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  1. I have never built a model in such a big scale. Especially no figure, so this promised to be an interesting build. I started a year ago with the first parts of the bike. I painted all brown parts and the main metallic/dark parts without the handles and the footrests back then. But then I paused building models for a year and after this time I forgot how I made the metallic/dark colours, which I really like. After some tests I got pretty close for the remaining parts but I still don't know how I did it. I still had the brown colour mix, which I brightened a little bit. After the weathering it w
  2. If you use the Vallejo Clear Varnish, then I can say that I have the same problems with it. They don´t withstand these elements (thinners, terpentine, spirits) very well. I also heard otherwise but it is the same for me. I love Vallejo colours. I also like the structure of the varnishes, but only as last layer. At the moment I use the Microscale varnishes which withstand these elements much better, but they are still not perfect. Other varnishes I tried created a foggy surface so I am almost out of choices. Otherwise, great work.
  3. I am really looking forward to this and consequently what is possible with this model in this scale. Then I will decide if I even buy and try one (somtime in the far future). Currently I am working on the Blockade Runner and that is already pretty tiny. I often ask myself why I am going through all of that when I already have a gorgeous Fantasy Flight Games "X-Wing" CR90 for a reasonable price (60€). That is a fantastically detailled model with a more than passable paint job in a presentable size. I thought I have to repaint it, but left it as it is... I never played it once in the miniat
  4. Thanks a lot for your kind words both of you, It´s a fantastic kit. I am convinced yours will also turn out great. Have fun with it.
  5. Thanks a lot everyone. Thanks. I am little bit split about the design of this ship. I like it very much, but it is not among my absolute favourites. Apart from that it was the most fun Star Wars kit to build yet for me. I think this is because of the larger 1/48 scale opposed to the smaller scaled starfighters (1/72). In this scale e.g. doing scratches is fun for me, but in 1/72 it is much more weary.
  6. I finished this model some months ago but I haven´t showed it in RFI yet. I waited for new camera equipment, but I am not sure if I am happy with it. The lighting looks a little bit off. The real colour lies between the first pictures and the 2 WIP pictures below, which I have taken before. I tried to recreate every tiny scratch and chip from the studio model. I hope you like it. Some pictures from the finished cockpit while it was in WIP:
  7. I am desperately waiting for a 1/72 TIE Bomber. I had high hopes after the B-Wing announcement, but it goes down every new month. After that they got everything I could ask for. I would pause every other work for that one. Maybe they are making some more cruisers. A Nebulon B or Calamaris would be nice, but I am not sure if I would buy and build them. If they are a part of the vehicle-series and too small I am not interested.
  8. Thanks. I think the red is very important on this one. This is arguably the most colourful starfighter of the original trilogy, so this had to be right. Now I can´t unsee the F-16 engine intakes. I thought it reminded me of something, but I wasn´t sure of what... I would be happy with a 1/144 version. Yes, I know. I am easy to please.
  9. Thanks. I am not exactly sure which parts you are refering to, but I see some resemblance. That must have been some big scale F-14 because the studio model is really huge. Thanks a lot, Andy. Are you planning to do more Star Wars or other sci-fi models? I absolutely love your work.
  10. Finally I have finished one of my favourite starfighters. Here is the WIP-thread: My goal is always to be as close as I can to the studio model, what is not always easy because this 1/72 model is so much smaller. I hope you like it. Thanks. Green Leader standing by.
  11. I finally finished it. At first I used the cockpit glass with the separate black platic ring, but the ring looked way too thick when assembled. In the original model it is only a very fine ring. The integrated ring on the complete cockpit glass seemed much thinner so I painted this one and I think it looks much more accurate now. I am taking photos for the RFI-section. I hope to see you there soon...
  12. On some pictures it reminds me very much of the V-Wing Airspeeder. It was not one of my favourite "legends" ships, but I definitely like this nose much more. I'm curious how it evolves.
  13. Almost finished. I have to add the pilot and canopy and I go around the model one more time maybe with checking and adding/changing some minor details. Sorry for the picture quality.
  14. I am no Gundam Fan but I love this work. How have you achieved those stunning tiny scratches?
  15. Yes they are. I don´t need it for the A-Wing but I consider it for a future build. I always love to try new things...
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