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  1. Made of springs and heat shrink tubing.
  2. continue............... Continue to deepen and make the original idea little by little. Also continue to add and adjust some details. The pipes will be painted in separate pieces, and all have card slots to facilitate installation after they have been painted.
  3. Because there is no equipment, basically you can only rely on handwork, and all kinds of rubber sheets are glued a little bit. The barrel is made of solid glue stick + hollow tube + ab epoxy putty.
  4. continue。。。。。 The energy pipeline is the power supply circuit for the a-wing engine and lighting. Because of the size of the wiring and the double-row pin, the connector is a bit large. I am still thinking about whether to add a detailed design that is convenient for manual operation. For the mechanical equipment pipe on the right side of the base of the platform, the second one is planned to be shortened to make the composition on the right more compact and not too loose.
  5. I'm not very proficient in making 3D models, and I can't do a lot of modeling. But I will combine hand-painted efforts to perfect it at the physical stage.thanks:)
  6. Thank you very much for your appreciation and encouragement
  7. The order of my model making is determined according to the order of the models I purchased. The first one is k2so. The second is Stormtroopers, the third is A-wing, and the fourth is TIE fighter and TIE IN_interceptor........... There are many Star Wars models waiting for me to make, but time is always tight and my progress is very slow. However, the process of searching for materials and pictures when making each model, doing research and design is very interesting.
  8. Thank you for your information, just to answer my doubts,Open backwards, open from the state of the model, it will be blocked by the equipment behind.
  9. Go on, I can only do a little bit at night every day Because the A-wing is in a dispersed state, I temporarily took an X-wing and took a look at the overall layout and proportions. I have never understood how the A-wing's hatch opens. It doesn't seem to be right to open forward and open backward. Was it opened from the side? But will this inconvenient way be adopted in the future?
  10. My third model, the second one was not completely completed, so I started the conception and production of the third one. Starting from the sketch, I first constructed the apron in my mind. It is assumed that the ground crew of assembly and maintenance hopes to install the pipeline. The equipment and equipment should be as detailed as possible. Finally, the effort will be spent on the construction of a-wing. It will not be more detailed modelling, but will only use software that is used by the profession, so it will not be 3d printing, and can only be made by hand.
  11. I am very happy that you like my production.
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