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  1. Nice, what have you used for the winch cable Andy, I have to get some and some fine chain Glynn
  2. Academy 1/72nd F-15C

    Thats a really nice camouflage scheme that your modelling there jabba, that is going to look the part when done
  3. Yep i agree looking great tim, got to say you did get dibs on me for the best decals , fairplay, she's looking cool, I've , glossed mine tonight with tamiya 22 and levelling thinners, and painted the death,the gear, wheels, and the nose cone in your recommended shade, thanks for that tim, got to say also, great photos you've posted of the 15c's nice examples for the weathering to come, keep up the great work Glynn
  4. Dornier Do 18-D

    Nice scribing tony, i ran out of dymo tape on one build and around tight contours i used double sided tape and the side of an eduard etch fret, it stuck like the proverbial to the blanket with no slippage in fact i had a game and a half getting the stuff off, any way i like what your doing here, impressive Glynn
  5. Nice painting z, if i keep looking at the two on here mine wont last long in the stash, a great model in the making Glynn
  6. Stix, most kind thankyou, i appreciate it Andy, definitely no apology necessary, constructive criticism is the best way to go, Sometimes as on this model for me, you go in blind, absolutely no research, or not much, i wasn't knowledgeable of the subject at all ,but it makes the build interesting because you tend to spend free Internet time researching, but alas there's a dearth of pictures on the net of these vehicles in this camo pattern, so I'm open to all advice and its all welcome, cheers keep up the good work on yours Glynn
  7. Scratch built 1/72 Bedford OXC/D & A

    Superb scratch building in the gentlemens scale, and thanks for the camouflage advice and nod, i appreciate it, cheers sean Glynn
  8. Scimitar F1

    Very nice job of a not often seen aircraft model andrew, well done Glynn
  9. Thanks gentlemen, if it passes muster, I'll move along Regarding the upper color andy, i feel it always best to err on the lighter side of the appropriate colour as the weathering, washes, oils and what ever else gets put on will usually darken the finish, cheers Thanks, Glynn
  10. I've had a repaint, hopfully it will be the last, theres some touch ups to do, but I'm holding fire until i can gauge reactions, or I'm told its downright wrong, Everything is only resting in place no glue, still some bits to do, right or wrong please let me know, Thanks Glynn
  11. Cheers Andy, good examples there, I can see I've been led astray here by ibg's painting instructions, And thanks again andrew jones for the link, Glynn
  12. Really does look like a super kit and your doing it total justice, great stuff Glynn
  13. Big As MAZ

    Very nice work rich, they are so even, did you make a jig for these, with the hair dryer technique, how have you finished them? Glynn