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  1. Hi John, Can I tag along here - loved the work you did on the Gripen and hoping to learn yet more from you. Thank You for sharing Zack
  2. @TheBaronThank you so much for the encouraging words Tony, much appreciated! It is indeed a very engaging and interesting subject. Resemblance to the swept wing of the ME-262 is obvious, there was probably quite a bit of trade going on were information changed hands. Swept wing is pilvinge in Swedish, translates to arrow wing. But not only the SAAB (Svenska Aeroplan Aktie Bolaget) engineers learned and benefited here. J 29 Tunnan flew for the first time in August 48. The F-86 Sabre in October 47 The MIG 15 in December 47 On with the show and steady hand now... (Cheers Looking @ You, @corsaircorp) Voila More work will be required to blend the resin part into the fuselage There should be aboslutely no step as shown here: Next up is the cockpit tub and the ejection seat. Looking forward to blowing some life into this section since the resin looks nicely detailed. Wish you all a really nice and productive weekend Stay safe, stay sane and happy modelling! Zack
  3. And here we go; Lucky is always up for a long walk but Säve is 20 kilometers from home. So no walk. But exiting still Säve used to be Göteborgs military airport. Home of the "Tunnan" in its days. Today a Military aviation museum. The bunker, the first out of five planned to be built strong enough to nuclear weapons, is massive. Construction was supposed to withstand all possible attacks. And here we go. "Tunnan" They do display almost anything that has ever taken off the airfield: Tunnan, Draken, Viggen loads of helicopters and they will have a Gripen after Christmas. I have taken loads of pictures, focus is on the "Tunnan" and I have been promised to get a ladder to allow me to take pictures of the cockpit as well. Maybe even inside Inspired I went home and pulled out the sharp razor blade The First Cut Is the Deepest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5NRH_DxWJE Crazy days - stay safe, stay sane and keep up, better days will come! Zack
  4. Hi Zac, wow cool links - only at the first flickr page yet with 209 to go I will take the dog for a long walk and visit Säve and the https://aeroseum.se/ and take some pictures later today. More to come - stay tuned Stay safe, stay sane and happy modelling! Zack
  5. Thank you Marlin, small progress but in this build anything & everything counts. I would need a bit of help on the wheel wells, detail from the kit is sparse and what I found so fare on the net is very limited Here is what I am dealing with for the main: That is a resin part - detail is OK'ish, I lack reference and would need help with more/better detailed pictures Thing is I would like to close up the fuselage early since I think the main structure will need a bit of attention. And in order to do so I need the main wheel wells and the cockpit tub in there. Intake is in conflict with the tub, I (hope I) can deal with that. This is the afterburner section as depicted by the friends over @ resin2detail.com Now that can only be assembled prior to closing up the fuselage. So I am thinking ... I get a good measure on the internals and build a support structure: And then I close the hull and cut out an opening in the rear section to allow me to insert the afterburner assembly later All comments welcome - anyone with ideas or thoughts please chip in ... Best Regards Zack
  6. "That's one small step for 'a' man..." Get the man cave up and running and start posting And as Always; Stay safe, stay sane and : With best regards Zack
  7. Naaah, silly you... Any plausible reason supporting a good drinking session is OK by me... Within UN limits and usual guide lines... Cheer up Buddy, the Danes build furniture, we build things out of steel. And as always , Stay Safe and Stay sane, and be careful out there... And happy modellin Zack
  8. Two different problems: #1 The instructions in step 48 tell you to join D35 the the knee of part E5 from step 47, same error in step 43. #2 the support A1 in step 41 is not wide enough for part D25. I did not have that issue. @dov following this with interest - I was aware of the problem with the height of the floor but did not know how to best correct it. Or just lazy There is a very good thread over at the friends @LSP by junker88a1, you might want to check this out. Will find the link later... Looking forward to see your progress here, challenging camo Thank you for sharing and as always: Stay safe, stay sane and happy modelling! Zack
  9. Dear all, Sprue is cut and the fun has begun. Dry fit of the fuselage halves, some styrene strip to aid the assembly and function as locating tabs. Fit is OK and shape looks good View through the intake reveals what can become a bit of an issue, the cokpit resin tub is in conflict with the engine intake tubing. Not sure if that is going to be a big issue, the cockpit floor will need some rework anyway (picture posted for discussion purpose - will take down on request) I have split the cockpit resin tub in two in order to have better access to detailing and painting the side walls. Some resin parts from Resin2 Detail have arrived - I am looking forward to this Very nice detail Maestro Models intake, I opted for this as well to see if it can help sorting the issue mentioned above close up and comparison to the R2D part As already said, this is a long anticipated kit, in fact my LHS suggests that part of the reason the kit doesn't get more press is that most of the presumed buyers have gone into retirement while waiting... An it is still a short run - more like a vacform then injection molded if you see what I mean.... Last time I mention this, scouts honor - now get on with it and stop wining The kit is going to be part of a Sweden 500 Years 2023 challenge I have been stashing up and look forward to this, cheers looking at you Marlin (Bosse) J8 Gloster F 8 J8 Gloster F 19 (inbound) J29 Tunnan J32 Lansen J37 Viggen (inbound) + S31 Spitfire if I can obtain it (Airfix PR. XIX A05119 sadly OOP) And (in different section): Strv 103 Strv 121 Stay safe, satay sane and happy modelling Very Best Regards Zack
  10. Hej Bosse, Hope I can tag along here I have been stashing up for the very same occasion: J8 Gloster F 8 J8 Gloster F 19 (inbound) J29 Tunnan J32 Lansen J37 Viggen (inbound) + S31 Spitfire if I can obtain it (Airfix PR. XIX A05119 sadly OOP) And Strv 103 Strv 121 Party on, Tunnan already started and Systembolaget are on courir service Stay safe, stay sane & lycka till med flytten! Happy modelling all Zack
  11. Thank you Giorgio! Thank you Mike! Sticking is about to happen Sprue is cut, resin is sanded and so far 3 (unsuccessful) attempts have been made at the PVC plastic tubes. Stay sane & Happy Modelling Very Best Regards Zack
  12. Hi @Orso Björn, I did see that. Then it went all silent. And I guess this is the point I wanted t discuss - was there just a flat tire? So much anticipation and a little short shot in the delivery? RESIN2detail have released an intake, an afterburner and a boarding ladder. https://www.resin2detail.com/ Hi @Giorgio N Giorgio (and all), I am sorry if my post came across as an attempt to ditch the kit. That was not my intention, I do agree that the short runs and their manufacturers have an important role in the market place. My discussion topic was more around my thoughts on why the traffic just faded out and maybe more important - what are the pitfalls are and if there any tips and tricks to share. And your tips are already absorbed in my build plan - here is some electric tubing that I hope to give the right "tapered" shape with some hot baths and a hair dryer. And I get your point about enhancing the panel lines, not sure how but I will figure it out There is a first for everything... So, thank you for your comments and as usual: Stay safe, stay sane and happy modelling! Zack
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