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  1. Hallo, gents, Is there any indication that this would be followed by a SBD-5 version? Fernando
  2. Hallo, Gentlemen, Is by chance a 2000B/N/D planned by these talented people? Thanks Fernando
  3. Hi, Tbolt, Those two pictures puzzle me. Sure are they Argentinean examples? Are they showing the same machine? See, the light series bomb carrier shown on the starboard wing in the first photo does not replicate on the port wing in the second. The wing gun is missing. The pants cover the wheels. Are the photos doctored in any way? Regards, Fernando
  4. Hi, Tbolt, Beware that in the pictures of the supposed "flat" windscreen, what we are seeing might be just paralell vertical frames, and not a true flat windscreen (much like in P-40s). The base of the windscreen still seems curved in them all (in the kit the base is definitely straight) In the only picture clearly showing the base of the windscreen, these are undoubtely rounded. Moreover, there always looks to be some glass ahead of the frames, which hints at a curved surface. The serial numbers (assuming the manufacture and the s.n. adjudication was linear) do not agree to a modification in the production run (these planes were virtually individually hand-made, a modification is very possible) Might be a retrofit? No, unfortunately I cannot upload pictures from URL. Regards, Fernando
  5. Hi, gentlemen! Unfortunately, the windscreen is incorrect for a H75O. It should be rounded á la P-36 or P-40B. Fernando
  6. Hallo, Troy, For some reason, MAP shades in the Xtracrylix range usually do not match those in the Xtracolor one! MSG is noticeably lighter (though I fail to find that olive tint you mention). The same happens to Ocean Grey, while Dark Green lacks the Olive tint. Unfortunately, Xtracolour paints, being enamels, are not sent overseas any more. But bear in mind I said "Xtracolor". Regards, Fernando
  7. Hallo, If having to go with a commercial brand MSG, I would go with Xtracolor. I am surprised that you did not consider it among the colour samples. Fernando
  8. Hi, gentlemen, I am usually satisfied using FS 36231 as AMT-11, 36081 as AMT-12, and RLM78 (or old Model Master "Russian Undersurface Blue") for AMT-7. Regarding the bluish tone of -11, some instructions sheets (Zvezda) gives FS35237 as the equivalent. Any brand. Regards, Fernando, locked at Buenos Aires
  9. Because it is not your fault... but your choosing of a kit to build is yours. Many modellers wouldn't buy or build a kit with a glaring shape error, even if it builds up smoothly. Or would take pride in correcting the error, though the final result would not be so tidy as an OOB build. Different approaches to modelling. Fernando, locked up at home in Buenos Aires
  10. Hallo, gentlemen, More than shorter it looks like the fin leading edge has a different angle. FErnando
  11. Hallo, gentlemen, Is there any information about when the Germans started stenciling "Keine Bombe" ("Not a bomb") in their drop tanks? Obviously when air war started to occur over Germany in earnest, but I am building some models which would cover the critical period, that is, second half 1943, and some precision would be useful. Also, if there was some difference to be made according to the theater of operations (MTO or Ostfront later than Home?) Thank you for your attention, Fernando, locked in Buenos Aires
  12. Hi, Spooky56, AFAIK there is no "RF-4EJ Kai". The "RF-4EJ" (that is, the fighter F-4EJ assigned -rather than "converted"- to the recce role) are precisely airframes that were set aside when the original "Kai" conversion, and were later assigned to the recce role out of storage. They kept the EJ equipment and abilities, their recce capability being solely "pod-based". Cfm. JBaugher site. Fernando
  13. M8, it has been rather long in the tooth. Interior is non-existent and the intake has no attempt at trunking or blanking. Exhaust is very primitive also. Tons of aftermarket are needed. That said, it is an entirely correct kit. Regards
  14. Hallo, gentlemen, Has anyone any indication whether any manufacturer is foreseeing producing a new mould F-16A/B (AM/BM, MLU, etc.)? The ones available have been long in the tooth. I understand the C/D and derivatives are more enticing nowadays, but a good A/B would allow some different opportunities. Regards, Fernando
  15. Hallo, gentlemen, I am working on an Eduard 1/48 109G-4 and plan to finish it as a G-4/R6 in RA service, either from 364° or 365° Squadriglia. I have enough problems trying to pinpoint a G-4, as most of the aircraft in pictures are G-6 (very logical, as most of the aircraft were G-6s). My question is: the German insignia were reportedly painted over in Grigio Azzurro Chiaro; this colour, roughly equivalent to FS36307, is a bit darker than RLM76 but much lighter than RLM75. Now, in fuselage especially, the contrast is not so great (on wings it is much more difficult to ascertain due to tha angle of the wings) It has been said that the GAC base was oversprayed in a darker colour: Verde Oliva Oscuro is the prime pick, which is a very dark colour. However, a color picture of "365-1", though it shows some very dark mottles, seems to show mostly Dark Grey overspray of the GAC zone on fuselage. At the same time, the upper wing surface shows the GAC zone and might have some mottling in a dark colour, but nothing can be ascertained. Other machines do show a dark overspray, but neither shows definitely VOS (z.B. "365-14", a G-6/R6 Trop). Even a picture which may be "364-5" ( in D'Amico's book) shows a sparse dark mottle (VAC? RLM70?), but not necessarily covering the GAC. A dark Grey colour could have been used, be RLM75 (if available, probably not) or even Grigio Mimetico (a bit like FS36231). IMHO, VOS is very dark and the contrast would show even in grainy B&W pictures (it does, actually) Cannot say the picture below is not a colorized one; a B&W version exists. Is there any consensus on the matter among the readership? Thanks in advance, Fernando
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