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  1. Not only a Marina. A Fastback Marina. John.
  2. The white bands are theatre markings. The Japanese used the yellow leading edge, so that was out so someone thought of white stripes. John.
  3. Interesting thread, this. What spray equipment are using, exactly? Might have a bash myself... Regarding bleeding and masking, one tip I saw was to paint on some Pledge or equivalent along the edge of the tape to seal any gaps that had defied the burnishing process. Keep up the good work! John.
  4. The 'loop scheme's stuff looks interesting. Agree with Steve, 116 or 163. Hu30 isn't very convincing even in its corrected form. I thought I'd put that in my first post but must have either forgotten or overtyped it. The perils of wine! John.
  5. There was a thread on BM recently that suggested that Mustangs were supplied in ANA equivalent paints. In Humbrol terms these would be: Hu155 for the Dark Green Hu126 for the Ocean Grey Hu129 for the Med Sea Grey John.
  6. To be fair, Humbrol acrylics may be improving. I only started using them recently out of necessity and found them to brush on quite well and give a decent finish. I've since bought more. Having said that, two flip-top pots had to be returned as the contents had dried up. Just the screw tops for me now. John.
  7. Well, not sure about knowledgeable, but it's a good match for the one on my Proctor. The blades in the photo are a bit wider than the Frog one but may be correct. The Frog example is a bit weedy. John.
  8. I believe that one off a Dragon Rapide would do the job (same engine, at least). You could try a PM to John Aero, he may have something lying around. Good luck, John.
  9. Percival Proctor. John.
  10. Hear, hear! John.
  11. I'm no Mustang expert but believe that the extra propeller supplied in the new F-51D kit is an uncuffed Hamilton Standard rather than an Aeroproducts one. One of the earlier Airfix toolings had the AP prop as an option, though. There are also aftermarket solutions. Freightdog makes a replacement (out of stock at the moment, I think) and as mentioned above, Red Roo sell separate blades if you're feeling dexterous. John.
  12. Sentenced to two years but still no sign of the log book. John.
  13. Seafire's looking good. Regarding the kit smuggling, you need a long coat with the pockets removed. I attended a football match about three seasons ago where the hosts were a bit sniffy about people taking cans into the ground. One individual let slip that he'd never had a problem due to his modified coat and promptly regretted it. I've never seen anyone waddle so slowly. The strained expression as he manoeuvred this well-laden floor length coat to the away end will remain with me until the day I die. John.
  14. Nope, not fed up. Keep 'em coming. John.
  15. Nice work on two dodgy kits. Regarding the landing lights on the Hurricane, I saw a build once that put some reflector detail in the back of the opening then covered the aperture with sellotape. I can't find it now, I'm afraid, but hopefully there's some food for thought. John.