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  1. Sorry this should have gone in 'ready for inspection'! Perhaps one of our administrators would kindly move it for me?
  2. Hi All Finally finished! The car is excellent Matchbox 1/32 scale Type 59 Bugatti with wheels from Le Mans Miniatures. I added brake lines and plug leads from fuse wire. The building itself is balsa and card. The setting is entirely fictitious and has probably added a few a points to my modellers licence! The clutter is from the usual sources. I have to admit I'm not completely happy with the figures. This is the first time I've included a number of figures and I found them quite tricky. But I'll persevere.
  3. Hi All Just finished my umpteenth execution of the 1/32 Matchbox Bugatti Type 59. This one is for a diorama of a pitstop. It'll be 'weathered' before it goes in place. The scence is going to be a fictional setting and occasion. Hoping to have the whole thing completed in a fortnight or so.
  4. Thank you everyone. It took a about 3 months of evenings to complete.
  5. Hopefully you can see the photos now.
  6. Not sure why the photos are blurred.
  7. Hi All Not posted for a while as my time has been taken up with non-model making stuff. I have finally managed to finish something. Photos are further down.
  8. Thanks for your comment regarding the plants on my model. I admit to finding them to be hardest and most painstaking element of my dioramas to create. However, if you at them as part of the whole scene, rather than viewing them in isolation, which is I think what you are doing, I don't think they are as bad as all that. I aim for an overall look rather than an ultra precise, super realistic, correct to scale, model. I now realise the close up photos tempt the viewer to look at individual details in isolation so I won't be posting similar photos again. View the finished model in its entirety as
  9. Hi All Here's another of my sheds/garages/barns. I did this one about 2 years ago. The car is a Matchbox 1/32 MG TC.
  10. Thanks Turbofan. I'm thinking the 1/32 Aifix Aston Martin DB5 and the 1/35 Tamiya BSA M20 Motorcycle. Plus some farm machinery and other junk all suitably rusted up!
  11. When I was building this one I found these elsewhere online. https://www.scale-models.co.uk/threads/triumph-tiger-80-1-9-italeri-conversion.26476/ http://www.pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=85616 On the first one not only did he rebuild the wheels but he also made wire springs to go in the seat! The result is incredible. The Polish guy rebuilt the wheels too but also made a new carb out of brass. This stuff is way beyond me!
  12. Thanks all. I've seen some superb builds of this model where the wheels have been rebuilt with fine wire spokes and massive amounts of detail have been added. I'm more about the overall look of the thing. I wish I had the patience and the skill for the other stuff.
  13. Thank you. Cans/tins are a piece of cake. Bits of tubing painted and a printed label wrapped around them. Square cans such as the Oxo and Castrol ones are cut from erasers, painted and printed labels applied. Why Aston Clinton to Weston Turville Road?
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