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  1. grahamwalker

    1/700th Flyhawk HMS Naiad 1940 (Limited Edition)

    No such thing as Eastern Approaches
  2. grahamwalker

    Ship kit recommendation?

    the type 23 is good after all it was copied from the WEM kit
  3. grahamwalker

    New Ship Related Releases

    ah while you wait for the flyhawk one , you might die, I know I will
  4. grahamwalker

    Airfix 2019

  5. grahamwalker


    is that the ship which the crew staged a mutiny ?
  6. grahamwalker

    New Ship Related Releases

    looks a bit like the standards of matchbox back in the 80s
  7. grahamwalker

    1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    seen these https://uboat.net/allies/warships/class/17.html
  8. grahamwalker

    SW The Last Jedi Spoiler/Discussion Thread

    The first was great the next two quiet good all else after aload of rubbish and a waste off my money to see them
  9. grahamwalker

    Question on RN colours

    how about posting the pic
  10. grahamwalker

    Forgotten aircraft - the Boulton Paul Balliol

    Forgotten aircraft - the Boulton Paul Balliol ? since when has it been forgotten? Mo more forgotten as a Bearcat or spitfire mk xvIII
  11. grahamwalker

    HMS Ark Royal HACS

    out of interest which is the best kit of the two makes in 1/700 plastic kits?
  12. grahamwalker

    Not Action man.....

    green sheild were still going in 74/75, how do I know? worked evening in a service station and the amount of people who did not collect their stamps, well to say my mum was happy
  13. As mainly a ship modeller 1/600 is DEAD, people have gone to the trouble of making ship masters in 1/600 and there was NOT enough orders to make a run break even.
  14. grahamwalker

    HMS Nelson

  15. grahamwalker

    HMS Nelson

    I see trumpeters 1/700 HMS Nelson is on ebay £40
  16. grahamwalker


    I too heard the moulds are a no go
  17. grahamwalker

    HMS Vanguard

    you could always try trenchant in her camo or Torbay in hers
  18. grahamwalker

    New Ship Related Releases

    great there hunts are nice
  19. grahamwalker

    Airfix 2019

    1/350 QE or POW
  20. grahamwalker

    Best ww2 'starter' ship kits

    you could try Trunpeter, they do other Nations ships
  21. Well at least you can count on Trumpeter and Flyhawk for RN ships, the british company will not cater for us
  22. grahamwalker

    Airfix 2018 releases: expect a 1/48 Hunter

    Thats very UNDERWELMING, another spitfire wow a 1/48 hunter oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, no new ships no new afv just aircraft most of it reboximg
  24. grahamwalker

    Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    anybody know of any decal sets for a HMS Eagle aircraft?