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  1. could the paint be from the ship its self? I know that both my brother and uncle built models while serving on board HMS ships.
  2. looks like a Shoreham-class sloop to me no way its a haven
  3. very nice build nice weathering but what happened to the flight deck looks like it has never been used. BTW the union jack is not flow from there it is flow at the bow when anchored.,
  4. I have no doubt its the best kit ,I have several flyhawk kits its just that the market is over represented by Bismarcks and Hoods of the same year
  5. ah but no good for early in life or when she had aircraft embarked, i just have a thing about building ships as when they are sunk sorry:)
  6. pity it has to be another 41 kit
  7. GE72065 James Comet crew chief motorcycle how about doing 1/12 scale to fit with airfix motorbikes?
  8. y we can make great tanks for our selves'
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Joblot-Vintage-Kelloggs-Cereal-Toy-Aeroplanes/154337277728?hash=item23ef37f720:g:NmAAAOSwf-5gL7u3
  10. yes thats right would love a 1/350 kit of it
  11. think they do HMS WARRIOR the iron clad steam and sail one at Portsmouth
  12. hi scanned that plan for you send me your email and i will send it to you

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