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  1. I'm a heretic too, good start to the finish Glynn
  2. 1/48 HobbyBoss MiG-17F Fresco-C

    Like it ian, very nice, i have some of that ump's dark dirt so I'm not concerned about the last picture, I've found it goes really well over bmf finishes too, and buffed with a bit of damp first, then dry kitchen towel Glynn
  3. 1/48 GWH F-15C digital aggressor

    Very promising lex, cheers, I'll leVe the nose cone off as long as possible Glynn
  4. 1/48 GWH F-15C digital aggressor

    Looking good so far Lex,, are you going gear up, I'm asking because the instructions don't mention any weight in the nose and I'm unsure, when you balance it on your finger at the rear landing gear point it tips forward, but i haven't got the engines and nozzles on or the tail parts fitted yet wich will all add weight at the rear, Any help will be appreciated
  5. Welded Cromwell Mk.Vllw.

    Splendid, really nice job
  6. 1/48 HobbyBoss MiG-17F Fresco-C

    Very nice indeed, paint job looks ace
  7. Lakenheath f15c 1/48

    Hi toby i used some humbrol pigment powder i have along with an enamel dark wash, It didn't turn out too bad, I'm not 100% happy with it, but I'll tidy it up later in the build, cheers Glynn
  8. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Cracking details around the lights etienne Glynn
  9. 1/48 Do-335A

    Nice work so far thom, these 335s are big old units aren't they Glynn
  10. Lakenheath f15c 1/48

    Thank jabba, happy you like it so far
  11. Cheers clive, should be able to finish glazing the cab tonight, going to do the rest as the front windows, in acetate, its a lot thinner, any curious peeping inside will look a bit better, i hope Thank rob, the quote bit went haywire, glad you like it so far
  12. Cheers steve, no creature comforts at all steve, power steering would probably be top of the list with the heater, Thanks stix, most kind mate Glynn John, they do sound like fun times,hope rosies was a cafe, glad you like the rivets just hope the strips don't jump out at you after a coat of paint, but i did sand them down as much as i dared, i know armour is the name of the game here, but one of these would look great as a showmans truck, fair ground decals, and a scratch built carousel on a trailer