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  1. Thanks guys. Anyone got an (in stock) source for Daco Strong? Either my google-fu is utter rubbish, or its currently not available in the UK. How does "Ultimate Decal Setting Solution (Extra strong)" compare? I've got a bottle of Pledge/Klear, so I might give that a whirl, although TBH, I've never found it much use for anything.
  2. I'm part way into an Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 and I'm struggling with the decals (of which, being a 'toom, there are bazillions...) Currently trying to do the weaponry, but the decals, despite LOTS of Microsol/set are just sitting there like planks and refusing to soften and conform. Quite a problem doing the stripes on a Sidewinder that's about 1.5mm dia. and the decals need to wrap around. Normally you apply the 'sol and after a minute or so the decal wrinkles up a bit and you can smooth it down with a cotton bud. These are just ignoring it. Even when I can get them to conform a bit they're not adhering to the surface, poke one bit to try and make it nestle down and the rest just slithers off again. Ideas? Is there a more superduper decal softener out there? Thanks! BL
  3. So the 3rd of the classic BoB era German bombers. First Revell kit I've done, and on the whole it went together very nicely. Turns out the cockpit glazing didn't fit as nicely as I first thought, but not too obvious. Eduard Zoom set to gussy up the cockpit, otherwise OOB... Decals went down nicely, although the long red no-walk strips were a bit of an orifice, as was trying to make the ones on the dive flaps match up to the big crosses underneath. Paint mostly Vallejo Model Air. Thanks for looking! ...and with mates, ready for a jolly day out in that London...
  4. I've just started on the Revell 1/72 Junkers Ju88 A-1 "Battle of Britain" boxing. I'm planning on building the box-top option of 9K+AL Edelweiss There's the parts included for the under fueslage towel-rail radar typically seen on German bombers of this era and a bunch of blanked off holes in the correctish area. 1) fitting them is not mentioned in the instructions - indeed in the plan of the sprues they're greyed out as "not needed". However the box-top art shows it in situ (although the photos of the finished model don't). I've found pictorial references of the plane in question WITH the aerial showing 2) Location. The blanked holes in the fuselage, 2 sets of which are spaced correctly for the aerial parts are in completely different locations to those shown above. The forward part is positioned about 1/2 a panel too far forward, the rear offset nearly a panel too far back, leaving an enormous gap between the 2, rather than almost touching. So can anybody tell me what Revell are playing at? I'm feeling like the ariel should be there, but presumably there's a reason Revell don't include it in the build? ACTUALLY - here's another one for the Ju88 experts - I've just realised the profile up there ^^^ says RLM 70 only on the upper surfaces. However the painting instructions are usual RLM70/71 splinter. Box art appears to be single colour, as do the photos of the complete model. I couldn't tell you anything from about the colours from the above B&W photo. So again - what's "correct"...? Thanks!
  5. I finished this a few months back, but haven't managed to get some pics until yesterday, so apologies if its a bit dusty! OOB, bar some etch seatbelts. A bit different to my normal diet of Airfix - the big chunks all went together beautifully, but a lot of the small parts were a bit vague in their location methods. Very thin decals which when dry settled down amazingly well, but were rather fragile - I ended up having to paint the red "no walk" lines on the top of the fuselage after the decals wrapped themselves into a tangled mess. ...and with a friend...
  6. Here's the new(ish) tool Airfix 1/72 Bucc. I added resin ejector seats and one piece intakes from Air Graphic Models. (the latter, mostly because AGM were the only people who had the right model of bang seat and they were in stock). Otherwise OOB. A pretty easy build on the whole, and plenty of modern, full colour references in the walkrounds section to work from too - thanks to those who've added pics! The decals were a bit of a labour of love - but every. single. one. went on! (I've got a Phantom in the build queue and the decal sheet on that is giving me coniptions with all the stencils!!) (forgot to add the underside pic. Pain in the bum to take as it won't rest upside down without breaking the refueling probe off! ...the low and slow with the fast and high...!
