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  1. All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    There's Colly's Battleship John.
  2. Now that you know that your white paint is a good match, would not the cut transfer method be the best bet? If it didn't work then you could revert to the masking plan, nothing lost. John.
  3. Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    The previous Freightdog Mk.18 tailplane was the Fujimi kit. I don't believe they did one for the Academy effort. John.
  4. Very nice, I know what you mean about the scheme. I have a Tempest to finish in it, not necessarily attractive but a welcome change from Ocean Grey. John.
  5. Yes, Gnats had Post Office Red, BS381C:538, Hawks had Signal Red (aka Red Arrows Red), BS381C:387. Info taken from the IPMS booklet, "Evolution of the Red Arrows". The drying time of acrylics can be extended to make them more usable for brush painters by adding retarder. John.
  6. Peugeot Cherry Red is touted as a match for a Red Arrows Gnat, Fiat Orange Red for the Red Arrows Red used on the Hawk. I tried to buy a Humbrol 19 rattle can for my Gnat but the man in the shop said that they'd had so many complaints about Humbrol aerosols they now refuse to sell them. John.
  7. Heller Spitfire MK XVIe

    Sound effort there, you've got some decent paint with that Hataka stuff and laid it down well. Good advice from stevej60 and ivand. Looking forward to the Whitley! John.
  8. The first thing to tackle is the cannon blisters. The obvious solution of carving off the rear portion and fattening up the sides with filler did not appeal as there was no chance that they'd end up the same size. I recalled that the earlier Revell Vb had them as separate parts. I happen to have one in the stash, the fuselage of which will take part in a future project. Bingo! You can see what I mean above about the cannon blister. The wing is the new Revell Vb, the replacement part is from their old effort. So how do I know the old one wasn't wrong too? Well, Here's the same part on an Italeri wing. It's also the same size as that on both Hobby Boss and KP Vbs, varying very slightly in width, so I'm in business! John. PS I don't have any plans and couldn't find a usable overhead photo of the real thing, so this'll have to do.
  9. The Russian Whitley model.

    In your position now, I'd mask off the clear parts, buy a rattle can of matt white, coat the whole thing and then paint over the upper surfaces with the Humbrol (or whatever you settle on). Acrylic is always better with an undercoat. John.
  10. Smer Dewoitine D510

    Unbuildable. Have cancelled my order. John.
  11. I vote for No.17. John.
  12. Airfix 72nd Hawker Typhoon

    I agree, painting the invasion stripes is easier than wrestling with the transfers and looks better too. Paint the whole area in white and then mask off the portion to be kept white using 1/4" tape*. Paint in the black: job done! An alternative, if you don't like mucking about with tape, is to cut out the black portion of the transfer and stick that down over the white. John. * some modellers (including me) use 6mm Tamiya tape for the masking but this is slightly too narrow.
  13. Socially awkward

    The universe is ruled By chance and indifference
  14. The Russian Whitley model.

    Here are the stickers that came with mine: and the detailed, high-definition placement sheet: