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  1. Thats great, I am actually building one of these as we speak! Mine will be green and yellow though.
  2. ERF A series KFS transkit and Italeri Volvo donor kit. 1/24 scale.
  3. Had a go at this forced perspective malarkey!
  4. OK so take an Emhar Bedford OL (1/24) and bin everything behind the cab. Then scratchbuild a removals body...
  5. Superb model, love the CBX too Can I ask what paints you used on the engine?
  6. Modellers Resource ERF B series transkit on Volvo donor kit. Has to be said if you're used to KFS transkits this might be a shock I had some fit problems and locating points weren't great but eventually managed to get a result! Not for the inexperienced though. 1/24 scale Photos not up to usual standard cos my main lens is away being repaired. Taken with a phone!
  7. As a regular truck model builder (see sig below!) I can offer a spot of advice Yes the chrome parts are always way too shiny. I find a black oil wash tones it down nicely. The lights on top of the cab should be orange. What are those things on top of the headlight surrounds? Add suzies and you have a nice build there
  8. Resin. Yes. Kit Form Services. He's just retired, but someones bought him out. We don't know who yet.
  9. Aha! Fair enough then. I shall stand corrected. Still a beautiful job.
  10. Yeah but thats a bolt and a nut, its the reverse of your model. The bolt is the adjuster and the nut is the lock nut. What looks like a nut on the end is in fact the bolt head.
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