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  1. Wow, that's some very fine and precise soldering Dan. Excellent work ! Sincerely Pascal
  2. Indeed, the textured look is perfect and I really like the "pitted" look of the belt covers on the right. Can I save some of your photos (the renders and the parts) on my PC, to use as a reference when I get back to my 1/8 F-40 builds ? And can I post them in my WIP's ? (with a caption that says something like "Renders and parts made by Nick") Sincerely Pascal
  3. Nice work Andy. The the textured look on the seat looks very good and weathering is perfect. Sincerely Pascal
  4. Good to see you back Roy. For a basic engine, it looks pretty good. Did you do anything else to it except for adding the wires ? Sincerely Pascal
  5. Looking good indeed ! Are those larger circles on the floor pan ejection pin marks, or are they supposed to be there ?
  6. If only Pocher would make a 1/8 scale E-type ... Are you listening Hornby ? Stop making italian tractors and give us some real cars. You're a british company FGS, give us some Jaguar, Lotus, Austin, Triumph, TVR and Aston Martin kits.
  7. Those are reject pieces ?!? Wow, if you want to sell those, please let me know.
  8. Looking really good Nick, just a little tweak or 2 to make it excellent. Sincerely Pascal
  9. The parts that you made are really amazing. It's hard to tell the difference between your parts and 1/1 scale parts (and that says a lot !)
  10. I agree with Dan, when I bought my first Pocher-Rivarossi F40 (and later the Testarossa) early 90's, they were miles ahead of ANYTHING that was available. Just about the only diecast models of the F40 were from Bburago and Polistil, but in smaller scales. 30 years later, the Ferraris from Pocher-Rivarossi are still being built by modellers, that's a great tribute to a company that had little funding and relied on ordinary people who packaged the kits at home. If only Hornby would bring the Pocher-Rivarossi Ferraris (and the Porsche 911) back into production, I'm sure that many modellers (and non-modellers who screw and click the kits together) would be very pleased. Maybe a company like Round2 will produce the kits one day ... Sincerely Pascal
  11. Not a fan of the color, but nice paintjob John. Sincerely Pascal
  12. Looking very good. Here's a bit of inspiration from the Centauria / Panini F40 Competizione. Not as detailed as your work and some parts look like they are reversed engineered from Pocher, but it gives some good views how all the parts go together :
  13. Very nice, but it looks more like the RH cylinder head : LH cylinder head :
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