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  1. What a beautiful livrery! Is it all decals or did you have to match the paint on the fuselage? If it's all decals, you did a hell of a job by applying them, especially in the tailplane area! Good to hear about the fitting, because this kit is waiting for me along with some Finair decals in my stash. Congrats to this great model!
  2. Tamiya`s new Bf 109 G-6

  3. HMS Victory Diorama.1:72.

    As a fan of the Aubrey-Maturin series you pictures and descriptions make my heart sing. Outstanding craftsmanship!
  4. I feared that they might lost parts of the SW licence to be honest. But this release is a big relief for me. No other licensee drops products of a quality like Bandai does and will do. I love their stuff.
  5. In terms of weathering this is one of the best Fw 190 I've ever seen in any scale. Even the grease stains on the main gear covers look spot on. Did you work with oils or ready to use-products? Build and paintwork are splendid, too!
  6. That is some uncommon stuff. I really like it! The crane looks totally "Ostblock", you have to love that.
  7. That is a beautiful work of art. The dymamic pose of the figure, the weathering of the halfway rotten machine, the bird... -what is there not to like? I can only gratulate!
  8. That combination of colours is a bit of intoxicating. What a blue! A classy way to finish your modeling year. Guten Rutsch!
  9. What a nice finish. More and more of Eduard's new 190s are surfacing in the forums. They made me buy the Royal Edition three weeks ago; can't wait to start with it. Just a small observation: Your dad forgot to paint the fuselage guns.
  10. Tamiya Steyr 1500 1/48

    A lovely little vignette you show us here, Christian. I really like it!
  11. 1/48 Aussie Eight Dual Spitfires

    Great looking couple with a nice contrast between them!
  12. As always a flawless result, Matthias! I like the restrained chipping on the wings with its low contrast. The dust on the wheels looks a bit reddish on the pics, but that may be the lighting. What are your impressions on the buildability of the kit?
  13. What can I say? I finally found someone who I can blame for buying that beautiful kit. The weathering blends perfectly into the paint scheme, the construction is clean and flawless. With a ten months old kid around this is a remarkable achievement. Congratulations!
  14. That GAU spits out some soot, that's for sure. The A-10 is one of my fovourites, so I'm tuned in.
  15. Nice to see you doing a Würger again. I built the Egon Mayer markings of that kit, cause I liked the Höhenjäger intakes on the cowling. Mayer tested them against high altitude flying bombers and wasn't that impressed. Only three prototypes were deployed.