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  1. Very important trainer. Very difficult aircraft to handle.
  2. Pilot house is incorrect. Did not have the sloping sides. In the epic battle of Hampton Roads with the CSS Virginia she had the early pilot house with vertical sides.
  3. And an A version would be nice, with a nice 1/144 tzar bomb!
  4. OK. The wings and air intakes for the Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major engines looks correct! Looks like the dihedral problem was fixed....the proper fuselage wing join looks good! Yipee! can't wait!
  5. I'm gonna see if i can crosskit my hobbycraft b-36D kit with the 4 GE J47 turbo jets. So I dont have to wait for the release of the D.
  6. The Italian deathtrap! cool design though.
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