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  1. So, It's September the 13th - 18 years since the Moon was blasted out of Earth orbit and Space:1999 was born! To celebrate I've jumped ahead a bit and done a test mating of the engine section with the Eagle - it's a beast! Bigger than I remember before I took it all apart. I still have quite a bit of colour work to do on the main body of the Eagle, but I thought I'd go for a couple of quick taster pictures. Karl
  2. Thanks Steve! Sounds interesting; is it Space:1999 related? Karl
  3. Had a bit of a desaster during the pannel lining. Trying to remove the pencil line just went from bad to worse! In the end I had to sand it back to the primer and mask all the rest off and then spray the white again. Doesn't look like much, but this masking took ages. I tried to paint the bands and stripes freehand but it was too much and I had to mask (nearly) it all up. Karl
  4. Time for more paint!! After the filler / primer coat it was time to get the beast to it's final white colour. First came a coat of grey primer. this also highlighted some more imperfections - I'll never get them all: Then White. All coloures are Halfords aerosol spray paints; these are just superb and cover brilliantly. After it was all dry, I did a bit more reserch in to panel lines on the shoulder pods and the Eagle as a whole. I cut out some cardboard templates and used them to help apply the panel lines as had shown up on my reserch. That, along with some pre-shading using dark grey chalk pastels to give a bit of depth. The panel lines are applied with 0.3mm pencil. The shading and panel lines were seald in using Halford matt clear lacquer. I still need to paint in some more details in blue/grey and grey. Karl
  5. I really like that, excellent work. Karl
  6. I'm back from my summer holidays and work has continued on the Eagle! I have completed the spinal frame work using Evergreen plastic rod and tube of various diameters. I used cardboard templates to space the top and bottom assemblies at the correct position from each other. I then started cutting and gluing the upright sections in enough places to keep the upper frame in place so I could remove the cardboard. I then completed the uprights and then the diagonal rods using the Evergreen. The upper spine is a lot straighter than the previous incarnation! I have then given the whole assembly several coats of Halfords Filler Primer. This highlighted some areas that needed a bit more conventional filler. And all that remains of the old spine frame; I think I'm going to keep it... Karl
  7. The lower spinal frame details are now just about complete. To simulate the frame detail along the steel rod, I wrapped and superglued very thin plastic sheet cut to the length of the tube work on the frame. Due to the steel being quite thick it's a bit oversize but it looks better than just a plain rod. Could be a heavy duty Eagle... Karl
  8. Linking images on Flickr to BM

    There are a couple of ways to do that. When you past in the URL from the 'share' and then 'BBcode' option and then past that in to the forum you can edit it and remove the bits of BBCode to the left and right of the IMG and /IMG tags. Alternatively, you can go back in to your post after you have created it, edit it, and hover over the picture then press 'CTRL' on the keyboard and right click on the mouse and select 'remove link' from the menu. Hope this helps Karl
  9. I've got a Master Tools chisel (Trumpeter) and find it really useful for cutting in side of awkward places. Used it extensively on my recent Eagle build. Just needs sharpening every so often with a simple sharpening stone. Karl
  10. Looks like photobucket has caught up with me. Just spent a couple of hours updating the picture links in my Eagle build having moved them over to Flickr. What a pain... Karl
  11. On to the next major part of the reconstruction - the spinal frame. In an attempt to get this one nice and straight I made a rudimentary jig from cardboard, taking the dimensions from a blueprint drawing in the old Sci-fi and Fantasy model magazine that I scaled up to the correct size and printed it on paper. I also made a very basic mitre block that would enable me to cut various lengths of tube and pipe a bit easier. The mitre is made from thick sheet plastic and filled with resin and car body filler slush mix to give it some weight. It was then a fairly simple process of cutting all of the lengths or rod and tube and assembling them in the jig. The cross members were cut and then a curve sanded on the inside ends to match the profile of the tube I was gluing them to. Using this method gives a strong bond and minimal filling to do. Jig: The mitre: The completed top of the space frame. I left a little gap at the end of the jig intentionally. Karl
  12. All of my WIP's are posted on Photobucket so this is going to be a right pain.... Anyway, I also have an Office 360 account and thought I'd do a test post. It's a bit of a faff to do but I think it works.. I might update a few of my recent WIPs but others are probably out of the question. I have/had about 1000 pictures on PB, all of them related to modelling forum posts.... Hopefully They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind as someone once said.. Karl
  13. After the initial issues I had with the upper walkway surface details, I had another go. This time I used a combination of sources for information and my own imagination. The front walkway is loosely based on the Davis Sissons restoration of the 44inch Eagle One model. The rear is based on some imagination and an old black and white picture. most parts are out of the spares box or scratch built or cast using resin and car body filler. Next comes the job of cleaning up and modernising the leg pods. I've removed the detail on the upper surface and sanded all of the surfaces back to primer or plastic, filling and repairing where necessary. I have also added a new plate to the top of the leg pods so I'm not detailing directly on to the wood. The top plates are installed slightly oversized and then filed and sanded back to match the angle of the leg pod sides. Karl
  14. I've completed rebuilding the cages. (NB: Please note I've edited this post quite heavily due to an error on my part regarding the detailing I had done on the upper surface; I got it completely wrong and will have to re do it again) The remaining parts of the frame work for the cages was then added. The original issue that I couldn't really correct (only disguise) of the walkways being the wrong shape and size reared it's head as I tried to close the frames up. Unfortunately I had to ad lib it a bit and make it up as I went along. It's quite close, however some areas have ended up being double up, plus a slight misshape towards the top of the cage. Still looks a million times better than before, and you'll only see this area when the pod is detached. OR, if build a cargo pod...... Karl