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  1. Making slow progress on the second death star. Lord Vader is not pleased. The reason is, the whole production lies only in the hands of this lonely trooper. The progress. Adding the shell with some huge gaps: Closing the gaps and protecting the core from the upcoming primer and colours: Primed DS: Airbrushed colours at the background and at the single panels: Adding details on construction sites and startet painting so
  2. Thanks a lot. At first I didn't like the moulded plant on the tree. But with these threedimensional elements I am very happy with the result. The Trooper with more weathering and less dirt on the boots. It is still very hard to take photos with my camera without loosing all details on the outshining armor. I thought now I am almost done and there are only some finishing touches to do, but there's a space station under construction in the sky, that I try to comine with this set. I am not sure if that will w
  3. Thanks Stephen. The Bike is almost finished. I added some mud and a few more scratches. I decided to make the flaps half open, so I cut the connector to a 40° angle and filled the gap with plastic. The bag turned out to be a head-scratcher. I experimented for hours. At first I tried to stamp the pattern from a real cloth, then I tried to paint a pattern with directionally alternating rough brushes. After that I searched unsuccessfully for real cloth I can use. I ended up using a bandage as an airbrush template. It's not perfect but I like it. I also started with th
  4. Thanks a lot. The brown body parts are almost entirely weathered with oil paints, which takes weeks to dry. I give it a little bit more time before I assemble it. I also almost forgot the decals. I added some containing texts. Also on the metallic parts I have already shown.
  5. This was another long break, but I am confident that I will be able to finish it soon. Maybe... This is an update of the weathering of the metallic body parts. The weathering includes acrylic and oil washes, metallic drybrushing, pigments, random tiny scratches and chippings as well as handpainted "big" ones, which resembles the scratches on the movie references. This time I am using a mix of movie-references, because I haven't found a single bike that has good photos from every angle. There are also some pics from the instruments. Next time I'll show the weathered brown body
  6. I have never built a model in such a big scale. Especially no figure, so this promised to be an interesting build. I started a year ago with the first parts of the bike. I painted all brown parts and the main metallic/dark parts without the handles and the footrests back then. But then I paused building models for a year and after this time I forgot how I made the metallic/dark colours, which I really like. After some tests I got pretty close for the remaining parts but I still don't know how I did it. I still had the brown colour mix, which I brightened a little bit. After the weathering it w
  7. If you use the Vallejo Clear Varnish, then I can say that I have the same problems with it. They don´t withstand these elements (thinners, terpentine, spirits) very well. I also heard otherwise but it is the same for me. I love Vallejo colours. I also like the structure of the varnishes, but only as last layer. At the moment I use the Microscale varnishes which withstand these elements much better, but they are still not perfect. Other varnishes I tried created a foggy surface so I am almost out of choices. Otherwise, great work.
  8. I am really looking forward to this and consequently what is possible with this model in this scale. Then I will decide if I even buy and try one (somtime in the far future). Currently I am working on the Blockade Runner and that is already pretty tiny. I often ask myself why I am going through all of that when I already have a gorgeous Fantasy Flight Games "X-Wing" CR90 for a reasonable price (60€). That is a fantastically detailled model with a more than passable paint job in a presentable size. I thought I have to repaint it, but left it as it is... I never played it once in the miniat
  9. Thanks a lot for your kind words both of you, It´s a fantastic kit. I am convinced yours will also turn out great. Have fun with it.
  10. Thanks a lot everyone. Thanks. I am little bit split about the design of this ship. I like it very much, but it is not among my absolute favourites. Apart from that it was the most fun Star Wars kit to build yet for me. I think this is because of the larger 1/48 scale opposed to the smaller scaled starfighters (1/72). In this scale e.g. doing scratches is fun for me, but in 1/72 it is much more weary.
  11. I finished this model some months ago but I haven´t showed it in RFI yet. I waited for new camera equipment, but I am not sure if I am happy with it. The lighting looks a little bit off. The real colour lies between the first pictures and the 2 WIP pictures below, which I have taken before. I tried to recreate every tiny scratch and chip from the studio model. I hope you like it. Some pictures from the finished cockpit while it was in WIP:
  12. I am desperately waiting for a 1/72 TIE Bomber. I had high hopes after the B-Wing announcement, but it goes down every new month. After that they got everything I could ask for. I would pause every other work for that one. Maybe they are making some more cruisers. A Nebulon B or Calamaris would be nice, but I am not sure if I would buy and build them. If they are a part of the vehicle-series and too small I am not interested.
  13. Thanks. I think the red is very important on this one. This is arguably the most colourful starfighter of the original trilogy, so this had to be right. Now I can´t unsee the F-16 engine intakes. I thought it reminded me of something, but I wasn´t sure of what... I would be happy with a 1/144 version. Yes, I know. I am easy to please.
  14. Thanks. I am not exactly sure which parts you are refering to, but I see some resemblance. That must have been some big scale F-14 because the studio model is really huge. Thanks a lot, Andy. Are you planning to do more Star Wars or other sci-fi models? I absolutely love your work.
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