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  1. Schwarz-Brot

    Aoshima Leyton House Skyline R30

    The Skylines of this period are a rare sight. Great to see one being built and detailed. You really did a great job!
  2. Schwarz-Brot

    Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    The light blue one probably connected to something that is not part of the engine block, else it would still be connected. Or it had to be taken off to take the engine out. If that is the case you can try to find the place it connected to by drawing a circle around its starting point with the radius being the lenght of the light blue line. Whatever it was linked to would touch that circle.
  3. Schwarz-Brot

    Best R34 Skyline GT-R Nismo?

    I built the nismo z-tune variant by aoshima. Very good fit on all parts, curbside only. Only parts I had a little problem with were the glass covers of the front lights - these seem a little too small for the opening so I had a little gape there.
  4. Schwarz-Brot

    Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    Sorry Roy, I did not bother watching the video. Time is precious in this busy time of the year, a busy job scedule with projects going nuts and a 1:1 house to rebuild. As I said working with inventor is my job. So feel free (all of you!) to ask any questions regarding modelling in Fusion or Inventor. I pulled the plug and downloaded Fusion to play around at home and crosschecked my method from above. The tools are similar enough to inventor to use without a real learning curve. So if there's anything you cannot figure out, drop me a line. I might not help with freeform- and spline-designs, though. This is something I plan to explore next.
  5. Schwarz-Brot

    Strange Love - part 1

    Very nice and lifelike textures. This is really good stuff.
  6. Schwarz-Brot

    Nuts Planet - Martina

    beautiful work, nice details. Did you use decals for the lettering? Looks so clean, can't believe this is brushwork!
  7. Schwarz-Brot

    Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    Not sure about fusion, but using autodesk Inventor every single day my approach would be two steps: Draw the outer shape of one side of the "bowling pin" to its middle axis. Make the middle axis a rotating axis. Step two would simply be turning 360° around that axis. This is a very powerful function in inventor, that lets you simply create parts that have complex rotational shapes. Maybe fusion can do this, too. Have to get me fusion and play around a bit. Edit: Great to see this thread coming back to life.
  8. Schwarz-Brot

    What CAR/BIKE kits have you recently bought 2?

    Revell Lambo Diablo VT. Wanted something for a quick build inbetween. Have nothing that I'd do quick and dirty in my stash...
  9. Schwarz-Brot

    I've been very good - what should I get for Christmas?

    I'm more a proxxon guy then a dremel one. I think they give the same value for less money. A good combination in my eyes is a micromot engraver in combination with a simple stand (MB 200). Can be used by hand or with the stand for exact drilling and simple milling work. They have better stands that allow for more complex work, but I think then their dedicated milling machine is a better and more precise option. I personally dislike cordless tools where it is not necessary (more weight, inconsistent power with cheap tools, always the hazzle to reload, more expensive, always out of power when needed...) . This is a case where I think it is worth nothing to go cordless.
  10. Meilenwerk was kind of a franchise / Trademark built around anything oldtimer. The ones in Berlin and Düsseldorf are now operating independently under the trademark "Classic Remise". http://www.remise.de/ Maybe you can get some input there. There's a german wikipedia article about it if you are into the history: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meilenwerk#Meilenwerk_Region_Stuttgart_(Böblingen)
  11. Schwarz-Brot

    40k Imperial Guard and Tyranids

    I don't know these washes. But be careful with pure black. It often looks out of place on miniatures - too harsh. Never liked using it because it more often then not made a mess out of nice miniatures.
  12. Schwarz-Brot

    40k Imperial Guard and Tyranids

    Very good first! And a perfect start, I would say. It's good to start with putting down even colour blocks and try to stay "within the lines". You even went further and applied some edge highlights pushing the contrast. Of course there's bits and pieces that are not perfect, but that's ok. You have to consider a few things before you critique yourself too harsh: - You know it is not perfect, so you see it everytime you look at it. Someone else will most likely not even notice any mistake with a quick look. Most people don't spend much time looking at miniatures. The first impression counts to them. Take two steps back and look from that distance - that's what most people see when they look at your work. - looking at digital pictures of your miniatures can push you into a deep depression. To overcome this take the real miniature to your monitor and resize the picture until it has the same size. This puts all those "errors" into the right persepective. - Know that you'll get way better very quick by constantly painting a bit. Don't overdo your first miniatures - striving for perfection takes forever and kills any motivation. Instead aim for a fast achieved clean look. Metallic colours are a special topic with miniature painters. There's those who try to imitate metallic surfaces with normal colours, a very advanced technique known as NMM - Non Metallic Metal. Then theres the classic way with "metallic" paints - Paints that look like metal right out of the bottle. These contain flakes of mika to achieve a metal looking surface. Pure they usually look very flat without shadows and highlights. What you should know on your way - they can be highlighted like normal colours and they look way better with a dark wash applied over them. ...When you delve into the realm of washes give vallejo game color "Smokey Ink" a try (72.068). This stuff is an awesome weapon to many painting problems. I used it successfully for darklining, as a wash, as glaze, even as filter to pull whole miniatures together. It thins easily to the needed consistency. For Metallics: I dislike most of the game colour series metallics. They do not behave well, are a bit hard to thin down, do not cover well... Often Games Workshop Metallics are considered being better. I personally found a good solution in Vallejos Model Air Metallic range. Those work well for my painting style. They still do not cover well with a single coat but they flow better as they are pre-thinned for airbrush use. This makes them more easy to apply for me. If you have questions or need help with a certain topic just ask. And just keep going
  13. Schwarz-Brot

    1/24 Honda Civic EG & EK Models

    one can order directly from 81 without problems. Shipping was included or really cheap, irc.
  14. Schwarz-Brot

    What miniatures did you purchase lately?

    Impressive and very dynamic model! Though I feel like the rider is looking quite a bit too large compared to the horse.
  15. https://www.detinnenroos.com/nl/ Met these guys on a trade fair a few years ago.