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  1. Thats a lovely job. What kit is it?? I remember when the CBX came out. I was about 14 but already a subscriber to Which Bike. Current ride is a Triumph Bonneville America. I take it you've seen Alan Millyard's Kawasaki version?
  2. Its a lovely kit actually. I usually work in 1/24 scale but I picked this up cheap. Detail is bloody good, in fact you have to be a bit careful, I broke a couple of very small pieces.
  3. One or two! If you're a Facebook user look for the 'Truck Modelling Worldwide' group there's loads of truck modellers on there
  4. It was a WWII cargo truck. Livery is immediately post war based on an old photo I had.
  5. OK so take an ICM Leyland Retriever kit and civilianise it 1/35 scale
  6. Nice that! If I can give you a tip. Cut the coal out from the tender and make a false bottom. Get a real piece of coal and put it in a cloth and attack it with a hammer. Then use white glue to fill the tender with tiny pieces of real coal. Works a treat.
  7. Thats very good indeed. 2 questions. How did you do rigging that small and what did you use for the 'sea'? Cheers
  8. OK calling this finished. Emhar Bedford tipper converted to artic tractor with scratchbuilt trailer and scratchbuilt Scammell coupling. The inspiration
  9. Man! What a dog this was. I know AMT kits need a dab of second sight and a degree in witchcraft but ffs Stevie Wonder must have written the instruction sheet. Talk about seam lines and mis-shapen parts! I reckon I had enough plastic shavings on the floor after this one to cast a whole second kit. Got a sorta result in the end.
  10. This is nice indeed. Did you extend the chassis by the same amount as the cab?
  11. Have a look in here Jeroen, plenty of inspiration. https://www.facebook.com/groups/603190253114249
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