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  1. Ian McQue's Wasps in a mangrove forest......Because we can. Another day or two and I'll begin the first of the "water". The humble sunflower has excellent root structure.
  2. I don't think it will actually be THAT bad. Besides, pigeons are greasy and don't offer many calories for the effort. Domestic cats on the other hand..... My biggest worry is that the uncertainty in the three or four weeks following the "big event" will simply mean that too few people visit the show, too few of the legendary builders which can only be seen there will decide to stay home instead. Hell or High Water I'm still making a go at Telford but I fear this year may be diminished as compared to past events.
  3. I've chosen to make my first trip to Telford just days after a whole new economic system is meant to transform the UK. Other than a longer than expected customs delays at Heathrow, what speculation might our UK residents offer as to the affects on Scale Model World?
  4. This one is being posted over at Large Scale Planes. So you may have seen it there as well. This is my fourth build of this model. I first constructed it when I was a teenager and have had a kinky sort of love affair with it since. While only mediocre in terms of fit and finish, the designers went all out in providing fantastically accurate cockpit, interior and engine detail. (At least to the limits of what was common in the early 1980's.) The chances are good you know somebody with one of these in their collection: The model depicts the 1973 release of the airplane. B
  5. Greetings gents, Many thanks to the admins for opening the door. My modelling genres cover just about the whole spectrum. (I'm presently painting a dinosaur the size of a house cat. So there's that.) Oh, and Monty Python and Mr Bean might have been the most important contributions to Western culture since the English longbow and the battle of Agincourt. So there's that too.
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