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  1. Most of these pieces are exact Copies of Lego parts. Even the electronics...
  2. I successfully polished white metal wargame miniatures in the past with a brass wire brush on a Dremel. The rough and matte surface became very smooth and shiny. Not sure if this is good enough for your required surface, but probably worth a try on an unseen piece.
  3. Offered my service, but didn't want to advertise too much as I'm not a business. If you need something printed in resin I can probably help out.
  4. Or you can get a poster-print of your picture. Not too expensive these days. Some printshops offer large scale prints around here for reasonable prices, and places that offer photobooks usually also offer poster prints.
  5. I only know their chrome, but I do know that the underground matters very much. You can spray it over any high shine surface and get a chrome effect, the underlying colour will effect the outcome in a subtle way. Don't see why this wouldn't work with aluminium. But I highly recommend doing some test pieces first!
  6. In that size you'll probably be better off working with a paint that gives a slightly rough finish. I don't know the real parts, but from my work experience with casted parts they are not extraordinary rough - the surface is as rough as sand on a 1:1 part. Because that's what's usually used to make the form.
  7. That is probably not going to happen, at least not legally. Most designers do not permit selling of their printed product! So it is not legal to offer this as a service. The printer would need to buy a commercial license to print and sell the miniatures. Some designers do offer these licenses, most don't. I never saw a shop that bought such a license to make some money. If you provide the file and pay for the printing as a service you circumvent this problem.
  8. It is also a good practice part for 3d modelling. Simple geometry, can be done with very few operations and is a nice usecase for the pattern tool.
  9. One thing is sure - I'll get me a Saturn if money allows. Which shouldn't be a problem.
  10. There you go. A few little brave moves gave you a nice and way more realistic model. I think you can be proud of your work.
  11. Mike, why would you remove the thread? Here's quite a bit of valuable information in the posts above. Maybe just rename it.
  12. Yes, it is kind of a consumable and at least on the mars is a sparepart that can be bought seperately. I'd think this is the same with the photon. With the mars the cost is at about 40€. They might even be interchangeable. I don't really know how long they last, mine has probably about 100 hours of printing time and is fine.
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