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  1. Don't know if this is any help but they are paper models of all shuttles and payloads, not sure if you could scale up and make from scratch using the templates. http://axmpaperspacescalemodels.com/?page_id=10 hope its of some help Mick
  2. smyfe

    RIAT 2016

    Simon has posted on facebook that Totterdown will be open as normal. Mick
  3. smyfe

    RIAT 2016

    My Sigma 150-600mm lens turned up today, will need to build some muscle up before 3 days at RIAT.
  4. Hi Graham, the pattern in your picture is very similar to the new IBG 1/700 HMS Badsworth. the colours on the instructions are AP507c pale grey, MS-3 medium green/grey and AP507a dark grey. Mick
  5. smyfe

    RIAT 2016

    Will be there, Thursday till Sunday at Totterdown as usual. Will probably end up with another 5000 or so photo's to sort out. Mick
  6. Welcome to the nut house Mike. Already bought your RN battleship sets and must say they look brilliant and the service was also excellent, Thank you. A bit of a cheeky question, if you don't mind. Are you going to be stocking any 1/700 wooden decks in the future? I wish you all the best with your venture and will certainly be making more purchases. Best wishes Mick
  7. smyfe

    Captain Class

    As Mike says, if you do a google image search for Buckley class escort destroyer, you will find the images show a black waterline and red lower hull. I would imagine it was the same in RN service. http://www.navsource.org/archives/06/images/051/06051nya.jpg Mick
  8. Hi, try this site http://www.dstorm.eu/pages/color/usa.html
  9. http://www.3dmodelparts.com/ship-accessories/ I have bought quad 0.5 mg's and they are very nice, I have also bought the quad and octuplet pom poms, 20mm oerlikons, 4x 40mm, 2x 40mm, twin oerlikons and have more on order. Carl is a very helpful gent and is always adding to his range. Hope this helps. P.s. I have bought all the QE class ships from Mike at http://www.mjwmodels.co.uk and have not seen anyone to match his price and service. Mick
  10. Looking great so far, canopy from a B-25?
  11. Me please Mike, please pop a note on here when they are available and I will cough up as soon as I see it. many thanks Mick
  12. Fantastic pictures, thank you for posting them. As a complete amateur, I took 5400 over 3 days and not one is any where near the quality of these. If I could ask, are these hand held shots? best wishes Mick
  13. Hi, I was camping on Totterdown, not one of my pictures com anywhere near these. Thanks for sharing. Which field were you in ? Mick
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