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  1. Yes, me too, although I don't think anyone outside Russia has a choice. I know these are preliminary CADs and will probably receive plenty of revision before the kits are released, but what is that very obvious rib effect on the leading edges of the wings? Nothing like that existed on a real I-16 - the wing surface from about mid-chord forward had a continuous plywood skin, covered in fabric, so no ribs were visible in this area. John
  2. Much as I'd like to hope otherwise, I don't expect, under the current circumstances, that we'll ever see these Flagman kits outside Russia. Even with (God willing) a speedy conclusion to the war, it'll probably be years before things are normalized. John
  3. The type 10 seems to be on the wishlists of numerous modellers. It's good to see it being done, finally, but - here we go again - Flagman is a Russian company... Maybe Clear Prop will jump on the opportunity. John
  4. Possibly yet another Yak-9D, this one from Flagman, in 1/72: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/flagman-172003-yak-9d--1378656 John
  5. Very interesting! I hope to see this soon, but it probably will never be available in the West. John
  6. Thanks for the nod, Steve! As pleased as I am about this "easy-assembly" kit, I'm still hopeful that someone will do a whole Yak-9 series in 1/72. If I don't live to see it, you can all bless my departed soul for wishing it on you. In that case, I expect an "In Memoriam" Yak-9 group build in my honour! John
  7. Thanks, V.P. - this is excellent news! I guess I'd better work a bit faster on my Clear Prop I-16! John
  8. Control of the Revolution has been seized by Clear Prop and Arma! We are your overlords - all your base are belong to us!!!
  9. I always liked the sleek, "futuristic" look of the XF-90, like the Sukhoi Su-15. I can only recall one, maybe two XF-90 kits from back in the Stone Age - an injection-molded one by Lindberg, and maybe a vacform by Wings72 - any others? John
  10. Personally, I'd love a new, highly-detailed Yak-9/VK-105 series of "real" kits in 1/72, but until that happens, this easy-assembly kit will be very welcome. From what I can see, even if it's simplified, it blows all previous Yak-9 kits in this scale right out of the water. This type of kit is supposed to attract new, younger modelbuilders to the hobby; whether it works or not, I don't know. If this type of kit doesn't sell, someone needs to tell Zvezda and maybe HobbyBoss, because they keep making them. I did see a thread on another forum which celebrated older kits for their simplicity - modern kits have too many small parts and are not fun to build for us old codgers with failing eyesight! John
  11. Looks like it's getting close - thanks, VP! John
  12. Well, it was a good one - likewise, La-9/La-11 in PRC/Romanian/North Korean markings? John
  13. I don't remember Arma ever suggesting they'd do a Yak-9 - it was probably someone (like me) daydreaming about such a thing. Failing a Yak-9, your La-9/La-11 idea is very welcome, though! John
  14. This'll be good! Might be a tad expensive, although a decision to buy probably won't be needed for at least another year. John
  15. That would make sense, I guess - apples to apples. Instead of Honey Crisps to Granny Smiths, like I was doing. I have the Modelsvit Yak-9D; I'll have a look at it. Thanks! John
  16. @KSL - I'm curious to know more - right now I'm working on the Modelsvit Yak-9DD, and I'm finding it a bit of a struggle just to get the fuselage halves assembled. I don't have the Zvezda kit, so I can't compare them myself. I have a feeling that the Zvezda would be an easier build, although the Zvezda kit is the Yak-9D, not the Yak-9T/DD/K/M that I really want; maybe Zvezda will release those versions later. Thanks in advance! John
  17. I don't know that there's anything terminally wrong with it except that it has raised panel lines and it's several decades old. The CP kit will obviously be much more detailed and more cleanly molded - that's progress for you. Some may not care about that, and they'll be happy with the KP one. Others will want the latest and best - you pays your money and you makes your choice, or however it goes. John
  18. Seems to me, if I remember correctly, that the June or July announcement has been postponed until September. Maybe you could contact @Wojtek Bulhak and get him to put you on Arma's newsletter email list. John
  19. Sweet! This is long overdue. I just hope it doesn't interfere with some of CP's already-announced future releases (Su-25?). I'm curious to see what, if anything, comes next with their I-16 series - @dimaADA? But a MiG-19 for the future is excellent! John
  20. Same here. In multiples. I've already got five of them preordered at Hannants. I'm such an addict... John
  21. Since "warhawk's" thread with the following image links seems to have just disappeared instead of being combined with this thread, I'm taking the liberty of reposting those links: New CAD images from Scalemodels.ru, courtesy of "warhawk" on Sovietwarplanes.com: http://scalemodels.ru/images/2022/06/1656579844_OVf5s-NWKeo.jpg http://scalemodels.ru/images/2022/06/1656579845_woumkKuH6KY.jpg http://scalemodels.ru/images/2022/06/1656579846_2ntzF7_MNZ4.jpg http://scalemodels.ru/images/2022/06/1656579847_qniW-UhQTQk.jpg http://scalemodels.ru/images/2022/06/1656579849_DBkc8FeCfPU.jpg http://scalemodels.ru/images/2022/06/1656579850_Od5Z-GHqr8s.jpg John
  22. I'm informed that these kits are being shipped this week, both from CP and from at least one vendor (Plastic Models Store) in Ukraine. Still showing as "backorder" at Hannants, so for those in the UK who might want to save 10%, better place that order now! As seems to be customary hereabouts, I disclaim any connection, financial or otherwise, with that renowned purveyor of fine model kits... John
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