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  1. Xtracolor would also be my first choice. Xtracrylix in this case is not quite the same hue. Fernando
  2. Hi, everyone, If you just cut the root angled segment in the tailplanes of a X and fix them straight, you get the correct non-dhiedral tailplanes or span would be left short? Fernando
  3. Well, the title was much clearer in that respect than the body of the question. Read it as "When was Interior Green replaced by Dark Gull Grey in cockpits?" and, leaving aside any pedantic over elaboration, everybody would understand what he is asking. Fernando
  4. Oh, yes, the separated or moulded in wingtips are a giveaway. Your wings have the detached wingtips? EDIT: the production timeline in Scalemates you posted is most helpful. I have never seen the OT boxings from the "old" mould, nor the F Profi or G-2/-4 (only OT... strange...). I have never seen them retailed, not even at Eduard's or Hannant's, only the basic Profi G-6 and the Royal Class. All kits stemming out of #8268 are the "old and incorrect" one. I would write Eduard to see if I could turn them back or receive a discount... that was what they did some years ago. Regards. fernando
  5. There was also no "old" fuselage without the bulges over the gun breeches.
  6. You should have both "corrected" kits. For what you say, you have a G-2/G-4 kit, hece the wings with and without the bulges (small). There was no "wrong" wing without bulges, and of course none with the "big" ones. The G-6 I cannot ascertain, for it may well be the old kit in a Overtree white box. There was no Overtree boxing of the old, "wrong" kit. Check the clear parts, if the clear parts are the same (or at least the same layout) in all kits, you have the "new, corrected" kits. Fuselages had little difference if any, most of the corrections went to the wings. Fernando
  7. Hi, Mene, Eduard 48142 (discontinued) being keyed to the less detailed Hasegawa kit, has some parts to do the twin mount (other than the guns themselves, that is!) as well as useful drawings of the kit's parts. Bear in mind that the recess in the upper fuselage to store the guns had a slightly different arrangement in the doors, also. I remember that good drawings for these are in the Squadron In Action and Detail in Scale books. Those modified in the field kept the old arrangement, though! https://www.eduard.com/out/media/48142.pdf FErnando
  8. Hi, Otakar, All current production Eduard 109 kits are "corrected" (that is, to the extent they were...) . The only version with the faulty dimensiones kitted was a 109G-6 (and the Royal Class). I doubt a manistream retailer still keeps an "olde G-6" for sale. Even these G-6 currently on sale (#82111 and 82113) are "corrected" examples. The old uncorrected one had a distinct box art, showing a forward view of a G-6 and was a bit simplified than current boxings. It doesn't show any more even on Ebay. Regards, Fernando
  9. Hi, everyone, This is a previous thread I found on the subject:
  10. Yep, so do I. That's why I wrote "if timeframe allows". PD: Graham, I entered a question on FAA Wildcat colours... have you seen it?
  11. Hi, gentlemen, Shouldn't they be painted in DuPont 71-035 Dark Earth over 71-069 Middle Stone? or, if timeframe allows, ANA 615 Middlestone (or 616 Sand) and 617 Dark Earth? In both cases there should be a more or less noticeable difference to a true MAP MS/DE color scheme. Undersurfaces? DuPont 71-069 or ANA 609? Fernando
  12. Esteemed readership, I am trying to build a model of a Wildcat V in Far East FAA service. She is JV435 "S" from 890th Sqn, HMS Atheling. I have seen a rather overexposed photo being catapulted from her, in a Schiffer book. My problem is: as an Eastern made aircraft (an FM-1) it should have been camouflaged in a rather consistent (to Martlet standards) pattern in ANA 603 Sea Grey, ANA 613 Olive Drab uppers, and ANA 602 Light Grey unders (this is debated). However, in the aforementioned picture, the contrast is too big for those. Moreover, the light/dark areas are transposed (though with little contrast, OD would be noticeably darker than SG). To add to the confusion, the Home Fleet roundels are overpainted in the darker colour. I guess the following possibilities: 1) For some unknown reason, the machine is painted in MAP ESDG/DSG (or Grumman equivalent colours), whose contrast is usually the opposite. But in this case the roundels would have been overpainted in EDSG, which was not the common practice; 2) The machine is painted OD/DG but with trasposed colors, again for some unknown reason; 3) None of the above I would love to hear the thoughts of the readership. FErnando, home at Buenos Aires
  13. Fernando

    Ta152H kit

    Hi, gentlemen, I understand Ta.152H had closed wheel well bays unlike 190D-9? Thanks, Fernando
  14. Hi, all, Mk.IIbs from the earlier batches in TLS/Sky (though Vokes tropical filter was installed); Mk.IIc/d DG/DE/MSG or Azure/Light Med Blue (as Troy says, depending on whether they were overpainted from DFS or Desert Scheme) Recce Bosun Blue. Fernando
  15. But Why the replacement rudder would have been painted in another Green colour? Unless covering the earlier unit ID colour would have altered the chroma. Fernando
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