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  1. Airfix 1/72 FAA Martlet

    I'm still not confident. Would it be possible to have a crack at building it wheels down but revert to wheels up if it all went pear-shaped? John.
  2. Airfix 1/72 FAA Martlet

    Very nice models you've done there! Did the undercarriage fall together though? I have this kit and am a bit worried about that part of the construction... John.
  3. Airfix Hawker Typhoon IB

    It is a nice kit. The only problem I had involved the fit of the radiator. I'd got some paint on its sides and in the groove it was meant to sit in. The tolerances are so tight that it meant that the fuselage halves would not close properly. It's just a case of giving the sides of the radiator a light sand and making sure paint doesn't get on the mating surfaces. No big deal. Looking forward to the build, one of the Airfix revival's better efforts. John.
  4. What music are you playing? Pt III

    The Raincoats
  5. Airfix Spitfire Va markings

    Thanks, both. That's not necessarily the same aircraft though, as 'Argentine (British)' was the name of the squadron rather than the aircraft. It shows that the yellow leading edges were in place, though, so I'll crack on. Btw, is it me, or are those propeller blades missing the yellow tips? John.
  6. CD Query

    Perfect, thanks. John.
  7. CD Query

    Hi all. After a short break from music (well, a decade or so) I've found an album I'd like to buy. Unfortunately, it's not recent and the price of the physical CD is prohibitive. The MP3 download price is much more reasonable, so the question is: is it straightforward to burn the MP3s to a physical disc so that I can play it in my car? It always used to be, but times change... Thanks, John.
  8. Brush Painting

    That's a good tip. Thanks, I'll try it. Tony O'Toole mentioned preventing brush strokes with stippling in one of his WiPs but with varnish and I don't recall whether it was acrylic or not. John.
  9. There's an Airfix P40B lying about that isn't building itself. Might join in if I can find some stickers. John.
  10. Car issue,

    I recall an old friend who had a similar incident in a much-loved car and when the insurance company wrote it off, bought it back off them and had it repaired for a fraction of the price quoted to the insurance people. Is that still an option these days? John.
  11. Pardon my ignorance, but how long do these STGBs go on for? John.
  12. Is it Humbrol acrylic base paint? John.
  13. Double rocket on Oxford: conversion question with pic

    You are correct. John.
  14. Nose Ballast

    "Loose Lead - for Scuba Divers Weight Belts Dive Pouches" is the one I bought. John.
  15. Spitfire rearming and gun muzzle patch application films

    I wasn't imagining it: rearming from below is shown in the second video posted by Troy in this thread . John.