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  1. Hello all, I recall that sometime this year one of the military modelling magazines had an article on how to improve/create a Sdkfz 251/8 halftrack ambulance. Does anybody know which magazine it may have been? TIA Juan R-S
  2. Aviation USK did a Early Tphoon version years ago. Better than the early Frog and Airfix kits but dated when compared with Academy. Airfix rendition would be best option.
  3. The pics in the video suggest the markings "KK-Z" are in red. Also it appears the B24 did not have an upper turret. I guess the decal sheet has some mistakes.
  4. Most new P51's have the tail fillet. You have an opportunity to build and finish an early P51D. You may want to consider replacing the tires and exhausts and call it a day.
  5. Hello all, What was Saburo Sakai's Zero aircraft markings during his time in the Pacific? I believe he was flying A6M2 version. Did he have his personal plane or was it shared? TIA, Juan R-S
  6. No I have not. I will check there. The P-47 I am curious about is the one with the duck painted on the fuselage. The other schemes are just as good to pursue.
  7. Yes. Also I believe there may have been one with a painted duck-I may be mixing different schemes.
  8. Hello all, I am looking at the P-47D flown by Maj Jackson named "Teddy". Some accounts say that this P-47 was camouflaged with british colors dark green, dark gray and medium gray for undersides. Other accounts say this aircraft was finished with U.S. olive drab, neutral gray and clear metal for undersides. It is quite a spread for colors! I also understand that Maj Jackson may have flown different P-47D named "Teddy". However I would appreciate if someone would offer some clarification on this scheme.
  9. Pity. Perhaps I may find this set at the IPMS Nationals later this year.
  10. Who sales the Croko conversion shown above in USA? Been looking for this set for a while. Just trying to prevent using the rockets from the SH Buchon kit.
  11. That is awesome info you posted. I will look into the early discussion on the B25's. I may go ahead and build the Italieri kit after all and decide what alterations to make it. Now to look for some good info and plans of a B25...
  12. I was very surprised that the Italieri kit had that many issues. No issue that no kit is ever perfect or accurate, However, that this kit needed this much work to create a reasonable reproduction of the original is a bit much. Still I wonder if combining a Matchbox for old Airfix fuselage would overcome most of the issues described in the article.
  13. Hello all, I read in the February issue of Scale Aircraft modelling where the Italieri B25 H/J was dissected badly. The fuselage is short in depth, the tail plane needs to be pushed back some, the tail gunner canopy needs to be increased in size, etc. Shocking to me since this model was considered acceptable when compared with the old Airfix and Matchbox versions prior to the new Airfix B25 rendition. From the article, I get the impression that you could combine the old Airfix or Matchbox fuselage with the Italieri wings( the only part without serious errors). Can someone expand on this issue? On the other hand, depending on whose drawings you use, the error could be from the draftsman or not scaling the drawings properly before printing. Sometimes I think we rely on the accuracy of scale drawings a little too much. Any way, my query stands but I hope I did not open the proverbial "can of worms".
  14. This article was a tour de force on assembling the Esci and Airfix kits. I really appreciate the hard work you did to bring them into a kit that truly resembles the real airplane. Wish Pavla ,or somebody else had, come up with a correct air intake. that way we could do the kits with landing gear down. As it is, you are best doing it "in-flight". As things stand, we may have to puchase both kits and mix parts to get an accurate Sea Harrier. Hopefully Airfix will re do those molds...maybe.
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