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  1. IBG are releasing a 1/700 HMS Harvester very soon according to their Facebook page. Images from their Facebook page.
  2. Rob, she's looking brilliant. Just had my latest Micro Master order drop through the door. Just so anyone who is tempted by these parts, until lockdown my orders normally arrived in 10-12 days. Mick
  3. Done with Flyhawks 1/700 HMS Naiad, still a few touch ups to do and then she goes to the queue waiting for weathering and rigging. Just a note to anyone thinking of building her, do not paint the radar before assembly, mine only had a light spray but would not fit through the holes because the tolerances are so tight. Luckily I have a couple of spare kits and they went together without trouble, without paint. I've already knocked the rear radar off twice,. Cat hairs now removed from the foremast Now to decide on what to start next
  4. Wood hunter deck, but had real problems trying to get it from the backing sheet.
  5. It's a good job the guns are the same as I managed to glue one together without lining it up correctly, so nicked one of the spares from the POW. I also managed to find the lost breakwater, though where it came from lord only knows. Another good day with Flyhawk's 1/700 HMS Naiad, but now comes the hard parts for me, Masts and photo etch. Mick
  6. Today's progress, a very successful day for me. No destroyed PE and no lost parts. Mick
  7. Wow Joel, that's looking great, looking forward to seeing more.
  8. GUY, you've had the kit 15 hrs, how come it's not finished yet . Looking forward to watching this come together. Mick
  9. I said there were some small parts. The first parts of section 2, with the tip of my tweezers and the tip of a scalpel.
  10. Started another one, opened the box for Flyhawk's 1/700 HMS Naiad this morning. Stage one done. Had massive problems with the wooden deck, would not separate from backing sheet. Good old Sovereign hobbies Colourcoats, dry in no time. Decided to do the 1941 scheme of dark grey hull and light grey upper. Will be chasing Jamie@Sovereignhobbies for more paint soon. A quick spray and we're off. Unmasked and ready to start. A lot of very small parts in this one. Mick
  11. The Lance joins the ever growing queue awaiting rigging and weathering. Masts were made from brass rod and took nearly 3 days to build . I must say I really enjoy these little kits and they are helping me learn techniques and various things I never thought i was capable of. Mick
  12. Thank you, but I cheat with the windows, a 0.3 mm drawing pen. Strangely I had more problems with the main deck rails than any of the smaller odd shaped rails. Will try cutting them into smaller sections next time. Mick
  13. Thank you Rob, but when I see some of the builds on here I aspire to reach that sort of quality. Learning all the time.
  14. Well I finally got some work done on Flyhawks 1/700 HMS Prince of Wales. This is how she will stay for a while, Had major struggles with deck rails and masts. I will stick to my smaller ships for a while, though this is nothing against the kit, just my abilities to do it justice. I need more practice with photo etch and also need to learn rigging methods. Thanks to all who helped me with advice and encouragement, not up to the standards if many on here, but i will get better slowly.
  15. Hi Jeff, you should get some, they come with everything you need including PE and even brass rod for the masts and brass gun barrels. I buy from China and they only cost about 25 UK pounds. A magnifyer is a must as some of the parts are as small as the tips of my finest tweezers.
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