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  1. Hi Rob, I have been using liquid super glue, I do have Power Flex and will give it a go. Thanks for the tweezer tip, just ordered some. She who must be obeyed pulled a face as I already own 67 pairs of tweezers, but if they help me get the hang of rigging they are well worth it. Mick
  2. Hi, I was getting on quite well with the rigging, but the more I did, I started breaking what I had done before. So as it stands at the moment, I am going to leave it for a while and come back to it at a later time. I have not given up on this and I will finish it. I will go onto a Flyhawk destroyer for a bit of relaxation. Mick
  3. Hi Jamie, I'm applying glue to the model part, I tried glueing the rigging but it curled up on me. Having a little more success now as I am not putting too much tension on the line, just enough to keep it taught. I admit I am probably the problem as I tend to be a bit heavy handed. Mick
  4. Hi, I now know why I rarely rig my models. After four days of trying lycra and caenis again, I have made very little progress. I do prefer th lycra but every time I fix one side, the other side curls into knots. I will manage this some how. Pics of progress later today, I hope. Also managed to lose the mast I made so had to make another . Mick
  5. Hi, had a bit of a day of faffing about doing not much. Managed to get a brass mast together, after bending the Master yards trying to get them out of the packet , I may be a tad heavy handed. I ended up making it out of spare brass rod, then found I had a spare plastic one. If i can somehow transfer the crow's nest to the brass version, I will use that. Also started playing with my first proper sea base, looks better in real life than the pics in my opinion. Having the original hull is helping to get the sea formed. Will paint it as i get happier with the outcome.
  6. Hi Rob, she is looking amazing, wish I had half your skill. The paint work is fantastic and the weathering sets it off perfectly. I may have to give oils a go myself. As for the yards, I don't know if you have seen these by Shipyard . Keep up the great work, looking forward to the next update. Mick
  7. Hi Rob, thanks for the advice, I already have the master masts and yard arms, so will give them a go, also have plenty 0.3 and 0.5 mm brass rod from my days rigging 1/48 biplanes. I have got all 3 sizes of Uschi thread but my last attempt went wrong as it kept curling and knotting up on me. This time I will leave it on the spool till it's glued. Mick
  8. Hi, well after a few days of things going well, it all came to a screeching halt today. It took almost 4 hours to attach 4 rigging lines at the back end, I started to rig the foremast, it didn't go well and i have ended up snapping the mast. The few ships I have rigged I have always use Caenis 20 denier fly tying thread, but this time I could not get it to retain the tension and pulled a bit too hard. I am going to try to make a brass mast to replace the broken one and I might try lycra rigging again, but last time I tried it, I couldn't work out the curling of the thread. I will try to be a l
  9. Jon, if you can do such a great job with this, as you certainly are, you will soon be back to finish the 1/700. Foredeck stripes are brilliant, well done and keep up the great work. Mick
  10. Thanks Jon, I will get some and give it a go as I have quite a fleet awaiting weathering and rigging. Mick
  11. Hi, I spent today trying out weathering, and proved to myself yet again that I need a lot more practice. Sprayed gloss varnish, decaled, another coat of gloss varnish to seal them. I then tried AK's salt streaks and grime streaks for light grey ships, and i must say I didn't find them too bad. Then I tried AK's rust weathering pencils, got it about how I wanted but then sealed it all with a matt varnish and the rust seemed to triple in intensity. I think I have spoilt it and will have to try to tone it down somehow. I was hoping to achieve something similar to d
  12. Hi all, she's basically finished with construction, except the radar and the HF/DF which I managed to destroy. I will make another from spare ladders I have, you can tell it's not the first time I've had to do this,. Hoping to get a coat of varnish on tomorrow so I can attempt some weathering.
  13. Hi, had quite a good day so far, even managed to make a start on the rails. Those depth charges tested my patience a little. More to come. Mick
  14. Hi Jeff, Some of my first ship models many years ago were the Airfix 1/600 ships, I used to love my KGV and Repulse, they are what got me into ship modelling originally after many years of aircraft. I have a few 1/600 unbuilt in the loft and was thinking about using the Suffolk as a guide to make a 1/700 version from an Aoshima County class. Regards Mick.
  15. Hi, not had too bad a day today, managed to replace the front turret after struggling to remove the broken one. Also got the Micro master 20mm Oerlikons and a few other bits on without too much trouble today. More to come over the next few days I hope. Mick
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