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  1. I see Airfixs facebook page has put up a notice how about HMS QE and do we want one ? of course I said yes 1/350 and 1/700. So get there and have your say
  2. well creative dont respond to emails nor do pocket bond
  3. who is the importer of Trumpeter ship kits missing a part
  4. Any body know of this kit????? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Photo-Etched-kit-1-700-HMS-Nightingale-Gunboat-Heron-Class-1897/273932610109?hash=item3fc7a7ea3d:g:aVoAAOSw09ZdLx-z
  5. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235007209-handley-page-hastings-c-mk1-mk2-1144/
  6. all off it altough some pics are showing i get " ip address is blacklisted" three times then a picture
  7. On some posts some pics are showing some where the pics should be are informing me that my ip address is blacklisted, I noticed this on the mikro mir forum?
  8. I dont Know never been interested enough in lesser navies,
  9. Sigh I can see this is having to go back to the old method and mix them myself sigh, just hope i kept my old notes
  10. "It's a bold thing to say every batch made was correc´╗┐t" especially when made aboard ship, my brother served aboard in the 70s and he told me they used to mix paints if they ran out of a colour and add course sand to deck green paint (survey fleet)(aka the white fleet or buff line). Do you know if the Vallejo Model Color Camouflage for the RN is any good, as I cant use enamel paints any more even wearring a paint sprayers mask dont help.
  11. Jamie how close are the snyder & short colour chips?
  12. reminds me of an artist from Repton, during the WW2 he was a Royal Marine was was Admiral Burrents batman, so was on HMS Edinburgh when lost, he also painted lots of ships in water colours, he showed me 100s of pics he painted. He also told me that they had started to repaint Edinburgh before her last patrol basically the same colours BUT with the addition of an off white, they only had time apply to add 1 area of white which was on the bridge area. I related this info to an "expert" most of you have heard of him likes whiskey and cigars but he did not view it as creditable because it was not from his sources!!.
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