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  1. Hallo, I understand they were removed on Jabo machines because they interfered with the ETC500 rack. FErnando
  2. Hi, fernandocouto, Thank you for your attention! That's the info I have, though from another source (the volume "Holding the West" from the series "Jagdwaffe", and "Focke Wulf Fw-190, The Early Years", Frontline). My "objection" to the description given, is that, just behind the main spar in line to the gun you find the case ejector chute opening. So there is hardly any space for a light. Fernando
  3. Yep, that was the thought behind the word "probably". For some reason, many sources deny the use of the obvious ANA colour, the one you mention, for undersurfaces of both Wildcat V/VI and Corsairs in favour of 601, It might be a case of a well-entrenched myth. Fernando, sixty-ined in Buenos Aires
  4. Hi, JIm, All Corsairs in TSS have it in substitute colors, those in ANA Bulletin 157. ANA613 Olive Drab, ANA603 Sea Gray and probably ANA601 Light Grey. Fernando
  5. Fernando

    Best RLM 02?

    Hallo, gentlemen, Old WEMM's 02 is a perfect "eyeball match" (as those matches go) to the "chip" in Merrick&Kiroff. I guess the new Sovereign is the same, wish I had access to that line. Just my 2 Reichsmarks... Fernando
  6. Hallo, gentlemen, While building some of Eduard's new 190As, I came across a 190A-4/U8 (the ones with the external fuel tanks under the wings) "Red 9" belonging to 2.SKG 10, which landed by mistake at RAF Manston on 20 May 1943 (Geez, seventy-seven years from YESTERDAY!) The Crashed Enemy Aircraft Report mentions an extra recognition light fitted in the central fuselage just forward the tailplanes (which was smashed together to the tailwheel in the landing) and another, Green recognition light fitted in the undersurface of the starboard wing, in line to the cannon and right behind the main spar. It can only refer to the inboard cannon (outboard were not fitted and the Träger for the external tanks were right there over the panel) To my reckoning, that location would interfere with the shell case ejection port . Any of the readership has any other data on this? Was it a purely experimental, unique installation, or a fairly common fitting to those night flying 190s? Would a 190A-5/U8 (like the one in the Jabo boxing, "White 6") be similarly fitted? Thank you to you all, FErnando (fifty-ined at Buenos Aires...)
  7. Hi, Vlad, The colours are darker and look more saturated, but the chroma looks the same to me. Regards
  8. Hi, Vlad, Never happened to me. Xtracolor and Xtracrylixs RLM74 has always been a very neutral dark grey not unlike 36081. Cannot say what happened in that picture. The Green in the Hungaria tri-colour looks very saturated but the rest of the colours looks ok. Hadn't you say so, I would have never thought that was 74. This model of mine was painted with Xtracolour. https://modelingmadness.com/review/axis/luft/190/rolandelli190a3.htm Fernando
  9. Hi, Vlad, RLM74 is NOT green, it has been said that a slight green tinge can be discerned only at point blank range. The colour you are seeing in pictures i probably the dark green formerly known as "RLM 83", which was used in place of 74. Updating my Luftwaffe builds, I found that Xtracolour RLM76 has a greenish tinge, that Xtracrylixs lacks. The latter falls squarely into the chips in Merrick's- Regards
  10. Hello, gentlemen, I am looking for information about the camouflage and variants of Focke Wulf Fw-190As used by the Spanish Blue Squadron. I understand both A-3s and A-4s were used, probably sequentially. There are a couple of pictures in "Jagdwaffe Vol. 4 Section 3" (what a complicated nomenclature for a rather simple thing) showing a dark camouflaged A-3 (but the caption says "standard 74/75/76 camouflage) and some pictures in the internet showing A-4s in standard camouflage. At the same time, there is a small Kora decal sheet showing A-3s in typical "Dark Green" JG.51 camouflage (the parent unit to BS) Does any of the esteemed members have anything else? Thank you very much, stay in stay safe. Fernando (in and hopefully safe at Buenos Aires.
  11. Thank you gentlemen. I had pinpointed A6M3 Type 22 production to 560 machines by Mitsubishi, but at least one source added "... and some by Nakajima", which had puzzled me. Yours, (Viele GrüBe, Michael) Fernando
  12. Hi, gentlemen, I am perfectly aware of the latest doctrine regarding the colour differences between Mitsubishi- and Nakajima-built A6M. My question is: would a Type 22 A6M3 have been built by Mitsubishi or Nakajima? Or by any of the two manufacturers? I am thinking of "UI-106", finished entirely in Gray-Green (so the trick of the rear fuselage camouflage "ramp" feature doesn't work!) Thank you for your attention, Fernando, locked up in Buenos Aires
  13. Hi, gentlemen, According to the relativel new book by Punka-Bernád ("Hungarian Fighter Colours, Vol.1") the "three tone splinter" (applied to Fiat CR.42 -the OP subject but one that could be similar to the latter development) was German-influenced and consisted of "Stone Grey, Earth brown and Dark Green". They were delivered in Aluminum, so they were painted in Hungary, possibly with Krayer paints (?) Later batches were delivered in Italian paints which are quoted as "Havana" (Yellow) Nr. 5342; Chestnut (Brown) Nr. 5242 and Green Nr. 5247. It would be possible that this scheme, including the "Havana" colour, was used in later repaints of Ju 86s? Fernando
  14. Hi, gentlemen, The recent discussion on the nature of RAF/FAA Interior Gray-Green and the fact that most "internal" airframe areas which had exposure to the outside were (mostly) painted Aluminum made me wonder about the "A-Frame" arrestor hooks (and fuselage bays) on Seafires. I have always assumend they were IGG. Any confirmation or otherwise of that? Pictures are particularly unhelpful regarding this, and the most popular Walkarounds cover F.17 onwards, with their "stinger-tails". Thank you, Fernando, down there at Buenos Aires.
  15. Hi, Doggy, You are in Scotland? Get Xtracolour from hannants. Overall very solid in colour accuracy, though occasionally one or two might be off. Do not go for Model Master on any account (especially the 70/71 combo). Aeromaster also has some glaring mistakes (i.e. RLM74) Both brands are very good on FS colours, though. I have used the old WEMM (not the new Sovereign) and I find them too colour saturated and dark. However the hue was ok. I also use Xtracrylix gloss varnish. It is user friendly enough to go by brush. As an acrylic, it also protects the paintwork from any effects and washes applied afterwards. Matte it back with an artist's matt acrylic varnish. Of course, everyone has his preferences! that's called "diversity". Fernando Fernando.
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