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  1. Hi, Thank you taking your time with this question. And thank you for sharing this picture AB. Reminds me of this picture found on the German Bundesarchiv showing soldiers in discussion wearing Uniforms (actually lack of such). @Foxbat, Thank you for sharing this link. Found a vendor in Finland and will get a set. Akan is unfortunately not available locally here in Gothenburg. I will put up some color samples later today and would appreciate your comments. Happy modelling all! Zack, blender of 50 shades of grey...
  2. As the subject is indicating - no need to be scientific - just your preference. I do realize that I am probably to some level color blind. All greens are pretty much the same (grey) to me. You have probably covered this zillions of times all ready - just point me in the correct direction Happy modelling and enjoy the season - the autumn colors (not green) are starting to show! Zack - owner of +15 shades of green by 5 manufactures...
  3. Hi vytautas, I look at your build long and your amazing attention t detail and I think to myself: I wan't one of these Salventhings And then I wake up and say to myself: I can not do that But inspiring work it is, please keep them coming! And TGIF, stay safe, sane and comfortably sober all Zack
  4. Dear All, So here is were I left off back in February: I am using the Dragon 6660 as the basis and adding bits and blobs from the Academy "With Interior" #1387. The idea is to show the machine with open engine, loaders and commanders hatches. Stuff that might be seen through the open hatches is being added from the Academy donor. The Academy engine is very basic and any reference photos looking down the engine hatch would be very much appreciated! ( Drinks on me next time in Gothenburg ) So - that's all for now. I am going to enjoy the Friul tracks and Roadwheel painting this weekend. Goot the Quick Wheel set - no excuses Remember - Your Road Wheels love you!!! - maybe not so much in the picture above... Stay safe - stay sane and happy modelling! Zack
  5. Hello Ferrata, Looking very good from were I am seated! I have one Hasegawa an a second Italeri 1/48 residing on the SOD, your post has already triggerd me to pull them out again Just out of curiosity, are you going to leave the aft of the sidewalls in alu? Thank you for sharing and happy modelling! Zack
  6. Hello Longbow, Sorry - bringing you back to before X-Mas 2020 now Are the white stripes the bolt heads ore the square nuts welded to the sides of the armor? Stay sane and be careful out there! Zack the fender bender
  7. Sorry mate, Not my intention to push for a favor. Wanted to say that this was the last message in this thread I did read until now. My old man passed away that day. After a year of covid crap that just broke this camels' back. Back now. Panta rei. Zack
  8. And this is were the lights went out 6 month ago... I have 40 pages to cover, and I am looking forward to it How are you guys getting on - Hope fine and all with 2 shoots! I guess we still have enough material for another 120 pages in this thread Happy modelling and stay safe - tomorrow isTGIF again Zack (now back from 6month idea)
  9. Small update: I thought that the engine looked more like something from the F1 circus so I have toned it down a bit, this is a mixture of Tamiya XF-16 and XF-82 (Flat aluminum and Ocean Gray): I feel better now Next up are a few cables and the cabin. Thank you for looking by, any comments or suggestions highly appreciated! Happy modelling and as always - stay safe and be careful out there! Zack "Belker" Hamilton.
  10. Hi again, Small update, chassis is mainly completed and I have got the black on. Engine has been assembled but not detailed, I am going to keep any extravaganza to a minimum anyway. I am till not convinced that this engine should be in aluiminium, cast or painted dope, I just don't see a 1980's truck with a alu engine in front of me. My 9033 Volvo engine was black IIRC ( not that it carries any resemblance with this brute ). Looks wrong, doesn't it? So here is an alu engine in what seems to be an army truck: And here is an engine that seems to have a layer of paint: ' Not quite sure how to replicate that... suggestions? And here is an other one: I have found the pictures above on the web and they are displayed here for discussion purpose only. Current thinking is to do the engine in green with sheet metal parts in black and fuel pump castings in alloy. All comments, thoughts and suggestions are welcome! Keep it up guys, get your vaccine, stay safe and happy modelling! Zack
  11. Just noticed the ejection mark on the inside of the starboard chassis beam, I can fill that one with a piece of punched out plastic. But there are 5 more, 3 of which are protruding and that structure is far to brittle to start carving at now. So what - it is going to be black anyhow. I just need to make sure that I don't "highlight" them when i come to that stage. But remark to self - don't get carried away only because you have had your second shot - do the basics and look out for the obvious pitfalls. I hope the Guardians still accept my conciliation. Until later - happy modelling all! Zack
  12. XLNT - Just pressed stiffeners for the big sheets Thank you Vytautas and happy modelling ! Zack PS - I think I will stretch some sprue anyway - they are quite prominent.
  13. Dear All, my next attempt to conciliate the Guardians of modelling Mojo (#6 this year)... : The mighty Ural 4320: Picture from Scalemates: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/zvezda-3654-ural-4320--1017237 This is a BIG truck, the engine is a YaMZ-238M2 V8 diesel of 15 Liter with a weight of just over a ton in itself (IRL that is). Chassis: Winch and rear axes: And now a question: The fuel tank is shown below Would anyone know if those tiny lines shown are indeed some sort of piping system? I have managed to turn the top and bottom parts 180' wrong so the lines are no longer "connected" and I have managed to sand quite some off as well If they are present on the real thing I will scratch them - but happy to avoid if I can. Hold your thumbs and happy modelling! Zack
  14. I am sorry for your loss. Was wearing the black band myself in feb, one can be prepared but ready you are not. My condolences CC. Johan
  15. Thx Ade H I Guess it is painted in some sort of alu dope... Will get the AB out and post it up for comments. Wish you a productive modelling weekend! Over to some serioues
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