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  1. Might it be that the soft part has shrunk or deformed a bit in the many years of its life? It also “corkscrewed” a bit I gather from the last picture. Would be quite weird for Ford to design it such that the hard parts protrude from underneath the soft part.
  2. A model to be prod of, Peter. And a nice accommodation for it too.
  3. LOL, both are quite applicable, so whatever you feel comfortable with... Must say I am used to TMO now.
  4. If that is how they do their business, it is good that people are warned. Regarding the refund, I see you paid using Paypal. I’d say contact them and ask them to refund the remainder. You are entitled to it. Reading your next post... sorry to hear that you have health issues. Hope that will improve asap.
  5. Ron, the level of realism you achieve is unbelievable. With that pallet underneath there is nothing that tells me that this isn’t the real thing (unless it would be the missing text on the fuel hoses) .... No, don’t even think of replicating those too. Fantastic work as always. Hats off...
  6. Your paintwork looks fantastic and I’m not at all jealous about the carbon decal work you are up to. Looking really difficult. Good luck with that.
  7. I second that. Remind me, how long is that engine and gearbox assembly? It is unreal in its reality.
  8. Nicely done. The 3D printed parts will help you to get the correct amount of detail
  9. That is real craftmanship you are showing us. Those trims are fantastic. I remember your description of the fitting of the hood. Think the way you did it is indeed easier when the time comes to put the hood in place (and easier to take it out again (and again and....)
  10. I do think that Manu is right. Of course you (Dan) are privy to all the shortcomings that you noticed during the build. The casual (or not) observer, seeing your model, will not notice anything like that.
  11. That has been a very extensive restoration. Thanks for sharing the link, Pascal
  12. This works really well. I agree with your remark on using black.
  13. Outstanding work then. You could have fooled me (oh... you actually did).
  14. Very nice model, Jeremy. Are the wheels real wood or did you create this finish with paint?
  15. I agree with you that the tin foil ashtrays look much better than the BMF version. You’re getting there.
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