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  1. Could you provide the link to where you found them?
  2. That’s a great find. I might copy this on a future build.
  3. Looking great. I think you ar3 am8ng for a very well detailed model. Right?
  4. Well, you have spent a really lot of time on the windshield and the deflectors, but the result is indeed stunning. Fantastic job, Olivier.
  5. Amazing stuff! Really true representation. Your driver is just awesome.
  6. Ok, thanks. Good to hear. I really like these 300sl cars in both forms (flügeltür and cabrio)
  7. +1 splendid execution. This will make a great dio
  8. I think that the solution is to lift your object off the plate, put them on short supports. You still get this “added bonus” called elephant feet but at least it will only happen in the support structure.
  9. Very handsome model. Nice colour combo. I did not hear any other gripes from you, so, apart from the engine details (or lack of it), am I correct in assuming that this is a fairly well designed kit?
  10. Ah, thanks for the explanation. Of course, that would be much appreciated.
  11. Given yoir painting skills, I assume that the lighter scratches on the tub aren’t there by accident. Be interested to learn the rationale behind them.
  12. Well, I like the colour as it is. Black is so ....., well black. To me it looks great.
  13. I’m speechless. You show it to us as if it us a piece of cake. Great work, Manu
  14. Wow, that looks fantastic, Manu. The scale sort of forces you to model much detail, but you really have success.
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