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  1. Fairey Battle kits

    To quote Chrissie Hynde, "Don't get me wrong", but considering how desperate the Airfix Battle seems to be, I'd think almost any well-intended set of drawings would be enough to allow a major improvement in accuracy. If it was me, I'd be partial to the ones by Alf Granger, posted earlier by dogsbody, but the likelihood I'll ever tackle this kit again is pretty slim. John
  2. NA-73 Mustang I, best options in 1/72nd

    The wing of the Academy Allison P-51 is not "no good", it matches in plan view the best drawings available - see below. What it lacks is the leading edge root extension droop; the same "judicious filing" which would rescue the KP wing will also work with the Academy wing. John
  3. Worst model quality?

    Looks like a British Battle Fighter to me... John
  4. Worst model quality?

    Fun thread - I can't resist coming back to it! When I think of worst quality, three 1/72 kits immediately come to mind: Magna resin Firebrand TF5 - the first version, one of Magna's earliest kits from the 1980's or 1990's, a horrible lump of a thing which caused me to swear I'd never buy another Magna kit. Beechnut P-51H - the (bagged) kit was awful, but the header card showed what appeared to be excellent scale drawings, so I wrote to the producer of these kits to ask about getting a full set; he replied, "Sure - send me $100, and they're yours.". I really didn't want them that badly... Merlin Spitfire Mk XII - I attempted to convert it to a Seafire Mk XV, but it was hopeless; I think I still have it somewhere, along with parts robbed from other, better kits (Airfix Mk Vb, FROG Mk VIII) which I had hoped to use to improve it! John
  5. Worst model quality?

    Yeah, I struggled with that kit for much too long, too - pretty much nothing in the box was accurately shaped, and in the course of reworking the hull to try to improve it, I discovered a black inclusion in the plastic which, when exposed, contaminated the immediate surface area with some kind of nasty, greasy substance. Perhaps they were trying out used crankcase oil as a mold release agent. It's packed away unfinished; it'll take more than a pint to get that one to the paint stage! John
  6. 1/72 - Grigorovich IP-1 by Avis - released

    Looking good! Drawings which show the location of the machine gun gondolas can be downloaded here: http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw/ip1.html Here's one which embedded automatically: Here's the Google images page, which should be helpful: https://www.google.ca/search?q=Григорович+ИП-1&sa=N&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&ved=0ahUKEwjKgNCtvrrYAhUK8IMKHZIMD6g4ChCwBAgl&biw=1024&bih=609#imgrc=_ Aaaand if you want to get really sophisticated, here's the Cyrillic text for "Grigorovich IP-1", which you can plug into your search engine to look for Russian pages: Григорович ИП-1 Have fun! John
  7. 1/72 - Grigorovich IP-1 by Avis - released

    I built it when it was first released, about a year and a half ago so my recollections may be a bit foggy, but: - The engine is basic and can be improved by adding stretched sprue pushrod tubes - at two per cylinder, quite a lot of them! - Wing assembly needs a bit of care so that you don't get a small step at the leading edge of the flaps - I seem to recall that the oil cooler under the cowling needed some refinement - There were two releases, one with skis and one without. The underwing cannon gondolas are included (it was a "cannon fighter", after all), but neither boxing includes the smaller, flattened machine gun gondolas that were sometimes used in service, so if you want to do a version that carried these, you'll have to make them from scrap plastic. - All in all, it's a pretty decent kit and builds up nicely with very little trouble. John
  8. What have you purchased / been gifted

    "Low grade"?! Why, I oughta... But high grade or low, I'm glad to see that my cunning plan is finally bearing fruit among the impressionable youth (or maybe not so youthful) of the world... (Blast - how did I miss that auction?!) John
  9. A type 29? This will be interesting - I'm not confident that ICM will catch all the details that make a type 29 different from a Type 28, but I hope they prove me wrong. Trouble is, I'm not even sure about all of those details! I tried doing a conversion in 1/72 once, but I really wasn't satisfied that that I got everything right. One of the hindrances of building models of aircraft for which all the best reference material is in a foreign language, I suppose. John
  10. News Pratt & Whitney Small Stuff 1/72

    I'll need a microscope for that R-1340, then... John
  11. News Pratt & Whitney Small Stuff 1/72

    What amazing detail! I'm tempted to ask if you made a typo - surely these are 1/32, not 1/72! Hmmm - that R-1340 would really dress up a Hobbycraft DHC-3 Otter or a Matchbox Norseman... John
  12. Hmmm - well, that's not good news. I'll probably buy the 1/144 kit when it's released; the images you've posted make it look extremely well detailed, but it's the 1/72 version that I'm really hoping for! But, good news or bad news, thank you for your reply! John
  13. Just bumping this thread to ask again whether there is any new information on these kits - I thought the 1/144 version would be available by now; possibly the 1/72 kit, too. Thank you in advance! John
  14. Thank you, Eugen - that's very good news! John
  15. Hello, dora - do you have an estimate of the release dates for the 1/72 kits? Thank you! John