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  1. Were they both alclad 2,as i understand the formula changed from the early alclad to the alclad 2 ,at least the wine wasn't to blame, Bad luck though, how did your wing lances fit,mine were terrible,and so far you seem to have kept the spine fin on ,,, , it still looks to have gone together well though ,,all the best Glynn
  2. Absolutely stunning dave,that cockpit is straight off the top shelf,really good, you've put them together very well too ,they'll take some paint beautifully, Glynn
  3. By the way i haven't got a lot of display room either ,I'm afraid i have more in the loft in storage boxes ,i too cycle my prefered models, Glynn
  4. Thank you valkyrie most kind ,I've got the pilot figure together,I'm in two minds whether to use his partner or not ,and ive got the icm soviet air field kit glued together, done some touch ups, need to do some more though, just got to matt him down ,paint the airfield ,bits and bobs ,(the list gets longer i swear) cheers mate, Glynn
  5. Turned out great, love the ordinance package, Glynn
  6. ,that'll look great muzz is that canopy intended for the academy kit originally ,no luck with decals for me either, its going to be the a variant combat lancer from operation linebacker 2 ,,still got a great camo job
  7. Thanks zebra,sometimes i do better work after a couple of glasses of merlot, i'd make a complete pigs ear of the model after whisky, though i do partake in the odd glass of jura single maltsometimes the modelling can wait till we've enjoyed a tipple, Thanks again Glynn I like both..,!
  8. Thanks david,although i can assure you that it isn't flawless the list of things to fix and repaint is about as long as your arm,also you've only seen its photogenic side cheers, Glynn
  9. Ahhh more red stars,, looking good Glynn
  10. It is a good fit that canopy , are they masks by eduard or is that your masking,its good any way Glynn
  11. Craig i was going to buy one,but couldn't find one similar,it was your idea to scratch build one,I'm glad i listened, cheers Glynn
  12. Valkyrie 2 years ago i was brush painting models,and not very well either,bought a cheap chinese airbrush and compressor witha tank all for less than a hundred pounds,and you just pick it up,I've still got lots to learn,and this is my first alclad bmf, cheers mate Glynn
  13. Thanks , nice story ipms, to be honest i was trying to practice the moody atmosphere of that black and white photo of the 03 yak from earlier in the thread,,but the sun was shining through the window and ruined my meagre photographic skills, I've just scratch built a ladder to look like the one in the photo,i was going to buy one ,but i like this one now And with the headless and armless pilot on the ladder, Thanks ,,glynn
  14. Thanks valkyrie,still a few bit and bobs left, should be done end of next week, your mig 25 is looking really good too i bet in 1/72 its as big as this in 48th
  15. Thanks ipms at family dinner at the moment I'll take some outside soon Cheers, glynn