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  1. Welcome back, and what a lovely entrance Your post most certainly kicked up my Moyo a fair bit... And isn't time an interesting thing - I wonder how we will remember 2020 in a couple of years. Split feelings I guess. The kiddos, I remember when we were building this together: Now my son has crawled on and set out for this: And the daughter - my sweet one - has also broadened her horizon: Meanwhile I am left with this: Bittersweet but then again there are always 2 sides of a coin - as CC and myself agreed last Friday
  2. Thanks Alain, We do get Belgian beer in Sweden but Orval is on the special delivery list. Not sure if you have heard about the way anything stronger then 3.5% is sold in Sweden. We have a special state owned distribution company and they carry a HUGE assortiment. Systembolaget in Nordstan has +4500 labels in total of which +300 labels are in the beer assortiment. Anyway, in the Orval glass yesterday I had the locally brewed beer in the picture, today however there is a Westmalle. Had my taste for that while living in Halle outside Brussels in 2007.
  3. Well, for no other reason then that I always enjoy your posts and the fact that it is Friday again (TGIF): Cheers looking at you Alain Living on the Best coast of Sweden dinner is fresh shrimps in garlic butter with fresh parsley and pasta Very Best Regards Zack P.S. and by the way - 7 Hurries on the go right now -
  4. That is just not fair. I would have been misslead, or missguided if so be misstakingly, in the same way. And same as you I am 5-10 days away from resupply. I have taken notice. Thank you for sharing! Zack
  5. The Horten... it is likely to be one of the most revolutionary designs ever. I did see the predecessors on dislay at the Air Museum at Oberschleissheim outside Munich: Likely to be a glider to prove the design concept, but how about steering a jet lying on your stomach? Horrifying!!!!!! Nice work!
  6. Thank you for your suggestions, going to try the wine bottle option for starters but with Xerox copies of the decal sheet as a backup for masking tape. Thank you for taking your time with this! Very best regards and Happy modelling! Remember - Stay home, stay safe, stay sane - it ain't over until the f*t lady sings! Zack
  7. Hi Chris, Been following your build for some time and share your anxiety when it comes to that moment when the final painting sessions are about to start. My 1/48 Airfix Hurry has been waiting for that moment to come for almost one year now , distracted by the dreaded crown but no longer. I suggest you get yourself a compressor with a tank. When I came back to the hobby 30 years ago I started off with no gear at all, and airbrushing was as new to me as the multi media kits. Back in the 70ies we were enjoining crome plated sprues at best... So I got myself an airbrush and a compr
  8. This is absolutely brilliant! Following along if I may
  9. Hi, The kit just arrived and I am a big smile For unknown reasons (not true - simply not enough research) I opted for the additional Yahu IP but omitted the seat belts. The kit comes with stencil seat belts. How do you guys deal with those? Transfer to plastic card? Cut out and use with the paper backing? Stay safe and happy modelling! Zack
  10. Hi Lee, Thank you for the hint, I should have thought about that. Wiki states 379 built in 1944 and 112 in 1945. So by simple logic those production numbers are answering my question. And thank you for those links M3talpig. I notice that a lot has been posed and uploaded since my latest scan on the subject ( back in 2013 ). If you are interested in Tigers as such, I notice your Profile picture is a 181, you might want to check out TIIF.de. I just reactivated my account, loads of reference material on there. Thank you for taking your time to answer my question and
  11. Hi, Thank you for your reply, much appreciated! I think your confirmation is what I was looking for. Will get my Google searches a bit more narrow in terms of scope using the keywords in your post: Kampfgruppe, Piper, Ardennes. Could you help with turret number(s) and/or unit reference(s) then I am pretty sure I'm home. Keep safe and happy modelling! Zack
  12. Hi, I am digging deeper and deeper into my pile of SOD items and have excavated 2 King Tiger kits. One Academy "Last Production and a Zvezda (Dragon). Both are delivered with no ZImmerit detail. Now - I have been googling around quite a bit to see if I could find any pictures of actual vehicles in such configuration? Not trying to break any copy right rules here - just want to see if there is anything out there that can be used as reference. Keep safe and happy modelling! Zack
  13. XLNT results with that multi shaded black approach! I was so inspired I rushed down to the LHS (still open here in Gothenurg, safety distance obviously add-heard to) to get myself a copy of the Export version hoping to short-cut the short shot issues I am having with the first release. But walked out with the Star Mi-24 Hind 1/48, hopeless or helpless... I don't know. But back to topic - very inspiring build with lots of very helful tips and tricks - Thank You Sir! And very good results! Thank you for sharing! With regards Zack
  14. Zack

    Trumpeter Bf109E-3 1/32

    Thank you Chris for your wellcome! Not entirely new to BM but appreciate your kind words! Good luck with your build Hi Jack, very useful, thank you for sharing those links! I guess there are some issues that I will just leave as is, the most prominent is the shape of the lower fuselage aft of the cockpit and the canopy. From left to right: Hasegawa G-2, Trumpeter E-3 and Eduard E-4. Very interesting! The prop I guess I can replace and I will have a go at the oil cooler With regards Zack
  15. Hello, One quite strange result in these strange times, my stash is growing It should be going the other way around but no... The most recent acquisition is the Trumpeter Bf 109E-3 in 1/32 0288. Only reason for adding this to the pile of 109's waiting to be built is that I happen to have Eduards PE set #32658 that is designed for this. And this only in error since I wanted to add a printed PE IP to the Trumpeter G-6. That I bough since I made a mess out of Hasegawa's G-2 and was trying to salvage this with bits and pieces from the Trumpeter G-6. And that is wh
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