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  1. Thanks a lot everyone. Thanks. I am little bit split about the design of this ship. I like it very much, but it is not among my absolute favourites. Apart from that it was the most fun Star Wars kit to build yet for me. I think it is because of the larger 1/48 scale opposed to the smaller scaled starfighters (1/72). In this scale e.g. doing scratches is fun for me, but in 1/72 it is much more weary.
  2. I finished this model some months ago but I haven´t showed it in RFI yet. I waited for new camera equipment, but I am not sure if I am happy with it. The lighting looks a little bit off. The real colour lies between the first pictures and the 2 WIP pictures below, which I have taken before. I tried to recreate every tiny scratch and chip from the studio model. I hope you like it. Some pictures from the finished cockpit while it was in WIP:
  3. I am desperately waiting for a 1/72 TIE Bomber. I had high hopes after the B-Wing announcement, but it goes down every new month. After that they got everything I could ask for. I would pause every other work for that one. Maybe they are making some more cruisers. A Nebulon B or Calamaris would be nice, but I am not sure if I would buy and build them. If they are a part of the vehicle-series and too small I am not interested.
  4. Thanks. I think the red is very important on this one. This is arguably the most colourful starfighter of the original trilogy, so this had to be right. Now I can´t unsee the F-16 engine intakes. I thought it reminded me of something, but I wasn´t sure of what... I would be happy with a 1/144 version. Yes, I know. I am easy to please.
  5. Thanks. I am not exactly sure which parts you are refering to, but I see some resemblance. That must have been some big scale F-14 because the studio model is really huge. Thanks a lot, Andy. Are you planning to do more Star Wars or other sci-fi models? I absolutely love your work.
  6. Finally I have finished one of my favourite starfighters. Here is the WIP-thread: My goal is always to be as close as I can to the studio model, what is not always easy because this 1/72 model is so much smaller. I hope you like it. Thanks. Green Leader standing by.
  7. I finally finished it. At first I used the cockpit glass with the separate black platic ring, but the ring looked way too thick when assembled. In the original model it is only a very fine ring. The integrated ring on the complete cockpit glass seemed much thinner so I painted this one and I think it looks much more accurate now. I am taking photos for the RFI-section. I hope to see you there soon...
  8. On some pictures it reminds me very much of the V-Wing Airspeeder. It was not one of my favourite "legends" ships, but I definitely like this nose much more. I'm curious how it evolves.
  9. Almost finished. I have to add the pilot and canopy and I go around the model one more time maybe with checking and adding/changing some minor details. Sorry for the picture quality.
  10. I am no Gundam Fan but I love this work. How have you achieved those stunning tiny scratches?
  11. Yes they are. I don´t need it for the A-Wing but I consider it for a future build. I always love to try new things...
  12. I tested the Microscale matt varnish and there are 2 problems with it. First the whole surface (without the pencils) gets evenly a little foggy. Secondly it reacts extremely with the acrylic pencils. A black weathering created with the pencils is turning completely white. After theat I tried an Vallejo matt varnish and it doesn´t react to to the pencils. So I have to use this one with the pencils in the future. I preferred the Microscale varnish because it generates a harder protective shell after it dried. The Vallejo needs more time to dry and doesn´t turn out very hard. So have to be more careful. I ordered a new Microscale varnish. The reaction to the pencils will not go away, but the fog didn´t happen in the past. I had similar problems with other varnishes but I was happy with this one until now. Ok, thanks.
  13. The link isn´t working for me on any device. Can you repost it? Thanks. I thought the same thing about the turret , but I am just recreating my references: https://images.app.goo.gl/upqyDaFpBdcH6RmY8 I thought about softening the dark oily streaks. Maybe they turned out a little to dark. I had an incident with the A-Wing. I was finished with the weathering on the lower hull, when the matt varnish made everything on the red panels milky, white and terrible. I am still not sure if it reacted to something or the varnish has become bad. Some weeks before, it worked flawlessly so haven´t tested it again (after I had some similar problems in the past). The only new elements were the acrylic pencils which I used on the red panels. So I still have to find the real culprit, but I am suspecting the pencils. I was able rub most of it off as soon as it turned white, so I don´t have to repaint it, but I have to redo most of the wheatering and chipping on the red panels. But I think I start on the top before I redo the bottom.
  14. No, I haven´t considered any. Do you have any specific in mind? I haven´t used any pens or pencils on my models. I know there are some gundam markers etc. but I haven´t seen use for them yet. I have seen some interesting videos about the acrylic pencils last week and I want to try them myself now. But I think I don´t need more rust on the A-Wing. Actually there are only that orange oily streaks and I think that oil paints are looking fine for that... But I can consider that for the future.
  15. Making progress on the undersite. I am still adding hundreds of tiny scratches, chippings, blast marks etc. As always my goal is to recreate all of the details from the studio model on the correct position. For the white chippings on the red panels I want to try acrylic pencils for the first time. But I still have to place the order. I am looking forward to try them out.
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