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  1. Matchbox/Aeroclub Meteor PR.10

    Mussels ... Chips ... Mayonnaise ? Interesting combination ? And SWMBO thinks I eat strange things. 🙄 i guess i should try it before i knock it ...
  2. Short SC.5/10 Belfast

    Sensible ? Whats that ? ... Go on you know you want to put some detail in at least a cockpit.
  3. Alliance Star Destroyers

    Great looking Star Destroyers 👍
  4. Defiant mk.I N3500 - 256 Squadron May 1941

    Very nice Boulton-Paul 👍
  5. My latest Mach 2 Mangling.

    Great looking Seamaster you dont see these to often
  6. 1/48 P-40E Warhawk - Mjr E. Rector - Flying Tigers

    Beautiful Tiger
  7. New Airfix 1/48 Mustang, 303 Sqn

    Great looking Warhorse 👍
  8. Seafire MK XVII

    Its a Seafire 👍 need i say more
  9. Dunkirk Spitfire Decals

    Check out a company called Coastal kits. They make all sorts of display bases for aircraft, armor, and ships including blurred types to show aircraft in motion.
  10. Corsairs Bronco build

    Hello all heres my entry for this build. Im going with Academy’s OV-10 Bronco. Im going to stick with the USMC Vietnam markings. Here are the obligatory boxtop and sprue shots. Boxtop ⬆️ Sprue shot ⬇️ As you can see its still all in plastic so the 25% wont be an issue. If i can change up and get a hold of VAL-4 Black pony or a VS-41 Shamrock decals. Then i will go US Navy. Enough for now see you in one week. Dennis
  11. Corsairs Bronco build

    @MarkSH ... if i lived in the UK & had the $ Id buy it. Id like to try and build it. Cant afford evilbay and theres only one or two swapmeets in Chicago a year. So my odds of finding one are pretty much nil. On a lighter note i think i have the weight issue tackled. I mocked up all the pieces and looks like they will work.
  12. B-24J Liberator to PB4Y-2 Privateer conversion

    Wishing you luck and 🤞 fingers. I always liked the Privateers so I’ll take a seat if i may in the back.
  13. It's a HOG! 1/72 Italeri A-10A Thunderbolt II

    @giemme ... I believe they're Different radar warning recievers for Sam launches. The block replaced the dot version if im not mistaken ? The eyeball/dot system was created during, and upgraded after Vietnam in the ‘70 s and early’80’s. The block style came on in the ‘80’s or maybe early ‘90’s. I think they've been changed again since the current fracas in the sandboxes has been going on.
  14. 1/48 Airfix Sea Vixen FAW.2

    Another plane on my wish list.
  15. joystick avro bison

    You might want to consider placing these in the Aircraft ready-for-inspection area. I believe this area is more for introducing yourself to fellow forum members.
  16. Mirage Hobby M3A1

    I so wish someone would scale this up to 1/35th. My grandfather used one of these for training. Id love to finish his tanks. I have two of them out of the four i need.
  17. M10 Tank Destroyer

    Great choice 👍
  18. Another Eduard Bf110E 1/72

    Wespe is a good choice but im also a fan of the sharkmouths as well.
  19. Hawker Hunter FR10

    Looking forward to this I’ve never built a hunter of any type.
  20. Corsairs Bronco build

    And We’re off to the Races folks. Heres what I’ve gotten done so far. I added the greebles to busy up the pit. And did the instrument panels. I also added the Chaff/Flare boxes to the booms. Academy has the option for cutouts but only for the “D” version. This being an “A” version the kit doesnt have the sprue. I happened to have these spare from an old kit in 1/48th. I never used them as they were too small to be realistic in that scale. Perfect here. I will add the nose cone later today, then the weight. Ive added seatbelts to the lower seats since taking these pictures. I also painted the cables and have a wash on the pit. Next up will be the lower ordnance stub wings and the main wing. I have read both have some fit issue’s so will see how bad those turn out. More later please have a great modeling day. Dennis
  21. Corsairs KUTA

    Throwing my hat in the ring with an AMT Beech Staggerwing. I bought this kit about 18 months ago on SWMBO’s urging and built it and got it about 80% done. It still needs landing gear and a re-paint. I was going for a drafted staggerwing by the US Navy, in early war two tone camouflage. I’m thinking i will change and go with a civilian version with a retro/vintage colorscheme. I have already replaced the kits radial with a better version from my spares. Also dressed up the interior a little bit. I will add photo’s of whats done when i can get home. If i actually finish this i might have a second option for a second KUTA build. This will be Dedicated to my Brother Mike RIP 😢 Dennis
  22. M10 Achilles

    Hello Everyone ... thought id show this M10 Achilles. This was my entry in the M3/M4 Group build. It was my first completed armor build since i came back to modeling 3 years ago. I was able to do some scratch building and found some smaller 1/35th stowage to use. Here is a link to the build. Without further ado here it is. I know the photo’s are dark, sadly they were taken at an poor time. A couple turret shots ↕️ A stowage photo I hope this meets with some approval. As usual comments ? Questions ? Dennis
  23. Dornier Do17 Z-10 " Kauz"

    Nice choice 👍
  24. Huge Model of HMS Ark Royal Complete With Aeroplanes

    Thats quite well done and detailed. Ive seen one possibly two Nimitz class carriers in 1/72 scale since the late 1980’s. It might've been the same one in different magazines not sure ? That one wasn't powered though. Thats where this one is better.