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  1. Zvezda catalog 2018

    Good points! Okay, if Zvezda added a Lavochkin to their easy-assembly series, it would probably be a La-7, although I'd prefer an early La-5, but the La-7 has the same "hero quality" as the Yak-3, so the La-7 is more likely. I don't see a La-5FN or Il-2 as possible choices - Zvezda still has the old Italeri La-5FN and the Toko Il-2's in their 2018 product listing, although these are standard kits and not snap-togethers. The Il-2 does have that legendary combat history going for it, though. Fun to talk about, but it'll probably never happen! John
  2. Zvezda catalog 2018

    Well, since there's already so much complaining about what isn't in the catalogue, let me add my usual complaint - a 1/72 Yak-9D or Yak-9T is overdue, and a perfect subject, for Zvezda's excellent snap-together range! Surely "little Vanya" wants a model of the aircraft which must be considered to be the Russian equivalent of the Spitfire?! John
  3. Airfix 2018

    Well. If they can afford to do that, then they can bloody well afford to retool their shabby old 1/72 Yak-9, and that's all I have to say on the subject. John
  4. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    So, any exciting news from the AZ/KP stand at Telford? Anyone? John (I mean, besides the "Sky Ferret" and the SR.53!)
  5. Too good to be true?

    Anyone tried the various Molotow products for this kind of finish (Liquid Chrome markers and Burner Chrome aerosol)? I just ordered a 400ml spray can of Molotow Burner Chrome; if the results are amazing, I'll be sure to post something. BTW, a more descriptive subject line might attract more discussion - just sayin'... John
  6. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Any news, Jan? Thanks in advance! John
  7. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Yes - we're both part of a cunning international plot. Our objective is to see AZ and KP release more Soviet aircraft kits. Anyway: (1) La-5F - soon? (2) "We have some more soviet planes in the pipeline" - fighters, I hope? I'm sorry if anyone has heard me say this once or twice before, but how about a new and accurate Yak-1b, or a Yak-9D/Yak-9T that's not a reissue of the Dakoplast one? Cheers! Lt John, ret.
  8. Yeehaw! Thank you for the good news, VP! John Double thank you - the link you posted is to my favourite online shop (ModelsUA)! I didn't realize the kit was available already, so I placed my order immediately. Only 4 of these beauties left in stock - be quick, folks!
  9. Oh yeah! Oh yeah - sweeeeet!!! Bring it on - my credit card is poised and ready!!! The elevators appear to be one piece with the stabilizers, but altering that (if desired) is not a big problem. I'm totally stoked! John
  10. North American FJ-2 Fury

    Thank you for all the effort you're putting into this thread - it's much appreciated! John
  11. Yes, the quality of the kit is excellent; correcting the shapes may not be difficult (thanks to the work you guys did on the weekend!), but it does mean risking damage to some of that amazingly fine detail. John
  12. Thank you, Michael and JWM, even if the news is not good! The images you've posted will be very helpful in making corrections - now I just have to figure out how to do that... John
  13. Allison-Merlin Mustang wing position changes

    Thank you, occa - I'm looking forward to seeing your results! John
  14. Just so I can feel involved, if only in a small way, and because the nearest Il-10 or B-33 is thousands of kilometres away, I checked the Fly fuselage against the drawings in the Wings and Wheels Publications book "Il-2 type 3 and Il-10/Avia B-33 in detail (Special Museum Line No.2)", and found that the kit's nose profile matches these drawings almost perfectly. Now let's see what Michael and JWM learn from their measurements for comparison - if the kit is incorrect, then so are the WWP drawings. John
  15. Allison-Merlin Mustang wing position changes

    Good to know - thank you, Bedders! John