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  1. There you go : http://build-threads.com/build-threads/ferrari-f40-lm-restoration/ PS : Would be nice to get an answer to the PM's I send you... Sincerely Pascal
  2. Thx guys ! Spend a couple of hours fiddling with 2mm alu tubes. Just need to add all the smaller ones. Dryfit : Where the 2 tubes cross, I filed halfway thru each tube, when they will be glued together the join should be good : Added the 2 diagonal tubes, these will hold the gearshifter : I will sand the yellow coating from the tubes and make some adjustments so that they fit better. Will use JB Cold Weld to glue them, that will - hopefully - allow me to form some weldspots between the tubes while the glue is drying. Sincerely
  3. Done a lot of work on this project the last couple of days. Endless measuring, sanding, dryfitting, sanding, etc. The modified firewall is finally glued in place : Quite complicated angles to make, the shiny spots are leftover from the Tamiya ultra thin glue : Looks very dirty with all the dust from the sanding. After a wash tonight, primer will go on tomorrow : Dryfit of the aluminium tubes going from the radiator to the engine. The right side will get 2 of these as well : The floorboard was sanded. Reference photo's show none of the details that S
  4. Another "blitz-project". I was very happy when I saw that Solido made this car, for €45 I think it's great value for money. Foto's from CK-modelcars were I bought the model : The last 2 photos show the wheelcovers that look more like clogwheels from a clock. I used a bolt and nut to hold the wheelcovers and removed the teeth with my lathe, I also made the cover a lot thinner. After a coat of primer and Tamiya X7, the covers were attached to the painted wheels (done with a Tamiya paint marker) : The cockpit will get most o
  5. Nice to see someone build this here on BM. I took a long look at this kit, but decided it's not for me. It's a very detailed kit, but a lot of the parts are simplified (because it's a snap / screw kit) or just plain wrong. I'm sure it can be modified into a very impressive model, but that will require a lot of work (for me at least). I think I'm gonna order a couple of parts from Centauria to build my Pocher F-40's, like the seats, rear window, etc. Don(t know how far you want to go with this build, but removing some seams here and there, glueing/puttying/sanding and p
  6. I'm looking at 3 alternatives to detail the engine compartment of my 956's : 1. Haynes Porsche 956 & 962 Owners' Workshop Manual. 2. Speed Details #4 "956 Engines" 3. Scale Motorsport Porsche 956 Up Close & Mechanical. I'm thinking the third one might be the best option. Does anyone have these references and which one do you prefer ? Sincerely Pascal
  7. That hood looks great Andy. Please be careful using alu cans, the material is very sharp and can cause some really nasty cuts. I use scrap alu from all kinds of "household appliances" : old VCR's, DVD players, etc. The alu is a bit thicker, but also less sharp. Sincerely Pascal
  8. Here's some photos of my Super 7 : I used spraycans for primer, green and clearcoat. The clearcoat gave me a very big run at the rear of the body. The run was sanded and a thin layer of clearcoat was sprayed over it, it's no longer visible : Sincerely Pascal
  9. Nice project. Build this kit some 15 years ago. Added some details to the engine compartment, wooden dashboard, bezels made from wire, etc. And, I had a big paint run on the rear of the body. If you're interested, I think I still have the photos. PS : great idea to finish it with an aluminium body. I would give kitchen foil a try. It comes in many shades and is a lot cheaper then BMF. Check out some of the WIP's of the airplane modellers for inspiration and how to's. Sincerely Pascal
  10. Nice work. What zeropaints color did you use for the blue ? The 2-bottle (white and blue) set or one of the other Rothmans blue colors from zeropaints (ZP-1039, ZP-1077). I need a Rothmans blue to touch up my 1/18 Minichamps 956L, do you know if there's an alternative for Rothmans blue ? Tamiya, Humbrol, etc. Sincerely Pascal
  11. I have some experience with sanding out drops of clearcoat. I let the clearcoat get really hard (if I use spraycan for the clearcoat, I wait about 4 weeks). Then I use the sanding pads that come with the Novus polishing kit and gradually wet (using plenty of water) sand the run away. The clearcoat will really dull, but it will become shiny again when you use the finest grid of sandpaper (if not use a buffing/polishing compound). Be careful not to damage the lip that surrounds the wheel arch.
  12. I followed this "live" a couple of years ago. It's still a masterpiece ! Sincerely Pascal
  13. Very nice work with those tiny details. The french tricolore looks great ! Sincerely Pascal
  14. That's not a restauration, it's a major upgrade. Stunning work. Sincerely Pascal
  15. Nice work. Following with great interest, I have 3 of these kits in my stash. Sincerely Pascal
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