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  1. Looks to me like the even older one, i.e. Ia/IIb/IId kit, judging by the size and shape of the prop spinner. The exhausts appear to be separate - the '78 kit's were moulded integrally with the cowling. I think the 303 Sqn markings are from the kit transfers too.
  2. I believe I wouldn't get far if I had a spamcan and put Avtur in it
  3. Pet hates.

    I pronounce loch/lough with a sort of 'kh' sound, like ch in German or g in Dutch. Would that be near?
  4. Some help with English towns

    I'm very interested in English and Welsh place names. I like the way you get clumps of villages with the same name but differentiated by Magna or Parva, or Upper, Middle and Nether, or named by being near another place, such as Cadoxton Juxta Neath or Ash by Wrotham. I rang once in Toller Whelme in Dorset. Nearby is Toller Porcorum. Also nearby is Piddletrenthide. About 20 years ago for a project I wrote a Visual Basic application for showing the result of queries on an Access database of peals of bells. I noticed that the names of some Welsh villages mirror the dedication of the church. E.g. In Llandeilo the church is dedicated to St Teilo and in Llanfillen the saint is St Millen. It looks like in Welsh that you get the mutation of the name's beginning by substitution to form the object case, as opposed to eclipsis or aspiration in Irish.
  5. 1/72 Airfix Cessna 0-1D Bird Dog

    That looks great. Judging by the apparent lack of coke-bottle effect I'd say that at the least the wing centre-section transparencies were replaced. You've got me wanting to dig mine out now.
  6. Aircraft zapped.

    If you're referring to the Banshee, my first thought was, 'Would it be able to take off with all the extra weight?'
  7. That looks familiar. I think I saw it in the Michael Beetham Conservation Centre at Cosford last month
  8. Some help with English towns

    I'm told you're a man of Kent if born east of the River Medway, and a Kentish man if born west of it.
  9. Boeing Stratocruiser United Airlines 1/144

    I recall reading that the Stratocruiser was dubbed 'The best three-engined aircraft on the north Atlantic.'
  10. 2nd hand Model Shop in Wimbeldon

    Milslides had a shop in Streatham back in the 1980s and early 90s, as well as the original premises in Croydon and a later shop in Redhill. Not sure if that's what you're thinking of as they must be gone about 20 years. Regarding @spruecutter96's question, I think the business in question might have been BMW Models - Builders Merchants Wimbledon I believe.
  11. Airfix 1:72 Lightning F6

    The fit of the forward fuselage around the intake trunking can be fixed by filing the trunking outside surface flat. I'm guessing this is due to an attempt to get the fuselage width and intake bore correct while maintaining a robust gauge of material.
  12. PK-23 Hawker Tempest II - now x 2

    I wonder if you could use both. I've seen a photo of a Typhoon being loaded up with a mix of AP and HE rockets. Ah, beg your pardon, it's the rails not the rockets that you're expecting to decide on
  13. I take full responsibility for these....

    Hannibal Lector has invented a software development framework. It's called Enterprise Fava Beans. Some environmental activists are flying to a conference when their 'plane comes down near an island which turns out to be inhabited by cannibals. They're about to go into the pot when one of the cannibal kids comes by and says 'Mum, I'm not eating them, they're horrible.' His mother replies, 'But dearest, you won't grow big and strong if you don't eat your greens.'
  14. Janey mac tonight! I looked in on this for the first time in ages and it's clearly well on it's way to being a splendid replica of a machine which I remember from a 30+ year old Flight International as being described as soldier-proof. Great stuff. Hope I get to see it at one of the shows. P.S. I also remember the article quoting someone as saying that the Wessex fizzed on contact with the South China Sea.
  15. Jim Bauman did build article on, I think, modelwarships.com. He produced his own transfers for the dazzle scheme and I would imagine that not an awful lot of the original kit was in the final result. I got to see it on the IPMS 50th anniversary display at Telford.