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  1. A little progress, Prince of Wales mast is fighting me so I did a little work on the Lance. Lots of touch up to do, but I will wait and have a session all in one go.
  2. To let my brain re adjust to normality after the Prince of Wales mast, I have masked the deck and sprayed the paint on my calmer project of the Flyhawk 1/700 HMS Lance. not glued down yet This is why I love Sovereign's Colourcoats, 3 different shades of grey in just over 1 hour. Mick
  3. Managed the aft mast , still may have to cut off the supports unless I manage to straighten them some more. They didn't look that bad till i saw the pics. Forgot to do the cat hair scan so apologies for the furry intrusion. Leaving it for a few hours to get my brain back in order, so masking and spraying started on HMS Lance. Thanks to Jamie, Guy and Joel for the inspiration to try to match the quality they turn out. Mick
  4. Guy, you should do the camo version, I chickened out and mine was finished in the grey scheme. Hope you will be rigging the Seafox
  5. Hi Guy, I have not long built this myself, after seeing your progress and your Prince of Wales, I am now going to hide mine .
  6. Hi all, I have managed to get back to where I was a couple of days ago, plus added the rigging to the cranes. I am about to start the masts , I do not have very steady hands, so this may be a long process. Will try to post an update later. I could do with Guy's (@Gisbod) or Joel's (@OutcastJoel) hands and eyes for this.
  7. Had a bit of a SNAFU today, I decided to do all the life rafts so I removed all the turrets to get them in place. Glued the rafts to the ship, then I tried to put the turrets back. I had glued the rafts in the wrong position by about 1 mm and as a result could not get the 5.25" turrets back on. In trying to prise the rafts off to reposition them, I have manages to damage, destroy or lose the rails around the turrets. I have plenty of spare rails but it will take some time for me to calm down enough to do it. Rafts now in the right place . Going to mask the decks on HMS Lance in the meantime.
  8. A little more progress, started with the dreaded photo etch. At least she has guns now. I am trying to work out the masts, as both the supports are badly distorted and i don't know if i can save them. If not i will attempt to replace them with brass rod. Spent over an hour with tweezers and optivisor removing cat hairs for the pics
  9. Guy, that is amazing, I wish you would give lessons in photo etch and even more so in rigging, I have quite a little fleet waiting to be rigged. This is what inspires me on my builds, when i see something as great as this. Now get on with the next one . Mick
  10. Joel, that photo etch is fantastic, I am struggling with mine. The wooden deck should be fitted before all the vents and other deck furniture. If you have a way of sorting that and would like to get on a little quicker, I have a Flyhawk P.O.W deck that i will not need for a good while, if you would like me to send you this, you are more than welcome to it and you could just send me the other one when it arrives. let me know, and keep up the great work. Mick
  11. Would like to see you finish yours Jamie, but I know how busy you are. Just waiting for more supplies to start Naiad, Aurora, Lance, Legion and the J class. Mick
  12. No thread sorry, this is my first build post. The bottom two are IBG's Hunt class destroyers built out of the box ( they include the PE ) and all paints supplied by Jamie@Sovereign Hobbies. I can recommend the IBG kits, including the HMS Zetland that you like. Mick
  13. Yes, but this one still has L plates on it
  14. During furlough from work i have been building up my RN fleet, mostly destroyers. I decided to try something bigger. After looking at the excellent WIP builds by Gisbod and OutcastJoel, I decided to have a crack at the Prince of Wales. I am very much a learner and make many mistakes but I enjoy myself. part of the fleet POW forward superstructure boat deck. None of the superstructure is fixed as yet. Lots of touch up to do, but i do this as i go along. I am not very good with photo etch but i am learning as I go along and very slowly getting better. All comments and criticism really is welcome as this is how I learn. Mick
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