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  1. DSC01385 by Daniel Valbuena, on Flickr As it is right now. I just pre-set the whole set to have an idea how big is going to be when finish... Still thinking how to display it. Any ideas are welcome! DSC01365 by Daniel Valbuena, on Flickr Front Wheel. DSC01367 by Daniel Valbuena, on Flickr I finally decided to fill the gap between those pieces with some putty. DSC01368 by Daniel Valbuena, on Flickr Rear Wheel. The instructions are quite clear. Another thing are the pieces involved... seriously this kit it is no
  2. hI aLL and Merry Christmas! More pics... Still working on the tractor chassis. Mor pics tomorrow. Gee is fun. lots of cleaning and sanding. DSC01346 by Daniel Valbuena, on Flickr DSC01348 by Daniel Valbuena, on Flickr DSC01352 by Daniel Valbuena, on Flickr DSC01354 by Daniel Valbuena, on Flickr DSC01355 by Daniel Valbuena, on Flickr My very poor paint - station... DSC01358 by Daniel Valbuena, on Flickr All tidy now... DSC01359 by Daniel Valbuena, on Flickr This l
  3. Hi All and Merry Christmas! Big update! I finally finish the ducting (20th) but I was so exhausted and boring of dealing with the ducts that I also started to make the chassis of the truck. There is no pics of the process cause is pretty straight forward... the only piece you have to bear in mind is H 15 and K 22 . Trim the tenons. otherwise the plastic pieces looking forward won't fit. So yeah, I'm going to drop all the pics I have so far and I hope they'll speak by themselves. DSC01340 by Daniel Valbuena, on Flickr DSC01339
  4. Hi All! I have been busy... what a days! Rain, floods, snow, cold.. What's wrong with this weather?! Anyway, Still ducting the b***y trailer...Here are some pics. the pic tells by it's own. Those PE pieces are really neat built (etched). I use to first place the PE piece with TAMYLLA glue and when I feel comfy where is place put drop od CA. My first set of wheel chassis glued in place. I am working from Front to Rear. Two "bogies" at a time. Otherwise (if you glue them all in place) they will interfere you ducting...
  5. Hi ! I miss confused the bottles...I did use thinner. Sorry about that, Daniel
  6. Morning All! A small-huge update. I have been busy so I couldn't dedicate as much time I would like to. The air brush I bought is amazing! I paid £69.50 for the compressor and 2 air brushes. In he 90's I paid like £150 just for the tamiya compressor... Right, let's go for the pics... Pieces N13 N28 - Silly one. Instead of filling with putty and sand I always try to rasp and sand those annoying marks out of the mould. To place piece Q36 you'll have to drill a hole. I've used a .75 dia drill bit. I guess is the handle to
  7. Morning! Just a little update about the timing about the ducts... I started the 22nd Sep 2019 and finish it off the 23rd Oct - (22 Days). The Net time I've put on it has been 12 HOURS. The airbrush set has arrived! Question: Do I have to buy a primer first or can I use a any colour as a primer (tamiya)? Have a nice day! Here's pouring down... Daniel
  8. Hi All! Good afternoon! Hi Hewy! Amazing details and paint work with that T-54, specially the wheels and the tracks. Still amazed that is 1/72!! Yesterday I finish my particular milestone ducting the wheel chassis! I've ordered the compressor and two airbrushes. Waiting for them... Looking forward to make some trials. Hope to have them this weekend. fingers crossed. This is an old pic from my first post (?) to explain that I "cheat" with the hose that is plugged to the Hydraulic Cylinder (The one that is not completed, or in progress on the pic). Putti
  9. WOW! Is there actually any other topic that actually explain how to build a Truck or a Semi-trailer!? Am I the only one on Britmodeller actually building one of these? Sorry but still getting familiar with the forum... Daniel
  10. Hi All! Don't know why but some texts appear underlined! What am I doing wrong?! A little update with the ducting... I have realized that is easier to remove the little end of the hydraulic nozzles in some cases and glue the wire on a flat surface. In others you do need a nice fitting at the start. The CA glue is an amazing stuff and that wire works amazing too. DSC01256 by , On this four end the wire was "clipped" Actually you can see a little tiny piece of copper exposed on one of the orange wires. The other 3 were done like I explained on Post #8 . Neater
  11. Hi All! I ve been with a terrible cold since saturday. Winter is coming! Anyway I couldn't make it to work yesterday nor today so I did finish the wheel chassis (5 complete sets, not 3 as I said) and did some ducting as well... I put a lot of care gluing the pieces to make the whole assembly "workable". Specially with piece No.P15. I use use Tamiya extra thin cement and it runs like hell. So I had to remove the "tenon" on piece No. P13 to make it round. It got welded on 2 pieces out of 10... a general view of the ten... they are all dry preset on place. QU
  12. Afternoon to all! POETS day here! (panda borrachines...) I'm going to spend the weekend gluing the 3 remaining wheel chassis and do some ducting. Have a nice happy modelling weekend!
  13. Thanks! yes it is a lot of effort (or lots of fun) but I like to stick real to the Real thing... I annotate the minutes I spent on building every single part of the kit. If it ends up that I'm having fun for one hour on one wheel chassis... Ahead are another 20-24 hours of fun. or nooot... those cables are a trully pin in the a**s!!
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