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  1. grahamwalker


    is that the ship which the crew staged a mutiny ?
  2. grahamwalker

    New Ship Related Releases

    looks a bit like the standards of matchbox back in the 80s
  3. grahamwalker

    1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    seen these https://uboat.net/allies/warships/class/17.html
  4. grahamwalker

    SW The Last Jedi Spoiler/Discussion Thread

    The first was great the next two quiet good all else after aload of rubbish and a waste off my money to see them
  5. grahamwalker

    Question on RN colours

    how about posting the pic
  6. grahamwalker

    Forgotten aircraft - the Boulton Paul Balliol

    Forgotten aircraft - the Boulton Paul Balliol ? since when has it been forgotten? Mo more forgotten as a Bearcat or spitfire mk xvIII
  7. grahamwalker

    HMS Ark Royal HACS

    out of interest which is the best kit of the two makes in 1/700 plastic kits?
  8. grahamwalker

    Not Action man.....

    green sheild were still going in 74/75, how do I know? worked evening in a service station and the amount of people who did not collect their stamps, well to say my mum was happy
  9. As mainly a ship modeller 1/600 is DEAD, people have gone to the trouble of making ship masters in 1/600 and there was NOT enough orders to make a run break even.
  10. grahamwalker

    HMS Nelson

  11. grahamwalker

    HMS Nelson

    I see trumpeters 1/700 HMS Nelson is on ebay £40
  12. grahamwalker


    I too heard the moulds are a no go
  13. grahamwalker

    HMS Vanguard

    you could always try trenchant in her camo or Torbay in hers
  14. grahamwalker

    New Ship Related Releases

    great there hunts are nice