast, so it was a rare sight to see them in Zagreb. I must say that here in Croatia we are all very proud of our CL-415 and Air Tractor drivers, they're the bravest bunch I've ever seen. Also, they're not only defending our coast, but also help out in defending against fires all over the mediterranian sea too. They've been all over, fr
  4. Some of my pics of Croatian CL-415, taken on a cold winter's day... if anyone wants to build one
  5. Tnx Tony, love your work with the Tomcats too Yes, unfortunately I had some mishaps with these two tomcats which made sure they were not for show, just for the shelf (the mistakes don't show much on pics, but will show on closer inspection), and by the time I was at the end of both builds, I was pretty fatigued and wanted to finish the builds quick, so decided to forego the ordnance decals. On the next one though, if there is no more mishaps, I plan to have the weapons fully decaled.
  6. Tnx Tbolt! Yes, camo was freehand. First model I did with my new Mr Hobby PS-770 (shout out to Martin@air-craft.net :), great service). Must say, I'm well impressed with this airbrush. Of course, still need a bit of practice, but even so, it's great improvement from my Iwata HP-CS, which is a great airbrush in itself.
  7. New Academy mold, furball decals...
  8. My latest work... Special hobby Mirage F.1 EQ
  9. Hi Giorgio, thanks for the advice! Here in Croatia there is very limited availability of such markers... Can you recommend any brands, so i can check the internet and see if I can mail order some?
  10. Hi guys, a little bit of advice needed here... I'm having trouble with painting red outlines on landing gear doors of US navy aircraft, like this one here: Dou you know of any surefire method for this?
  11. Wow, just wow! Beautifully built model, you've taken great attention to detail, and it shows... Really praise-worthy Can you share how did you get such perfect finish for the transparent parts?
  12. Outstanding! Positively bad-bottom! (Supposed to be a quote from the movie, but autocorrect corrected it... I ROFL-ed, so, I'll leave it as is )
  13. I second your opinion, Mountain goat! Those are my favorite Tomcat markings and they seem to be scarcer than rocking horse... well, you get the idea Anyway, I'd love it if Xtradecal or some other producer would get on this and produce some new Tomcat sheets, featuring VF-142 markings!
  14. excellent work! I would consider myself an accomplished model builder if I could produce something even half as good. Could you share how did you do the antenna and it's mounts? That is the part I'm having most difficulty with on my builds.
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