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  1. Hawker (Siddeley) GB

    Hello Can I jump in on this please? I think I would like to bring a Nimrod conversion of the Airfix 1/48 Fury to the party. Rick
  2. Messerschmitt Me-262 STGB

    I would like to join in with this, please. I will come with a Trimaster kit that's been staring dolefully at me from the stash, for an awfully long time! Looks like it's moment has arrived! ATB Rick
  3. Boeing 737 STGB

    Yep, that's the fella! I've pulled the kit out - I have put the fuselage together and removed the wings from the sprues but I think it's still below the max completion likit!
  4. Boeing 737 STGB

    Sorry, just seen this one. I'm in! My offerings will be a couple of DACO kits, one with the ubiquitous Simpsons WP decals, the other with what I think are also a WP special scheme promoting one of the US national parks - can't remember which one it is offhand but it's very pretty! See you there! ATB Rick
  5. Absolutely gorgeous - that colour really compliments the car and the finish you've achieved is just exceptional. Love those wire wheels also.
  6. It's a Victor!

    Shouldn't be too much of a surprise as we've all seen the evidence in the B.2 mouldings - just a matter of time. Hopefully there will be a Bucc coming along! Nice box art, very inspiring and atmospheric but a few oddities in the accuracy stakes. At the risk of being slated for "slamming the kit" before it's been seen (!)The intake colour does not extend forward of the inboard straightening vane, the blade antenna on top of the fin between the tail-planes is not present on K.2s (but the mounting plinth is - curiously not visible here) there seems to be no RWR fairing on the fin bullet and there seems to be bumps or warts on the tail-cone. I know this is only artwork but previously it has proven to be representative of the actual kit. Hope I'm wrong this time or Airfix correct it. Either way, none of the above is at all difficult to correct during build so all in all, it should be good!
  7. Navy Bird's Complete Waste of Time 2017

    Bill, every year you call it your waste of time and every year I struggle to agree. This year is no different - they're all beauties, I especially like that F-111B. Am I right in understanding that GE were quietly dropped from Pentagon tender processes as the repercussions from Joe Walkers accident rumbled on? Or is that urban mythology. Congrats on beating the cancer (lymphoma?) - I must admit, your productivity throughout has been outstanding - I used modelling as a mental diversion through mine but my attention span was that of a goldfish. I started about 8 or 9 assorted models and only finished 2 - and they were only right at the very beginning - good on you mate! ATB Rick
  8. Spad's earthbound year

    Bit of a thin year for me - Very slow start with a flurry of completions in the closing 2 months Started off with a Revell Audi A4 DTM car for a friend - nice kit, builds well with a challenginging finish - nearly beat me! Then a couple of builds for the Car and Motorcycle SIG display at Teford Hasegawa Ferrari 250 Testarossa in the colours of Lucybelle II with Renaissance decals and A/M metal wheels with P/E spokes 3 ICM Ford Model T Firetruck - good fun build- exceelent kit and gave me a chance to try out wood effects with oils etc And finally the Revell 1955 Mercedes 300SLR "Uhlenhaut Coupe" - more or less OOB (just a bit of engine and bay wiring etc) but fought me all the way Curiously large number of cars for a confirmed aircraft builder! Time for a couple of wingy things I reckon! Happy new year! ATB Rick
  9. Now that is something very special! Super painting - very realistic! ATB Rick
  10. Thanks Steve and Andy. True Andy - they're not brilliant but not too bad. Steve, I believe he fitted a suitcase sized silencer to and drove the one with the blue interior http://www.cmc-modelcarshop.de/en/CMC-Rarities/CMC-Mercedes-Benz-300-SLR-Uhlenhaut-Coupe-1955.html Not a great look!
  11. Well those festivities went rather too well so photography was not really on the agenda yesterday. However, here are a few better shots. First, a quick summary of the build: Largely OOB with some detailing in the engine area (eg bits of wiring and re-plumbed the fuel injection lines) and Little-Cars lenses for the headlights. Painted with Halfords aerosol Merc Silver acrylic and clear lacquer. Dead easy to use so will no doubt re-visit this method some time soon as I was having a hell of a time getting a silver down onto the body - something weird about the plastic was the impression I was getting - takes a great polish as well! Anyway. enough waffle, here she is - hope you like. C+C welcome as ever! ATB Rick
  12. Wow! Now that is a stunning result; super impressed with the attention to detail and loving those wire wheels - isn't it weird how it changes so the feel of a modern motorcycle? Lovin' it! ATB Rick
  13. Hello Just slipping in under the wire for 2017 is my final build for the year - the Revell 300SLR "Uhlenhaut Coupe". I wanted to get this in for this year so just a couple of pics right now - I will post some more (better quality ones!) tomorrow when I will have a tad more time on my hands - for now, I've have an appointment with a few drinkies and general NYE festivities so, until then, a very Happy New Year to you all!! See all next year! Cheers Rick
  14. Been having a little fun of late - this little lot totalled out at around £65 Then this little beauty for, curiously, only £25 - have I missed something here? Is it actually a rubbish kit and I've missed the review? Bit concerned I've bought a "pig"!! Then this, which for me must rank as bargain of the year Generally happy though!