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  1. Nice progress. How did you find the fit of the wings? on my 2 seater the joint is really loose & going to need some reinforcement.
  2. Some interesting items in there. Thanks.
  3. Hi all I am looking for information on the ground equipment in these photos. I have determined that they are providing an external air supply for starting the jet engine, but cannot find any further pictures / information. Hoping to make a diorama using the Kinetic kit https://www.airfighters.com/photo/20163/M/Italy-Air-Force/AMX-International-AMX-T/MM55029/ https://www.airfighters.com/photo/180925/M/Italy-Air-Force/AMX-International-AMX-T/MM55039/ Cheers Andy
  4. I'll follow this 1 if you don't mind. I've got 1 of these in the stash & your Harrier build was inspirational so hoping this 1 will be another cracking build. Which resin set did you use for the undercarriage / weapons bay?
  5. Looking very nice, lovely attention to detail.
  6. I'll see your flaperon & raise you a wing tip launch rail!!!! I pinned them both to provide extra strength so hopefully they won't come off again. Looking really good so far, subtle weathering but really effective
  7. The tanks look the business.
  8. After looking at so many pictures of exhausts I've come to the conclusion that no 2 look the same.
  9. Looks the part. How did you do the inside of the exhaust?
  10. Good luck... I'm looking forward to trying to get him into modelling on a few years time.
  11. You're probably making quicker progress than me!!!! My build has been on the go for almost 2 yrs now..... primarily due to it coinciding with the arrival on no1 son. Still enjoying it whenever I get bench time though, even with a few set backs..
  12. Just caught up with this build. Looking really good. I've got the same kit on the go at the moment, followed the same assembly steps & had the same issues after pre-painting the intake section before attaching it to the lower fuselage.
  13. Hi Gabor Thanks for putting me straight on this point, looks like I've got to brush up on my Mig-25 variants!!! It's interesting that there are very few known camouflaged aircraft. Still looking forward to the rest of your review, it's always a good to get insight from somebody who knows the subject inside out. Cheers Andy p.s. it's raining today in Adelaide!!!
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