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  1. Kirkham, so it is! I don't live far from there so its easy to get down there at dawn when mine was took.
  2. Thats a great build. Is it the Revell kit? I built the camper version for TMW mag a few months ago. Had a lot of fit problems. I'm also a photographer! Landscapes is my thing. @chriscooperphotographic if you're on Instagram
  3. Didn't Airfix do a BSA C15? Mate of mines got a C10 (might be an 11 or 12 mind but its earlier than mine)
  4. Well if you're admiring a red C15 on the Yorkshire coast it could be mine! (Not yet though, its not finished). Whereabouts are ya?
  5. Great build! My great grandfather was an engineer at BSA and my granddad did his apprenticeship there, I got a C15 in bits in the shed.
  6. "Cut them on the cutter" What sort of cutter, those windows look nicely cut out I had a set of grandparents in Birmingham and my granddad often took me to the science museum. I remember that loco well.
  7. Well its supposed to be a Yanmar, but I've altered it slightly...
  8. A private vehicle would not have had the BTC crest on it Jeroen
  9. Thats great, I am actually building one of these as we speak! Mine will be green and yellow though.
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