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  1. Airfix 2019

    1/350 QE or POW
  2. Best ww2 'starter' ship kits

    you could try Trunpeter, they do other Nations ships
  3. Well at least you can count on Trumpeter and Flyhawk for RN ships, the british company will not cater for us
  4. Airfix 2018 releases: expect a 1/48 Hunter

    Thats very UNDERWELMING, another spitfire wow a 1/48 hunter oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, no new ships no new afv just aircraft most of it reboximg
  6. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    anybody know of any decal sets for a HMS Eagle aircraft?
  7. New Ship Related Releases

    side note, some RN in 1/48 too
  8. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    Been watching this for ages and I must say the amont of moaning from kit assemblers is amazing, and thats what most of you are, some of the most out spoken are only moderate at the art of kit making. Actually try making a kit from scratch then you may moan. Most real modellers dont make kits cause the kit makers dont or cannot cater for us.. Just off to the Anderson for a cuppa and a laugh I might be awhile
  9. Too good to be true?

    and how chrome is chromewhy I ask doing an airfix c15 and theres fair bit of chrome parts tried alcad pretty dire that stuff
  10. Airfix 2018

    talking ofretooling there is lots to do the old cars and m/cs warships sailing ships armour just NOT more planes
  11. Can’t help thinking...

    The I can come up with. The Sopwith TF.2 Salamander was a British ground-attack aircraft of the First World War designed by the Sopwith Aviation Company which first flew in April 1918. Handley Page V/1500 was a British night-flying heavy bomber first flew 22/4/1918
  12. Can’t help thinking...

    well the camel was not an raf aircraft, it was RNAS/RFC Aircraft i am looking for an Aircraft which first flew after April FOOLS Day 1918.
  13. Can’t help thinking...

    raf eh formed 1/4/1918 saw serive for 6 months (wow) then bullshitted everyone since;), any care one name raf 1st aircraft?
  14. Airfix 2018

    Yes stupid 1/450 scale
  15. Airfix 2018

    i think HMS WARRIOR down in Portsmouth would be a nice model and a NEW VICTROY
  16. MK1 /MK2 Sea Gladiator

    ah right thats a good photo showinng it thankyou
  17. MK1 /MK2 Sea Gladiator

    What were the differances between the two arresterhooks, I know the Mk2 had a recess in the rear fuselarge?
  18. MK1 /MK2 Sea Gladiator

    thanks for the info have found basic plan for a mk2 hook but not mk1:(
  19. 1/700 - Aoshima: HMS Exeter Java Sea condition.

    I would not say its any better
  20. Tamiya Prince of Wales

    Remember the pontos is NOT for novices learn to walk before you run
  21. Airfix Gladiator to Sea Gladiator Conversion

    any more info on the arrester hooks on gladiators, trying to make a sea gladiator out of the Airfix kit, but getting pics of the underside is a little hard, can anyone help please
  22. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    sounds like our teachers went to the same uni
  23. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    like your work shop,, BUT my old woodwork teacher will be turning in his grave He said " Walker if I ever see you store a plane like that I will kick your bottom" ever since I store my planes on their side Never resting on the Blade.
  24. Cold War or Modern Era model for a beginner

    fit of parts and errors in there plans they used, although I have seen some good built trumpeter t45s
  25. Cold War or Modern Era model for a beginner

    the trumpeter kit has its own problems, I binned mine in the end.