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  1. Great stuff, you are doing here. Are you going to modify the steering box itself? From the pictures on Paul’s CD I took that the side has holes instead of the molded rivets (at least it looks like rivets to me).
  2. You’ve built a fantastic model, Renek. Thank you for taking us along with you during the process.
  3. Looking really great, Harvey. Well done, especially it being your first time. Very small piece of advice might be to drill the axle bores before you separate the hubs from the round bar. Saves you the trouble of finding the center etc. I’m assuming you have a drill chuck that can be put on the moving head of the lathe.
  4. Looking really great, Dan. Nicely lined up louvres
  5. Looking really great, Dan. Can you elaborate a bit on the louvres (how to)?
  6. Wouldn’t that be great? Two builds of highly modified realistic spiders at the same time. Double the amount of solutions for challenges and inaccurate Pocher components. We’d love that Pocher Perfectionist
  7. Hi Darin, I do hope you will find the time and motivation to continue anytime soon. It is such a great build you are doing. Hope to take away some pointers as I have this kit and the Tomaso kit in my stack.
  8. Ahh work. It interferes way too much with the important job at hand. Hope someone will relief you of (part of) your duties soon.
  9. Hi Dan, just caught up with your WIP. I must say I don’t like it. Reason is that in the pictures you cannot tell the replica from the replica’s replica What a fabulous piece of art you are creating here. Thanks for sharing this. Between this build and Harvey’s Fiat build, there’s so much to learn for us (me in particular). I can see that I may have to revisit some stuff on the Alfa (or do much better on a next iteration). Great job! ohh, and apologies to all the others who I didn’t mention by name. There are so many fine builds going on at this time.
  10. Harvey, I’m late to this totally enjoyable party, but after taking the time to read through all 22 pages of your WIP, I must say that I am totally speechless about what you are creating here. The level of detail you put in all parts is unbelievable. You are truly creating a master piece. You make it seem all so very easy but the way you create all the parts must ask for enormous amounts of time, patience and perseverance. And all that preceded by a lot of thought on how to tackle the fabrication of the next part. Hat off for you Now, please do continue with our next lessons!
  11. Hi Roy, took me some time to catch up with this thread. Big thanks for all your detailed explanations on Fusion360 and on your work. Big help that you created these videos. Of course I subscribed. i read that you have a lot going on at this time. Sure hope you’ll find the time to pick up this other work again.
  12. Wayne, still your experience in building the Alfa would be a welcome addition to what is here already. There must be some lessons learned for others and me in it. No hurry but when you find the time and motivation..... Funny that no matter how much you think and plan in advance, these Pochers still force you into the doing-redoing and yet another redoing cycle. I think it is called building pleasure
  13. Wow Pascal, you make it all seem so easy. Great stuff and it’s very much appreciated that you share this build with us. hope you find the time to continue with it.
  14. Sorry to hear about your health issues, Thierry. But happy to see that you feel well enough to restart your work. It took me quite some time to catch up with your build, but man, I’m totally speechless with what you are creating here. Fantastic work!
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