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  1. grahamwalker

    1/350 British Nuclear submarines

    same as 5 months ago, any news on British subs
  2. Free Naval books you will need transport
  3. grahamwalker

    1/350 HMS Exeter (1939) - York class cruiser

    my mistake it was flown off the Leanders my mistake, i dont like that planking on the aft deck it is too over done (butt ends), Computers I a;way install a second hard drive and but up important info when made.
  4. grahamwalker

    1/350 HMS Exeter (1939) - York class cruiser

    So you have found 1 error then Jamie, she carried a Sea Fox not a Walrus in the time frame modelled .
  5. grahamwalker


    is there any plans out? I have tried to find some but came out with nothing.
  6. grahamwalker

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    now that sounds funny, painful and expensive at the same time lads
  7. grahamwalker

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    yes but they here designed these are trown together, like the rest of todays warships, no thought no grace no beauty, just a hull with boxes welded on the sides for sponsons as an after thought, not flared into the hull like the old 50-70s carriers
  8. grahamwalker

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    that would be easy to scratch build
  9. grahamwalker

    New Ship Related Releases

    with a lot of work, the deletion of rear tubes and re-positioning 2 of forward, the two external forward tubes moved forward to do a T 1
  10. grahamwalker

    BSA or Matchless

    AJS model 16 about 1964, 500cc.
  11. grahamwalker

    HMS Eagle 1:700 Fujimi

    Seahawk I could find 2 not in 1/700 and only look like seahawks through half closed eyes
  12. grahamwalker

    HMS Eagle 1:700 Fujimi

    https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace/miniatures/aircraft/?q=1%3A700&sort=&facet[pdcId][]=158&facet[pdcId][]=618&facet[pdcId][]=505&facet[price][min]=1&facet[price][max]=2500&facet[price][from]=1&facet[price][to]=2500 IS A BETTER LINK
  13. grahamwalker

    1/350 British Nuclear submarines

    any more British submarines on the way?
  14. grahamwalker

    First F-35 Land/Take-Off HMS QE

  15. grahamwalker

    First F-35 Land/Take-Off HMS QE

    US Marine corps aircraft, they could not even use a British version, laughing stock comes to mind. And Que the moaners and snowflakes for me stating the truth.
  16. es very boring of Airfix it is like someone has a fetish, they very seriously are in need of mental health care
  17. grahamwalker

    Weapon class destroyers - any kits?

    does not a german firm make one in resin ?
  18. grahamwalker

    Questions about those 1/700 Atlantic Models RN destroyers

    yes they are great got mine off ebay, better than anything else I have tried
  19. grahamwalker

    Ships in Belfast. Film dated 1935!

    could also be HMS unicorn laid down in 39
  20. grahamwalker

    Swiftsure class SSN

    wow who makes that canister?
  21. grahamwalker

    Where to start?

    The Middleton is a very nice kit
  22. grahamwalker

    Royal Navy Colours of World War Two - The B & G Series Camouflage Colours 1943-1945

    Still trying to work out what eastern approaches is?
  23. and the link is https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/local-news/sharp-steves-missile-shots-saved-990082