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  1. This is indeed great news! As the previous poster said; I hope the TH-55 is NOT affected. I want my Mattel Messerschmitt!
  2. Has anyone built one? I mean completed. I always loved this aircraft. The Revell kit is impossible to get, and besides, I want the short fuselage F.28 1000. Thanks for the help.
  3. Until I saw Desert Aces in History Channel's Dogfight series, I didn't know how he incredible a pilot he was!
  4. No idea. I have 3 projects going currently. I was under the impression that the Greatest Ace in Israeli history would have aftermarket decals, or better yet, included in this release.
  5. Looks like a fine addition to the 1/72 Mirage III linup! CJ for me! Will model the great Israeli Ace Giora Epstein.
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