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  1. If you're feeling experimental, carrier film can be removed by rubbing with a cotton bud moistened with white spirit. A Flory Models tutorial can be found here. (Thanks to Nigel Heath and wasacop on BM who first alerted me to this technique and for the link.) John.
  2. There's this image, stated as being the Smithsonian one on which shows narrow bulges. John.
  3. It's been a very interesting thread and a good read. For what it's worth, if I'd produced anything like that, I'd be taking up smoking so I could have a cigar. As was noted above, the rivets don't detract from the finished article as I feared they would so I may buy one myself now. John.
  4. I found the detail on the CMK wheels to be softer, which matters when trying to get a good paint line between tyre and hub. John.
  5. The Freightdog wheels are still available. There were/are other makes but the Freightdog ones are the best, in my opinion. John.
  6. The undercarriage doors can be sourced from an Airfix Mk.I, just cut the wheels off the in-flight ones. John.
  7. Only when I'm about to brush acrylic paint straight onto the plastic. Then the sprues go into a bowl of warm water and washing up liquid. They're then rinsed and dried off with kitchen towel. John.
  8. Fearnley-Whittingstall commented that regular consumers of pigeon have to remove little collections of shot from the toilet bowl every now and then, as they don't flush. John.
  9. This may have been my first non-Airfix kit as a lad. Anyway, I've ordered another one, delivered for under a fiver. Some good cheap fun, I'd say. John.
  10. That is bad news, about the Gladiator at least. I won't miss the Hurricane. There are still plenty of both available elsewhere though, so buy what you want soon, I suppose. John.
  11. Agreed, really nice Gladiator. There are alternative boxings of each kit, though. They'll still be available, won't they? John.
  12. My pleasure. The book happened to be in arm's reach when I read your post. John.
  13. "Photographs of Spitfire VIIs bearing the markings of operational units are rare, which makes these of Don Nicholson's aircraft, NX-L MD172, all the more interesting. The pictures show clearly the intake scoop for the cabin blower, on the starboard side of the nose below the exhausts, a recognition feature of this pressurised fighter. The shots were taken shortly before D-Day and the application of invasion markings".
  14. Interesting. Do you have a link, please? John.
  15. Beautifully done. The Ocean Grey looks better than the Humbrol version to my eye. John.