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  1. Flew in BA 747's a few times to the US in First. From seat 1A you could almost see forward...
  2. A lot of cgi action and not a lot of story.
  3. You have done an absolutely great job. However for a modern kit the fit is not good at all and it shows in your photos in the amount of filler that you have had to use. Surely we should expect better from Revell in this day and age?...
  4. Welcome news I reckon- pity all model manufacturers don't run similar loyalty schemes... Hunter or Walrus?...
  5. Feel sorry for Airfix and hope that they take up their disappointment over the leak via their lawyers with the printers. Well done mods too - thats what you are here for.
  6. Give the rattle can a good shake and some say to slightly warm the can before you spray... Light thin misted on coats work well - I spray it over halfords matt white primer and it works a treat.
  7. Halfords appliance white is your friend...
  8. so what do we reckon the price is gonna be ....£59.95......or more?
  9. Great looking build- many congratulations. I think I am about to bin mine after wrestling with the rear fuselage and trying to work out how to get the tailfins to fit.. Probably the worst fitting kit I have come across for sometime imho... Good luck to those who relish a challenge.
  10. I have one in the stash - just waiting to see how someone else tackles it - its gonna be big....
  11. At last - thought this had slipped by the radar as haven't seen (m)any reviews of the kit in the magazines or any built up yet. :)
  12. I thought the serials being pixelated was wierd too - surely these can be seen on flightradar and such like?..
  13. Picked one of these at the recentish Milton Keynes show. Hopefully able to find some decals for a Chelveston based aircraft.
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