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  1. I believe Craig is thinking about the hi-viz version... I had a couple of those Italeri Tomcats a long time ago, and am still waiting for someone to produce a set in 1/72... I think those are the best looking markings a Tomcat could have...
  2. Just got my set today, must say, I'm quite impressed. Great set, great packaging and heaps of extra info! The perfect package, really. Already tested a spare decal, and it performs marvelously. Very happy with it. Got the Syrian Veterans set too, and it's the same quality. Well done Paulus Victor, hope you bring us many great new sets like these
  3. 1/24 mad max pursuit and interceptor kits, sulaco, nostromo, dropship and apc, star trek vulcan shuttle, good kit of the twin otter, casa 295... I'm sure there are others, but these first come to mind...
  4. I dont really like using premixed paints, I prefer the flexibility of choosing my own consistency, playing with the shades, etc... However, I have used MRP paints, and can confirm that they are excellent. So, if I had to go premix, I would choose them. I've used plenty of other paints, but none are even close.
  5. You might try isopropyl alcohol, or VMS's paint remover: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Paint-remover-stripper-for-models-VMS-CLEAN-SLATE-200-ml-plastic-safe/322160327742?hash=item4b02407c3e:g:HvUAAOSwA3dYPwTa
  6. New tool '71 Mustang... well, gotta get me a couple of those... Their new chevelle is pretty good, if Mustang will have the same quality level, it'll be a great kit!
  7. Beautiful stang sir! I tip my hat to you
  8. please, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying go and get exactly the 15D and nothing else. I was trying to say that is the minumum under which I wouldn't go. That is; membrane compressor, air tank of at least 4l or higher, with a water trap and a regulator, and all neatly packaged in a housing equipped with a carry handle. Membrane compressors are usually not very loud, so I wouldn't worry about that. That 20A looks pretty good, although, I would recommend something with a larger air tank, if you can get it.
  9. The difference is that a membrane compressor is longer lasting. Now, depending on the quality of manufacture, piston compressors can also be longlasting, but: a) they will still last less than membrane types b) such high quality piston compressor will approach the price of membrane compressor So it's basically "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap stuff" type of question. If you want to buy one compressor in your lifetime, buy the membrane type. If you plan to buy several, buy the piston type. If I were you, I would go with this: https://www.air-craft.net/acatalog/Werther-Sil-Air-15D-Compressor-4L-Receiver-Black.html
  10. Tnx guys for all the info Thanks to Werdna's post and one other guy on another forum, I believe that it was just a bad batch of color and AMT-11 should look very differently. Zigster and Spitfire, thank you both for the links, I wasn't aware of them before, cheers
  11. Hi BTB, I'll share my experience with you, maybe it'll help: Firstly, 2in1 option sounds good, but it's a chore in real life. It's much easier to have one aibrush for each specific purpose. Right now, I have a trusty Iwata HP-CS as my workhorse, and it is used for about 90% of work. Couple of years ago, I invested in some quick connect fittings, and I would never go back, these things are the best. Also I have a cheap chinese brush for metalics, and GSI Ps-770 for tight work. I've also kept my old Paasche VL which now I use exclusively for heavy clear coats. Now, in actuality, you need only one brush and Iwata will suit you fine, untill you get itching for something for those "special jobs", then you can move to more specialized brushes. About the H&S; I was in the same dilemma when I was moving up from my paasche, but in the end I went with Iwata because of easier cleaning. But if that is not an issue for you, I think both of these brushes will suit you fine. I would definitely recommend the quick connects though, they really are a life saver Also, have you looked at GSI brushes? They offer same quality as Iwata, but at a lower price point. As for the compressor, I would always recommend the membrane type, and not the piston type, as the AS 189 is. Yes, they are more expensive, but are more durable as well. I had one similar to 189, but without the tank, that lasted about a year and a half. Then I got a 189, that one developed a hole in the tank (rust on the inside, and it's tank has really thin sides). I fixed that, and it still works, but now it's just a backup, as I got smarter and got myself a membrane type, and that one is still going strong.
  12. Hi everybody, here's hoping there is someone here more knowledgeable about russian WWII VVS colours... So I bought Hataka's Late WW2 Soviet Air Force Acrylic Paint Set, and two of the colours don't seem that well matched... Looking at other La-5FN models on the net, the top two greys seem much more, well, grey... On my La-5FN, the lighter grey seems too blue, and the otherr seems too dark... Which seems strange to me for Hataka, because all other colours I have of theirs are superbly matched... These are supposed to be AMT-11 and AMT-12... Is Hataka actually right, and all other modellers wrong? Or did it slip by them that these colours are not correct (other colours in the set, AMT-7 light blue, light brown and green, are perfectly matched)?
  13. Try Gunze, Tamiya, MRP or Hataka, some of these paints must be available in Canada.. Like others said, if you continue trying with Vallejo, or AK... you're only making life hard for yourself.
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