  7. Thanks both. That seems pretty clear to ignore the yellow. I did think it may be an army thing... Cheers BL
  8. A question for the afficionados. I'm nearly finished with the new tool Airfix 1/72 S.2C, built as XV154 on Ark Royal. Looking at pics (inc my own from Bruntingthorpe) - all the preserved ones have the twin blade antennae in front of the nose landing gear painted yellow (presumably to stop banana-wranglers from scalping themselves). However looking at the "in service" pics I can find on line, it looks like this is a later change and the aerials were painted as the rest of the aircraft - but it's difficult to tell as mostly the shots are from further away of general carrier action with the relevant area in shadow or in B&W, not highly detailed close-ups to appease 21st century modellers. Thing is - now having noticed the yellow, its quite obvious, I can't unsee it, so if it is a thing in period (and it's just Airfix being lazy with the colour callouts), I'll dig out the paint... Any advice? Thanks! BL
  9. Tips wanted please...! I can build to "a" standard at the moment, but I'm very aware my paint prep isn't up to scratch, so trying to take that up a notch or two. I see people talking a lot about buffing paint between coats. How are you going about doing this without just stripping the paint off? I've got a 12000 grit micromesh sheet, but even that will have the paint off a raised area in 1 or 2 strokes, and can only be used on the larger flat areas wrapped around a small foam block (I build 1/72 aircraft), so I'm struggling to tidy up nook and crannies where the paint will be worse anyway. In a similar vein - how are you cleaning the model up post sanding? Everything I've tried leaves lint behind - paper towel (wet or dry), blue-roll, microfibre towel, a large soft paintbrush just moves it around. I bought some proper tack rags, but those left a sticky residue, and I could hang the whole model from them they were so tacky. Best solution so far is a wrap of masking tape around a finger, but again, that's of limited effect in tight spots or on convoluted surfaces. All advice gratefully recieved! Cheers BL
  10. To come back to this - I seem to be getting somewhere. Going with cold water rather than tepid - takes a bit longer but doesn't seem to "melt" the carrier film as much. No Microset The saliva idea is genius. The decals still don't want to slide around the way they normally would, but with enough prodding I can jiggle them into the right place now - its no longer a case of where they land is where they stay. Hit them afterwards with Microsol and they still snug down nicely. Thank y'all
  11. Hi, I've reached the decaling stage of a 1/72 ICM kit and am having no end of problems with the decals. They seem to have a very thin carrier film, which all but vanishes as soon as it touches the model. Despite a good coat of gloss varnish, I'm having no luck sliding them around - they just wrinkle up or tear. I can manage the bigger ones (albeit with a lot of ) but the tiny little stencils are hopeless. (I'm currently having to mask and paint the "no walk" lines as I've knackered the long thin decals. I'm using tepid water to soak them and a coating of microset before applying the decal. The upside is, that once dry they conform beautifully to the surface! Every cloud etc..! Advice gratefully received! Thanks BL
  12. Got this just before Christmas in the annual Aldi special The kit itself was pretty shake'n'bake. I added Pavla resin ejection seats because I could, but I suspect a bit of TLC on the kit ones would have made for a perfectly passable result. I did cock up on the painting however - preshaded in black as usual, but then absolutely couldn't knock it back it with the (Model Air) red. There's most of a bottle and maybe 20 coats there and some of it's still a bit overdone. Decals settled down very nicely indeed (although - why give the wing antislip panels as decals, which are an easy masking job to paint, but not the black nose antiglare strip, which is a very awkward shape to create a mask for - especially given this is a beginners kit!) Interestingly - having had next to no interest in the plane itself as the real thing from a casual bystanders point of view looks quite dumpy - in plan, I think its actually quite an elegant little beast, with none of the afterthought lumps and bumps that seem to cover most modern(ish) jets. Hope you enjoy BL
  13. Oh - that's top info @Jure Miljevic. Thanks very much. 20x 50kgs it is then!
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