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  1. Sopwith Camel 1/72 decals

    You may be in luck with the Roden Camel. Worth testing a bit you dont intend to use. I made one once for review (Internet Modeler IIRC) and was suprised that the sheet was excellent. Not what you'd expect from Rodent at all, at all. The kit is extremely good BTW, although with some of the usual short(ish) run issues. Paul.
  2. Worst model quality?

    In Merlin's defence (shaky ground, I know), the first 14 releases where fine, and some such as the DH5 aren't that bad even now. Then something happened and subsequent releases started to deviate ever more from the laws of this universe in every measurable respect. (The worst kit I have in my stash is a Merlin DH.10, a true candidate for throwing everything away except the air the fuselage parts encompass). Paul.
  3. I've seen quite a few built up, they looked okay to me. Also built one myself and don't recall any problems that you wouldn't expect in a short run kit. Certainly was much improved over their early releases, and if the Trumpeter kit results in some Special Hobby examples being Ebayed for reasonable prices I'd happily get another. Paul.
  4. Round2 or Polar Lights Retailers

    Just had a look under Polar Lights at Hannants. 10 Star Trek kits listed, most currently in stock. Paul.
  5. LVG C V1

    Pegasus used to do one, not too easy to find now. There's a new kit from KP, several different boxings. Paul.
  6. Airfix 2018

    Ooooo! Good point. Paul.
  7. Airfix 2018

    That's an odd Camel (1 Vickers & overwing Lewis). Would be nice, whatever, even more so in 1/24th. But not another Fokker Triplane please, in any scale, there are plenty of reasonably modern toolings available even if they don't make money for Airfix. Paul.
  8. HELP!!!! What have I done? Contrail 1/48 Vildebeest!!!

    I love vacs. I've found John Adams approach the most effective - draw around the parts first so that when scored with a knife, then sprung from the backing sheet, you have a line to work to when sanding. I'd never cut out a part, but score and snap away the backing plastic. Then initial ripping down the excess on a wing trailing edge, can be done safely enough by scraping with a knife, which is much faster than just sanding. Fine tune with a sanding block or stick until the black line from your pencil or marker just peels away, stopping to check and test fit against finished parts as you go. And if you overdo it, no disaster, just patch any gaps with plastic card/strip. This way gives much more control than the traditional sanding on a flat sheet. My personal preference anyway - there are many ways which suit other people, and the advice given by any given manufacturer has been known to change with time and experience anyway. If you've not done one though, I'd get a cheapo practice piece first. Even on Ebay you can still find Rareplane kits at a fair enough price (I wouldn't pay more than a fiver, unless it was something really rare that I really wanted - some stupid prices get asked these days). Paul.
  9. Airfix 1/48 Walrus sold out

    Just out of interest I've had a look on Ebay, and both the Classic Airframes kit and the Special Hobby repop of it are beginning to turn up at less than silly prices. However, having already built one (nice, but definitely limited run), my next one will be from Airfix......... Paul.
  10. Damaged WNW kits on sale.

    Well, my Ninak just arrived. £7.70 V.A.T (lthe kit was 39.95 NZ dollars), the £11.25 Clearance Charge , and IIRC postage was a few dollars less than the kit cost. Dated as sent 29th August, demand for the extra payment received yesterday, kit arrived a few minutes ago. All as expected. Still came out ahead, especially as the water damage was only to one small corner of the box, causing minimal damage to the box only, and not enough to prevent it's continued use for indefinite storage. Slightly amused by the Parcelforce website, where I was informed that the tracking number could be found at the top left of the demand letter. Yup, I found it at the top right. Paul.
  11. Converting a DH4 to a DH9A, can it be done???

    Aeroclub stuff turns up regularly on Ebay, usual for daft prices, but sometimes reasonable. White metal or PE scarf rings, Vickers and Lewis guns are relevant , as are wheels. There's a notice on this forum that you can not currently contact him to ask what he has left in stock, and he is semi-retired, but he has not definitively ceased trading. Very nice guns can currently be had from Gaspatch. much nicer than Eduard's IMHO. Eduard are then only other people I know that produce aftermarket Scarff rings. If you're reduced to buying a kit for spares, I think Roden Be kits are your best bet. They have more spare guns and bombs, and also propellors, than most Eduard kits. Paul.
  12. What's the nicest Airco DH9 in 1/72?

    Okay, perhaps just my paranoid take on it, and I don't expect it to be the absolute or sole truth, but there was a time that every Roden release (1/48th Fokker DVIIs in particular) was accompanied by Eduard editorials about 'certain companies' in the WWI field who made terrible kits because they used a core set of parts to maximise possible variants, whereas Eduard would never show such contempt for their customer. They also had a habit of annoucing a kit whenever Roden expressed interest in the same subject, then never delivering , or at least not for 7 or more years (Camel, SE5a). Admittedly rubbishing the opposition, and the plastic version of vapourware are things many companies are guilty of at some time or other, but that doesn't mean they don't succeed in discouraging the opposition. Not being privy to the sales figures, I accept that an alternative explanatiion could simply be that WWI resurgence has peaked and they couldn't sell enough to make it worthwhile, hence both countries going where the money is. Personally, I loved Eduard when they were the only game in town, but preferred Toko and then Roden because their approach to wing surfaces suits my own biased perception of what fabric covered wings look like, and also prefer their subject choices., so have drifted much more to them. The (IMHO correct) notion that their multi part nature can make assembly harder than other wise doesn't personally bother me because I find that there's always a trick that makes them work out just as well as Eduard where their ranges overlap, and for the price I don't mind the extra work because I enjoy the process as much as finishing a model. Sadly, the result is that I no longer buy either because Roden have moved out of my interest area, and of late Eduard haven't produced anything recently that takes my fancy because I'm old and cantankerous, and already have enough SE5as and SSWs to last this lifetime. Paul.
  13. Blackburn Iris & Perth info assistance requested

    Have a look at the Seawings website, http://www.seawings.co.uk They have a photo gallery, and there are pages for both Perth and Iris. There are 2 interior shots of an Iris which help a bit. Paul.
  14. What's the nicest Airco DH9 in 1/72?

    I think your suprise is shared by everyone except the major kit manufacturers. Thanks to Roden it's now well covered in 1/48th though, and by WNW in 1/32nd. A pity Roden pulled out of flying WWI stuff (thanks a bunch, Eduard) or I think they'd have done one by now in 1/72nd. Paul.
  15. What's the nicest Airco DH9 in 1/72?

    I wonder if it was made from the same master as the Blue Rider kit then? I also wonder if I once knew the answer to that........... Paul.