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  1. Whatever................... And polar bear, it's a bf 109G from the cockpit back! Eduard has made a slew of them!
  2. Incredibly disappointing news. Probably has to do with what's happening in Gaza. It's a bf-109 variant for Ch&*st Sake! Minimal changes to tooling. I'm sure it would sell well. Thanks for Nothing Eduard! ūü§¨
  3. Hi. Is this the same sprue for the D.iii kit? I think the top wing of the DV is set lower than the D.iii Is this correct? Thanks
  4. They have one for 35usd +shipping. I assume that's just the files. I don't have a 3d printer. Does the company print the parts then it can be assembled like a styrene kit? Do I have to print it myself? Or find someone who can? Please help Thanks
  5. Agreed. Just received the EE 1/72 kit. Nice but not my preferred scale. Haven't built a 1/32 scale kit in 50 years. Ancient Eduard kit I will never buy.
  6. Any news? Would love to see a 1/48 version of this kit
  7. Wow...those look real small...is there a clear part that goes with it?
  8. Where are the clipped wingtips?? Can't see them on the sprue shots.
  9. Is there plans (hopefully) to downsize this to 1/48? It's impossible to get the Dora wings kit in 1/48 as it's OOP. It was quite crude as well. Needs a facelift.
  10. I have the fokker d. VII M√ĀG and the E.V kits. Both kits have windscreens on their paint schemes but they are not included with the kits. I seem to remember an article how ww1 windscreens for albatros and fokkers are made. What are some good methods? Thanks
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