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  1. All those track bits and the Berlin Camo! Wow this will some achievement, Colin
  2. Zebra's Mil Mi-10

    Excellent project. I agree the Mig will look great and give it some idea of scale. I saw a Mil 6 in the Vietnam air museum and its absolutely enormous. I think this is basically the same engine, Rotor and backbone but without the bulbous fuselage. I have some pictures of the rotor head if you are interested. Colin
  3. Hawker Hunter FR10

    Hi Zebra, Yes the PJ parts are very good. I built their Alpha jet a couple of years ago and it was fantastically detailed. The resin here is great, very fine in places and no air bubbles anywhere. Another full day today and the cockpit almost done. Base is flat black lacquer and colours with aqueous Revell paints. The seat below is straight out of the box! Cracking stuff. The Instrument panel decals are cut out from a sheet I picked up at Telford a few years ago. I never used them before as I didn't have a small enough punch but I got one last year. I tried applying them as decals but too hard so in the end I just pushed them into the holes and used a blob of Varnish to hold them in and create the lens effect. The main job today was the wings. I glues these together last night and left them to dry. Then I worked on them today while working on the cockpit. One of the main issues with the Academy kit is the wing is bulged too far forwards. The picture below shows the stbd wing with the erroneous bit cut away in one piece. Once the section has been removed there is a gap in the wing tip which I glued and left to set. Tomorrow I'll sand it round and get the shape correct. The leading edge extension should droop but doesn't and its not an easy fix so for this build I'll leave it alone. Wings drying so I have cut 1mm away from the leading and trailing edges of the tail to restore the chord. I have also taken 1/2 mm off the front of the locating tab. This is visible on the right hand tail below. Fortunatly no more gluing is needed so I have restored the leading and trailing edges to the correct shape. Fairly good progress for 2 days. Colin
  4. Hawker Hunter FR10

    Hi All, Well the wife's away for the weekend so I had all afternoon and evening on this so thanks to the time difference I get to post a good days modelling by 3pm in the UK. The first job was to eliminate the pathetic break chute housing in the Kit tail and replace it with the more substantial one from PJ products. The actual tail is a separate part but the rear section of the fuselage has to be cut away as well. I also cut 3mm out of the bullet fairing while I had the saw out. This is the difference between the kit parts and the resin. Finally it should look more like this I've glued the kit rudder pedals and rear bulkhead to the resin tub and removed the pouring blocks on the seat. The resin ejection handles look OK but I'm not sure if they are strong enough to last the build. Finally I glued the inner intake housing and the wing intake halves together. I'm planning on painting the cockpit and will make a start on the wings tomorrow. Colin W
  5. Lockheed L1011 Tristar

    Number 10 squadron I presume
  6. Gemini X - 1/72

    Great story and thanks for sharing. I was at the Smithsonian in the summer and they're displaying one of the Gemini craft. It's not very big considering the time spent inside. It's always good to see some variety in a group build but not often we see space craft included. I look forward to seeing you complete this. Colin W
  7. H.S.Buccaneer////Finished/////////////

    Interesting to see that the 50 year old Matchbox decals have turned out to be better than the new Altmark ones. Colin
  8. Frog Beaufighter TFX.

    Well you do pick some hard builds. Good luck with this. I think the bright red stand is unusual. Shame not to use it. Colin
  9. Good choice for a scheme on an otherwise grey jet. Be careful with those decals at the end of the build though........ Colin
  10. S-Boat

    Good to see we won't have a long line of aircraft. Colin W
  11. Corsairs Bronco build

    Great Plane but why do USMC when you can fly Thai?
  12. Is the driver cast into the lower hull? That's a bit harsh for painting. Colin W
  13. Hi All, Can we start yet? Raring to go with the Academy FGA9, PJ FR10 conversion set and Xtra Decals Shiny 2. This is my 5th shot at this kit having done the F3, an F6 (ETPS), T7 and GA11. With just a new nose and tail this will be the easiest of the conversions. I'll build one from the box one day, honest. This will be a demonstration build for all those building the new Airfix kit in 2020 which will come with the FG10 option and 2 Squadron markings. Tell the Rumourmongers. And it will use up one of the last 3 Academy Hunters in the Stash. Colin W
  14. Best 48Sc Tornado Adv is..???

    Hi I have not seen the Revell kit but have built several of the Italeri and Airfix of which the Italeri is far superior. It's faults are mainly the intake at the base of the fin and the thrust reverse buckets. The faults were common to both GR3 & F2. Paragon did good resin replacements but these days will be hard to find. Colin
  15. 10th BM Anniversary GB Chat

    Is some one going to make a 10 Squadron VC10? I used to have one in the stash but sold it for £10 in 2008. Colin