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  1. It's been a few weeks since I last posted an update, however I have been making progress. Previously I'd just started to assemble all of the tanks and supports, including the tap and side tanks and the lozenge shape middle tanks. Time for some more detailing work now that the main assembly is complete. There is a large and distinctive detail panel underneath the booster - if you ever see the underside that is... plus lots of kit-bashed parts on the surface that I raided my bit's box for. It's not exactly the same as the original but close enough that all of the areas are covered by similar parts. Underside detail: The results of my kit-bashed detailing: A slightly more complicated part to do was the area where the booster clips to the Eagle Spine. This has to be precise or it won't sit properly. This required measuring the Eagle Spine and some testing of the mounting assembly. This was made using styrene tube cut open so it would clip around the smaller spine tube. These were then glued to the underside of the booster assembly. Next will be to apply some high build primer and fill any imperfections. Karl
  2. Thanks Gav. Totally agree about Brian Blessed - OBE but should be Knighted though! Karl
  3. Another day, another dome... This one is for the two lozenge shaped tanks on the upper surface of the main structure. I created a dome shape from sheet styrene in segments and then used car body filler to fill in the gaps and sanded it smooth. I then cast them using the same technique as all the others. I also needed to made a couple of the distinctive baffles for the inside of the engine bells, fortunately I had made a template when I made the ones for the Eagle so it was a fairly simple job to make them. All of the parts I've made so far for the booster: [/url] It's now about time to start putting it all together, main side tanks first. There is a little intertank tube or ring made from a short length of styrene to go between the tanks. More soon....
  4. Another eight tank mounts were required for the main side fuel tanks. These were made from sheet and square rod. Next came a fairly complicated part; the engine bell mounting / thrust structure. This is quite difficult to do as you need to mount the engine bells upwards and outwards and to get the up/out angle just right on a fixed structure requires measuring several times and cutting/sanding only a little bit at a time! First part of the mount was a simple box structure, then came the angle part. Again this started out as a box structure but with a corner cut off. This cut off had to be just right and the same for both left and right engines. If you put them back to back the cuts cancel each other out and you get a straight box section again. The engine bells are mounted using brass rods, the base of the engine was made from a stack of styrene disks and a modified engine nozzle from a 1/48 Tornado kit that had been filled with resin (earlier) to make it solid. More shortly..
  5. More work on the Spine Booster pack. I needed to create some smaller tanks; two long top tanks and a pair of smaller side tanks that nestle above the large tanks. These were made from some brass tube wrapped in styrene and then some end caps were made by casting an appropriately sized dome using the usual mix of resin and car body filler and attaching them to the ends of the tanks. Next, I needed to build the main support structure of the booster. This comprises of two rectangular box sections joined together by two tubes. The box sections were measured up from plans and cut from sheet styrene and glues together. Some additional bracing was made internally to give it some strength. Next came the tank support mounts. These were made from styrene sheet and rod appropriately sized and shaped for each size of tank. I made a total of sixteen; eight for the small tanks and eight for the large tanks. The top tanks had a side rib detail; this was made from some half round styrene rod with the ends shaped. This picture also shows the completed main box structure with the top tanks mounted. Karl
  6. Hi All, My Space:1999 scratch built madness continues; I'm going to attempt to build the spine mounted auxiliary booster pack for my 1/48 scale eagle transporter. The spine mounted booster pack was seen in only one episode of Space:1999 called 'Metamorph' where Commander John Koenig called for an Eagle to be fitted with auxiliary boosters. Even though it appeared in only a single episode, this accessory for the Eagle is a definite fan favourite. I did a bit of forward planning and when I built the engine bells for the eagle model I made an extra pair for this project. I downloaded a set of scale plans designed for the Round2 Eagle and I scaled them up slightly to match the size of my Eagle as mine is a couple of inches bigger. First off, I decided to make the four large flanking fuel tanks. For this i needed some 20mm tube and some dome shapes. The tube was easily found in the shed; it needed to be a bit thicker so I wrapped it in thin styrene sheet. This also has the affect of making it easier to glue on details with ordinary model glue as the pipe is some sort of DIY conduit that does not take well to glue. I capped of the ends with plastic disks and with the glue issue in mind I used a central rod to try and keep both ends on the tube. Next up I needed to make some domes to fit the ends of the tanks. I used a spare tube and capped that off, I cut a number of circles and cut them in half and quarters and made a segmented dome shape. I then filled this in with P38 car body filler and then sanded it in to a smooth dome shape. I used this to make some plasecene moulds and then used a slush mixture of car body filler and resin to make cast domes. The plastecene method is probably as large as I think I could go; anthing bigger and I think I would have to make the mould from plaster. I then glued the domes to each end of the tanks and sanded the edges flush, filling any gaps with model filler. Wish me luck! Karl
  7. Thanks again for all of your kind comments chaps Karl
  8. Thanks for the kind words chaps, most appreceated! Thats a good idea, I'll get some sorted out shortly. Cheers Karl
  9. My Space:1999 Eagle Transporter Scratch Build is finally complete to the level that I am finally happy with it. Seventeen years after I first started it! I am very happy with the way it has turned out; I have not been able to correct all of my original mistakes but I've done the best I can to work around them and to be honest it's way better than I thought it would be. Thanks for looking at the build thread and for all of the kind words of encouragement. The original build thread is here Scratch Build - 1/48 Eagle Transporter (Space:1999) And on to pictures: I've taken them on my usual aircraft base, Could really do with a Moonbase Alpha launch pad.... this must have been a rare visit by and Eagle to an old Airbase. Thanks for looking. Karl
  10. That's it - the Eagle is complete! I'm going to post up the completed pictures in a new thread, however I'll leave this one with a last group of pictures. This is all that remains of the old spine of the Eagle; I'm going to keep it as a reminder of how it was. And... I have two spare engine bells I made when I built the ones for the Eagle... I wonder what Eagle accessory I can build with them?????? You'll have to excuse the quality of the next set of pictures as they were taken in 1999-2000ish with a very basic digital camera, when I first started building the Eagles. I wanted to include them as a record of how far it's come. Our son getting interested in the build! In this picture, he would be about 6 years old; He's now a working man in his twenties.... Time sure does fly. Link to completed build thread is here Space:1999 1/48 Eagle Transporter - Scratch Build - Completed Karl
  11. Another update. I've masked up the cockpit anti-glare pannels and the sides of the landing gear pods to be pinted black; I sprayed these with my air brush. Matt black overcoated with a satin/matt mixture clear coat. I have also made sixteen small RCS thusters by casting. I made a master I could press in to the plastecene and then cast them using resin. I added a small mounting peg to ease attachement. The picture shows the rough casings before sanding and hollowing out of the engine bell. I painted the RCS thrusters silver and installed them on to the leg pod's. I've also painted the main landing gear. The Eagle is very close to completion at this point. I have permanently mounted the engine cluster to the main body of the ship now, and I'm having a look again at the pod to match up the detailing to the Eagle as I have it now. Karl
  12. Might have been a couple of weeks ago by now but around 7pm we saw two Apache's followed by a Chinook, all heading North over the Yorkshire Wolds. Karl
  13. So, It's September the 13th - 18 years since the Moon was blasted out of Earth orbit and Space:1999 was born! To celebrate I've jumped ahead a bit and done a test mating of the engine section with the Eagle - it's a beast! Bigger than I remember before I took it all apart. I still have quite a bit of colour work to do on the main body of the Eagle, but I thought I'd go for a couple of quick taster pictures. Karl