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  1. Imodelkit

    Just downloaded this app that has various paints charts on it and a scale calculator- has anyone else seen and used this and are there any other useful modelling Apps out there???
  2. What have you purchased 9

    Some oldies....MPC/ Airfix HE 177, Airfix Moskva and a Hasegawa Mitsubishi Ki-15 Babs on a recent tripto the USA.
  3. Seattle, Portland and San Francisco

    Hi All Looking for some hints and tips re-model shops and places to visit when we drive down from Seattle to San Fran in the summer for our hols. Have identified a trip to the Boeing factory and also a couple of other aviation museums in Seattle and also the Spruce Goose on the way down but any other recomendations would be appreciated . Have to pick the best of the museums as havng the family with me I won't be able to go to them all!! Steve
  4. Seattle, Portland and San Francisco

    for info - Skyway model shop in Seattle - is amazing - probably the best I have ever visited. Stocked to the rafters with kits and accessories. New and second hand.
  5. What is in a name?

    I'm 56 and born and bred in Northampton - It's called the NEN around these 'ere parts... We also have the town and village of Towcester (pronounced Toaster) and Cogenhoe (pronounced Cook-no)...
  6. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    An -124 - just over Northampton..
  7. Britmodeller has changed!!!!! (again)

    very smart..:)
  8. A survey about what kits do you prefer

    Good luck
  9. What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    A400 and Herc in VERY close formation over Northampton 10 mins ago
  10. Airfix parts service.

    I ordered some spare parts from Airfix on Thursday at 15.00 over the 'phone - they arrived the following morning at 09.30. Can't get better than that.
  11. What have you purchased 8

    1/32 Airfix Crusader III tank - £7 from a car boot....oh and a 1/48 Lightning using my Airfix £15 discount voucher - 10% club membership and free postage for £18.29..
  12. What have you purchased 8

    Revell 1/48 RAF Phantom FGR Mk 2 - £4.99 from a charity shop
  13. What have you purchased 8

    Airfix Western Front set £3 from a car boot..
  14. What have you purchased 8

    6 x Airfix mounted 54mm figures from a a car boot sale...because they were there..
  15. Airfix parts service.

  16. Air Training Corps

    5(F)Northampton. 1970's. Had a great time doing all the normal stuff. Best bits for me were visits and camps to Wittering (Harriers + Hunters), Honnington (Buccaneers) and Brize. Worst bit (other than the uniform that never fitted any part of me) flying in a Hercules being copiously air sick for hours.... Flew in Chipmunks, VC10 and this (from Wikipedia). United Kingdom Royal Air Force – One Beagle Husky (XW635) was won by Sir Billy Butlin in a raffle and presented to the RAF's Air Training Corps in 1969. It flew with No. 5 Air Experience Flight, flying air cadets from Cambridge Airport until it was retired in 1989 and sold to a civilian user. Was rubbish at shooting and slightly worse at playing in the squadron band........cymbals!
  17. Airfix parts service.

    Last month I asked for a replacement front canopy that was cracked for the 1/48 Meteor that I had purchased from the Airfix website. initially the answer was there wasn't any in stock but in the end I received a whole new kit.
  18. Taylor and McKenna - before they were called Beatties. Used to have some great bargains. Old Town Models in Hemel Hempstead..
  19. what was your very first Airfix kit.

    Mid sixties - Airfix P-51 from Father Christmas in Watts, Northampton. He's cost me a fortune over the years since then.....
  20. Poor Airfix Customer Service

    AIrfix have posted me today a whole new kit which, has to be said, is great service.
  21. Poor Airfix Customer Service

    Nice email from Airfix today offering a replacement kit ( they had put one aside for me ) or a refund and gave details of how to send to old one back. I replied if they could just send the replacement piece and that as I had already completed the cockpit and joined the fuselage together and started on the wings (I sent a picture!) I'd rather not send the whole kit back . see what happens but all looking good.
  22. Poor Airfix Customer Service

    I have a similar problem with the Airfix spares dept. I requested a new windscreen for the 1/48 meteor as the original one had a crack down the middle. They advised that they had none in stock (although they were advertising them on their website) and that I should request a replacement kit or a refund from where I purchased it from. As I got it directly from Airfix I have asked whether I should approach them for a refund..... I await their reply. Their email read:- Thank you for your email, Airfix spares have come back to me and they do not have the parts you require in stock and send apologies on this occassion. You may wish to approach your place of purchase for a refund or replacement kit.
  23. I might start throwing out my models

    Mine have either been pick up (or deliver) only...... Models don't travel well but I'm sure with enough polysterene chippings there is a way!
  24. I might start throwing out my models

    I have limited 'display' space and as I have little sentimentality for finished builds I have to move them on pretty quickly to free up a shelf. They used to get passed on to my lad (to destroy and then bin!) but he has grown out of that and I have sold a fair few on ebay - mainly to one guy who took loads off my hands in two or three transactions.. Recently I have given several boxes of builds to a Primary teacher friend who either sells them on for pennies at school fetes and bring and buys or gives them away to the kids - they love em!
  25. Model "theft"

    Why would anyone do such a thing!?!? Bonkers!