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  1. Glad to be of help,good luck with the model
  2. As someone who is currently building the Meng Whippet I have also puzzled over the colour for these tanks and have come to the conclusion that nobody can definitively say for certain what the true colour was. I think that olive drab is a good place to start from but I personally think there should be a hint of green in the mix as well. I have come to the conclusion, allowing for my ageing eyesight that Revell Aqua colour Nato olive is a good compromise.
  3. So does this mean my brush painted ww1 models are historically accurate?
  4. Thanks I’ve had a quick look on the Osprey website it seems to be what I’m after, many thanks
  5. Hi I’m hoping someone can help me, I’m trying to find a book on the universal carrier, variants, colour schemes etc . I’m planning to do a series of models as I believe quite a few different armies used them ,any help would be appreciated.
  6. Hi all , I started modelling aircraft back in the early 70’s until the mid 90’s and then for some reason which is lost to me now I stopped. Fast forward to 2018 I took early retirement . I went to the tank museum with my son and whilst wandering around the shop I noticed the kits . My son said you used to make kits why not try one , you can probably guess the rest the old bug was back. My interests these days are military vehicles and tanks from ww1 and the western desert in ww2. A lot has changed in modelling since my previous time buts its fun trying out all the new products ,I hope to catch
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