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  1. XLNT results with that multi shaded black approach! I was so inspired I rushed down to the LHS (still open here in Gothenurg, safety distance obviously add-heard to) to get myself a copy of the Export version hoping to short-cut the short shot issues I am having with the first release. But walked out with the Star Mi-24 Hind 1/48, hopeless or helpless... I don't know. But back to topic - very inspiring build with lots of very helful tips and tricks - Thank You Sir! And very good results! Thank you for sharing! With regards Zack
  2. Zack

    Trumpeter Bf109E-3 1/32

    Thank you Chris for your wellcome! Not entirely new to BM but appreciate your kind words! Good luck with your build Hi Jack, very useful, thank you for sharing those links! I guess there are some issues that I will just leave as is, the most prominent is the shape of the lower fuselage aft of the cockpit and the canopy. From left to right: Hasegawa G-2, Trumpeter E-3 and Eduard E-4. Very interesting! The prop I guess I can replace and I will have a go at the oil cooler With regards Zack
  3. Hello, One quite strange result in these strange times, my stash is growing It should be going the other way around but no... The most recent acquisition is the Trumpeter Bf 109E-3 in 1/32 0288. Only reason for adding this to the pile of 109's waiting to be built is that I happen to have Eduards PE set #32658 that is designed for this. And this only in error since I wanted to add a printed PE IP to the Trumpeter G-6. That I bough since I made a mess out of Hasegawa's G-2 and was trying to salvage this with bits and pieces from the Trumpeter G-6. And that is what dirt cheap, 4 Big Mac's. Now you can see were I am going with this... This one needs to be built! and I need your advice on any issues, tricks. most interesting story, color's (anything really)... Do they even go together well? The Trumpeter and the Eduard set? Any tips&tricks would be most welcome, so: Stay safe, stay sane - keep modelling! With regards Zack
  4. Zack

    Storing Acrylic paints

    Hi, Thank you for comments and sharing both tips and tricks Really like the cardboard idea, was trying to buy the wire rack off the LHS but he wouldn't let me. Idea is very similar. Finally decided that if I am careful (just need to do something completely different after the 6th G&T) I will close those lids, no worries So here is what it looks like, WIP wise: And this is the what needs to get sorted... So laid down they are! Thanks guys!
  5. Hello fellow modellers, I am trying to organize my workspace and what I do find is that the paint jars take up very much space and it is difficult to organize them in a good way. Since many years now I have been building my stock of paints around the Tamiya range. Would you know if there are any considerations to be taken with regards how to store them? Warning label says away from direct sunlight and with the cap firmly secured. Would laying them down be a problem? I am asking since I did lay half of them down in a fresh attempt to get them in order while the rest of them are standing in a different drawer. And it does smell of solvent / thinner from the drawer were they are laid down but not so much were the jars are still standing. I know easy answer is use common sense and stand them up if you notice a difference... but it does allow organizing them much easier. So - any thoughts or suggestions most welcome Regards Zack
  6. Clear sign from the que Found this and a Dragon Pz.Kpfw 38(t) that I must have bought back in 2008. Looking forward to your next update! Lycka till! .
  7. Funny. just found the very same Eduard offering in a corner were i dropped it of many years ago. Your build is coming along nicely Christer. Inspired I am going to pick it up again. This little darling has traveled around the world with me so hopefully I can still find most of the parts. I take it the conclusion is that there should be an overlap between the engine nacelles and the hump on the flaps then? My first take on this was to fill & sand away... The only good thing about this bizarre and awful situation is that I am finding semi finished builds here and there and everywhere... Stay home, stay safe and happy modelling
  8. Awesome build and one of the most inspiring logs I have seen. Just the right kinda stuff in these days. Thank you Mr. Johnny and supporting Crew!
  9. I have a spare canopy and windshield in my SOD stash. PM me and I get it over to you.
  10. Many thanks for your quick help gingerbob, much appreciated! Thanks
  11. Hi, Finally got around to this kit, been on the wish list for some time now. So now I am back home from the LHS checking out the moldings and they look great! Only issue - the bag for the clear parts contain one frame and three loose bubble canopies. Apparently these are parts # 2, 3 & 5 and I am supposed to use part number 5 for versions A&B and part number 3 for version C. No mentioning regarding part 2. Looks as if Airfix have included 2 props and 3 canopies and I am guessing that the parts breakdown for their A05136/F-51D and the A05137/P-51K is going to b very similar. As usual I should have checked my references better; I wanted to build a WWII P51 fighter but this is obviously a F51 with markings for 3 variants: A.) F-51D 67th Fighter Bomber Squadron South Korea 1952/53 B.) P-51D No. 77 Squadron RAAF, South Korea 1951 C.) J26 Mustang 1st. Squadron, F16 Wing, SAF Sweden 1946 I don't mind at all, the version C.) is going to be my choice - I just can not figure our how to distinguish the canopy parts from each other? Your helpful insight would be much appreciated! Also, if there are some major changes from a P-51D to the F-51D I would be really happy to know what I should be looking out for Focus to the windshield Focus on the canopy:
  12. Zack

    At last! At last!

    Thank you for your advice Graham, I need to learn using this function. Did a Google search on "arma hobby britmodeller" and have no regrets
  13. Zack

    At last! At last!

    Hello Mike I have no experience about the brand but the test shoots sure look interesting enough so I placed an order. http://www.armahobby.com/70035-hawker-hurricane-mk-iic-expert-set.html http://www.armahobby.com/70027-yakovlev-yak-1b-expert-set.html Happy modelling 2020!
  14. Hi Troy. Wow - yes this was more then I hoped for. If ever in Gbg, PM me and rounds are on me! Very Best Regards Zack
  15. Hello Hurricane fans, Had a note from a friend that this item was on sale on evilbay at 30% of the retail price and realized to late that it was a MK.II D. I have only limited references to this version, except the ones I can find on the net I am on very thin ice. Anything I should look out for when building this kit? And a question - the instructions call for "Medium grey green" for all of the cockpit interior except IP and stick. I recently built the Airfix 1/48 Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib and for this kit the instructions called for Humbrol 56 (Alluminium Metallic) for the tubular cage and lower parts of inner cockpit walls, and Humbrol 78 (Cockpit Green) for the upper sides and the seat armor only. Did the standard change over time? I have the Fly 1/32Mk.I in "the wait" and here the instructions also call for the full cockpit to be painted green, RAF interior green. Then again Fly wants you to paint the wheel wells in this green also. Anyway, tips and hints are most welcome! Zack
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