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  1. Hello everyone ... To prove to myself that I am certifiable. I still have the Proposed British AFV group build going. I also have the Patton Single type build in 2019. So I figured why not pour gasoline on the fire and see what happens. I must be a glutton for punishment. I am proposing another Single type group build covering the Mk.V Panther and all of its progeny. If anyone is interested please give a shout out or raise your hand so to speak. The general idea being actual vehicles no whifs. No paper tanks to me if it never left paper it should count as a whif. If a physical prototype was built and tested then it counts👍. As always all scales are welcome. Simply put I dont know everything about Panthers so please ask me or the co-host and we can research and determine if a particular version counts. 🔹Standard build rules will apply including the 25% rule. * I however understand that some of the aftermarket tracks take time to assemble. That might classify its own build ? INTERESTED MEMBERS 🔺1. Corsairfoxfouruncle - Skorzenys M10 clone 🔺2. Sgt.Squarehead = co-host 3. SimonT 4. PlaStix 5. vppelt68 6. Panther II 7. SleeperService 8. Arniec 9. Ozzy 10. Mike 11. trickyrich 12. Joss 12a. Knight_Flyer 14. Robert Stuart 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  2. USAF Two letter Tail codes

    Hello everyone ... Im not sure if this has been posted before. I was researching the Two letter tail code’s for the USAF. I came across this site. http://www.military.cz/usa/air/air_accessories/usaf_tail_cod/usaf_tail_cod.htm Maybe it will help someone looking for a specific code. They also list units assigned, as well as aircraft types assigned to the specific codes. Dennis
  3. USAF Two letter Tail codes

    Ok @bootneck ... I found this one for USAF Vietnam. http://www.usaf-sig.org/Forum/index.php?topic=330.0 I’ll keep looking for more.
  4. De Havilland D.H.89a, Heller, 1/72nd scale

    Could it be a connecting point for a control linkage ?
  5. Panther Single type group build

    Hey everyone ... Were still looking for recruits for this. Please take a look and if you're interested, or have any questions please ask. I’ll just Bump this up to the top.
  6. Panther Single type group build

    Hello all just thought id put this link to a Panther Mk.5 Tank group build that is looking for some Recruits. With the success of the M3/M4 Sherman STGB. In the fall we’ll have the Mk IV Panzer STGB. In March of next year we have the Patton tank build. Finally in the Summer/Fall of 2019 we have the Mk. VI Tiger build. I feel this is the next logical step in the progression of armor builds. If you're interested please take a look. Please ask some questions if you have any?
  7. Spitfire Mk.Vb Malta Defender!

    Good looking Mk.V I need to do one of these but the can o’ worms around the paint schemes that I've researched is whats holding me up.
  8. Fun Things To Do With A 1/72 Monogram P-36

    Absolutely Beautiful collection ...Ive never ever seen a Monogram P-36. Ive heard about them for years but never saw one.
  9. 1/72 Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk.1

    Very nice job on your mark 1
  10. 1/20 │ Scope Dog │ Bandai

    Excellent and Congratulations I really need to pick some of these up.
  11. Corsair - Tulsa, May 1982

    SUFF ? Ive always been told to call them SLUF ... Short little ugly fella’s. 😉 Thanks for showing the pictures as well.
  12. Spitfire Mk. Vb - Tamiya 1/48

    ... Excellent Spitfire with the Operation Jubilee markings.

    Beautiful Beautiful Kiwi Corsair ... And im not just saying that because of the screen name.
  14. 1/72 Nakajima Ki-44-I Shoki

    ⬆️ THEY SAID IT ALL FOR ME⬆️ Great work.
  15. 1/48 F-14A Tomcat VF-111 "Miss Molly" (Tamiya)

    Excellent build ... I’l never see one of these cross my bench as Tamiya's products are a bit $ for my budget. Again Great looking Cat.
  16. Airfix Victor

    Im in 100% agreement with everyone above. The Victor is my Favorite “V” Bomber. So Im going to have a seat and
  17. Airfix Ju87 Stuka 1/72

    Happy that the paint worked well, and behaved with the tape.
  18. Douglas DC3 Air France

    Hmmm could be a Cigarette could be a ✌️V for victory sign ? Rob and I both use Foil though i use Microscale foil glue and kitchen foil. Ive never had a decal issue yet. I clearcoat the foil after im done and the decals adhere pretty well to the clearcoat. Here are two recent builds my F-104. My lightning from #111 squadron. As you can see decals look good. Sorry Rob if i hi-jacked your thread a little. Dennis
  19. RAF Photo Recon Mitchells

    Hello @CraigB ... Most likely yes. Why have two different designs for the same purpose ? There are references to other aircraft using ferry tanks for long range patrol as well.
  20. RAF Photo Recon Mitchells

    Hello @CraigB ... It just so happens that one of these B-25’s is being built. Its down in the B-25 Mitchell Group build down page. @tonyot is the gentleman building it and might know your answers.
  21. It's a wonder anything gets delivered!

    I wasn't aware of a 2nd New South Wales in the Philippines ? 😉
  22. F-15 Strike Eagle demonstrator

    I agree the best starting point would most likely be a “B”. Being that it was a converted trainer. I also believe the instrument panels were different.
  23. L & S 1:1 scale guns

    I remember seeing these briefly in shops in the Chicagoland area sometime late 80’s or 1990 maybe. They were gone within a year or so. I never saw one get built and forgot about them until i joined the forum.
  24. Douglas DC3 Air France

    Hey Rob heres a good shot of a United DC-3. Clear shot of the De-icers and engine face. Ownership was listed as Iwichita
  25. Douglas DC3 Air France

    They would be bare metal. props are very sensitive to imbalance. The black was a de-icing strip. As for your colors ? How about the french national colors ? Red inside divided by white then blue.