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  1. Yes. Does not make sense. It's such an important design with 20+ variants. Used in many parts of the world.
  2. Does anybody know if there will ever be a new tool kit in 1/48 scale of this famous helicopter? All's we have currently is a 60+ year ancient Revell offering. Anyone heard/seen has anything? Thanks
  3. Ordered a LA-11 on Feb 25 via Ebay. Was due to arrive last Friday. Sent a message to vendor. He gave me a long reply, put a search on it, sent pics ect. Basically said its due to Covid. FWIW, I believe him. He is 100% on Ebay. Hope to get it before May 1st.
  4. Yes. The US Government confiscated the 60 EP-106 for Sweden. Shame as the P-35As did nothing of note in the defense of the Philippines.
  5. Will we eventually get the Seversky A8V1 two place fighter? Was used by the IJN with as few examples.
  6. I hope its soon. Eduard must have made a mint with their 109 molds. Surely they can release a s-199 with minimal fuss.
  7. Ordered an LA-11 via Ebay on Feb 25th. Due to arrive here in Chicago on or near April 16th. Was nervous when placed order. In putin's Russia one never knows....
  8. They will have to add parts for the PAN version used by the Frecce Tricolori. The pre-production models had a pointed nose.
  9. Hopefully we will see parts for the PAN variant.
  10. The American Airlines livery looks great!
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