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  1. Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Hadn't seen one on the streets yet. Also a rusted and riced-to-the-max Nissan 300ZX for sale from a dubious dealer. Price on request - no thanks!
  2. Beautiful. I see what you mean about the gloss, but it doesn't really distract too much, at least in the pictures. The overall look is just stunning.
  3. Perfect paintjob. I hope I'll get to this quality some day.
  4. Hi Roy, I browsed through some books as promised, but couldn't find much on first glimpse. I asked my dad to take a deeper look into some more books he has stowed away, but he didn't really know much about the xj13, so I don't think he'll find much, if anything. Sorry!
  5. I'll see tomorrow if my dad has something in his bookshelf.
  6. Sold a brandnew Kickstarter copy of the others - 7 sins boardgame just after it arrived. Got me two of those exactly for that reason and some more expansions for me on top. Got back all the money I invested during the campaign and the buyer still was under retail prices... Immediately reinvested way, way more into the kingdom death: Monster campaign. THAT was/is really expensive. My few kits... seems like no one wants them.
  7. I am more of a completionist then a hoarder. I got me the complete Vallejo Game Color range when I restarted painting miniatures last year. Well, wouldn't do that again. Next time I'd go straight for the whole set of Vallejo Model Air. These work better for my painting style. Since many of the metallics in the vallejo game color range are crap I got me all the metallics of the model air range. When I started to work with my airbrush I picked up the whole range of Schmincke Aero Color. Most expensive colours I ever got me, I guess, but man, they are good! For models I only buy what I need but mostly do with what I have and mix what I don't have. Got Zero paints subaru blue for my subaru, the other colours will be from my stash. Got Alclad Chrome and their gloss black base for chroming parts... no other special paints yet. Then there's the odd collection of old paints. All my old Revell and Humbrol Colours I gave to my father as he likes to work with them when doing model railway stuff. My Citadel paints from before the dark ages were mostly dead when I restarted. I donated them to someone who was starting into the hobby and wanted to try to reanimate them. Some old vallejos are double now. Some others are still around as well. A few more specialized "paints" are more like structure paste, I guess. Games Workshop blood effect and stuff like that. After all - not that much, I guess. But I may get rid of the game colors and will have to find an acrylic range with better consistency in quality. May very well end up again buying an artists range.
  8. I'd go for a matching cream or wood for the steering wheel. With the spokes in gold, following the rest of the design. Alternative would be completely wood. As I don't know the kit - is the body metal or plastic? The cuts in the roof look so sharp that I thought it possibly was a die-cast.
  9. Nice to see it completed and thank you for coming back to let us know. This is really impressive. Can't wait for the glamour shots! The ones you posted here barely do your build justice.
  10. Ah yeah, that's what I expected. Thank you for considering being helpful.
  11. This is 1:25? Looks more like 1:43 in the pictures. So tiny. Interesting and very original build. Good job!
  12. It might be a nice touch to keep your video collection in one thread. At least give some meaningful names as topic. Like Destruction derby 1, Destruction derby 212, you get it. Quite annoying to open up just another thread with stuff that's not of any interest which takes forever to load on the phone with its embedded content. Please be aware, I have no problem with you. It's just this habit that annoys me. Maybe I'm not the only one. Maybe I am. Just wanted to let you know. It's up to you, what you make out of it. Out of real interest, why are you sharing all these videos of hilarious car culture? Are you in any way involved? Jan
  13. Hey, collecting pictures is just another way of building the fleet!
  14. Good to see you taking care of every single nut and bolt. Keep up posting all those details. It may feel like slow progress, but obviously it takes lots of time to get this right. I am glad you take that time instead of rushing through.