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  1. XLNT Hurryshow! Catapulted my Moyo back out of the cellar, thanks CC ... job issues - we just outsourced the support section ... now we are getting less done in quicker time - sort of instant coffee TGIF //Z
  2. Hi M3talpig, Good to see you back And thank you for posting the compilation of 503/123 pictures - much appreciated Unfortunately the link seems to be down. Been a tough couple of weeks lately, and thoughts are not very focused. Anyway, a comparsion of dark yellow paints for you... same set but in different light: From left to right: The Tamiya "new" Dark Yellow II XF-88 The Vallejo primer "Dunkelgelb 7028" The Tamiya "old" Dark Yellow XF-60 Hannats Xtracrylix "Dunkelgelb" XA1805 Closest to RAL 8000 is the Vallejo
  3. Dear fellow BM'ers, My starting kit will be this old lady: Only add on will be a set of engine screens and TSR 1 periscope if I can find one (or a drawing). The kit has been around since 2012 but original release was in the late 80's. Guess you have all seen Dragons Pz. III roadwheels so I save the photo session until later today... But here is a link for the curious among you... https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/panzerbeobachtungswagen-iii/ Magic Tracks ( or ) and at least 50% parts for the spares box. Stay safe, stay sane & h
  4. @Jasper dog Looking good! Like the way the camo came out - you are close now "Nachschub" has arrived. The release date was 1995 - and that does show. Looking at the "boxart" you would think that there are 4 figurines included, and there are - sort off. Two identical sprues with 2 sets of bodies, 3 pair of arms and 4 heads + 1 cat and a spare Panther roadwheel. Stay safe guys! Zack, cat keepers & crate makers Ltd. BTW, were do I sign up with this new "old" arrival?
  5. Hi, Another Tunisian? Excellent sets of tank riders as well - need to check out MiniArts range... Would be really cool if there was a set of those para's in the background of 131! Escape from Kirovograd? I am debating with myself - the 131 or the Border Model early.... Good luck with your next build and stay safe Zack
  6. Hello Longbow, Just to confirm: Had a look at Border Models TigerI Early (BT-010) and they do have a color plate for 503's 123 and guess what They agree with you Now - I am back at the bench tomorrow Keep safe, keep sane and happy modelling Zack, the blender PS I was never in doubt Ever... DS
  7. @Dads203 Have the Dragon 6660, drop me a PM if interested. Stay safe, stay sane and happy modelling Zack
  8. I know, stubborn like a mule... So, assuming 123 was an early-early, delivered in Panzer Grey or RAL 7021. The possible alternatives (to my mind) would be: 1.) Panzer Grey over-painted with Dunkelgelb nach muster, http://panzerbaer.de/colours/a_relaunch/wh_tarn-b.htm suggest a ratio of 2 to 1 DG to PG. 2.) Tropen Scheme #1 RAL 8000 with areas of RAL 7008. Unlikely since this was a very early vehicle, 1942 and not 1943. 3.) 1943 new "standard" RAL 7028 Dark Yellow, RAL 6003 Olive Green, RAL 8017 Chocolate Brown. Supplied to the troops and field applied. 4.) S13 at Kursk is of
  9. Hi, Thank you for posting these - xlnt build. Saving this to my must go to Very Best Regards Zack
  10. Yo Dads203, Think I have one or two, let me confirm #'s. 6253 is also in the stash, go Ebay and get the $$$ or consider this thread for a . Trying to reduce stash, if suitable only postage & any Brexit (you guys are "overseas" now) add-ons would need to be covered. Will get back shortly. //Z
  11. Thanks Bob, Anytime soon I will help you out with your Swedish Best Regards Zack
  12. Well Bob, I guess when you emphasis the Sisyphus side of that approach I wonder as well But it is about those pin heads actually - never managed to get that right with the supplied wire. 2 links center 3 a clock are wire. I was not happy with those. But you can imagine how many cut off needle tips I still need to find with my feet Very Best Regards Zack
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