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  1. I think it's a replacement tail unit rather than just the rudder. At least, the one for the Fujimi kit is. On that one, you cut along the angled panel line fore of the tail and insert the solid resin substitute. John.
  2. "well refreshed"
  3. Tangerine and Cinnamon or Jasmine and Wild Berry? John.
  4. Models built in my youth usually had wheels up and when one propeller blade came to grief the rest were removed too. It always appeared more realistic that way anyway but it was a step too far to cut them off from the start... These days, it's tempting to revert to wheels-up due to the increasing complexity of undercarriages and the growing use of butt joints. John.
  5. My thoughts entirely. Looking forward to the brush painted Humbrol acrylic too, notepad at the ready. John.
  6. There was an EDSG over Sky Meteor? My day just got better. John.
  7. And 157 Azure Blue John.
  8. Thanks, I'm on the trail! John.
  9. I was toying with the idea of joining in with this one, possibly with an IS-2. Could anyone recommend a decent kit in 1/72 for not much money, please? Failing that, a Blobby Boss MiG 15 sounds tempting to get in a bit of practice with silver squirty cans. Thanks, John.
  10. Advantages are low odour and fast drying time. My acrylic work has improved since the adoption of a few tips from BMers. The first was to use flow improver to reduce the chance of brush marks. The pain should be well thinned and preferably applied over primer. A number of thin coats are better than a few thick ones. Actually, its quick-drying property can sometimes be a disadvantage, for instance when covering a large area. You can end up painting over paint that has already started to dry, producing drag marks. In this case, add a few drops of acrylic retarder to give a little more working time. These comments apply to good old brush painting. Hope that helps, John.
  11. The 1/72 XIX was one of the Hornby Airfix revival's early efforts and is a bit basic in places, with excessively wide panel lines. If they released a XIV now, I'd expect it to have more in common detail-wise with their excellent Mk.22. The panel lines on this are fine, in my view. John.
  12. Pardon my ignorance...'scooshie bottle'? John.
  13. And another one...
  14. Ah. Not really. I recall that 79 can be improved by the addition of a fair quantity of white. 68 is closer to its target but not exact. I can't speak for 43 as I've not seen it but it's meant to be USAF Matt Grey so is unlikely to be spot on. I use Xtracrylix for Ocean Grey, Humbrol 116 and 165 for Dark Green and Med Sea Grey respectively. Revell Aqua is good paint, though. I can see why you'd want to use it. John.