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  1. A really stunning piece of craftmanship. The watermarks with the salt stains along the hull caught my attention on first sight. So much to discover on every single part of that sub. Remarkable work.
  2. Very well executed model. The blue rockets and tanks add some colour diversion to save the scheme from looking too uniform.
  3. That's the kind of modelling I really enjoy looking at. Off the mainstream and so well executed.
  4. This is so in your face. It jumped right on me, picture for picture. Splendid work, Matthias! Would like to see her belly, though.
  5. I can only underline what's been written above. Mighty fine work.
  6. Filling all those joints was absolutely worth the effort. Lovely finish on the speeder and the figure. I especially like the pose. Not too much action, but in motion and he's looking alarmed of something...
  7. I just can repeat what already has been said. Beautiful finish! It's a lot of aftermarket involved, isn't it?
  8. This is incredibly good. And more bettererer. Can't wait to see a shot of the whole boat.
  9. Approved, Sir! Now go on, please. What is it by the way?
  10. It's always hard to judge on a picture, but I've made the experience that a semi-gloss or dull coat lets the contrasts 'melt' together rather stark. Maybe you give it a try on a spot on the underside with your clear coat of choice. If it's still a bit splotchy you can add a further filter of the base color.
  11. Very nice! This is almost the state where I'm at with mine now. Started with the black basing-method and put the first marbling coat on. Ran a bit out of steam the past weeks but looking at yours makes me want to go back at it. Much inspiring!
  12. Simply striking.
  13. You're a brave man by wrestling with this kit, Artur. AMK comes for the rescue this year, so no more KH in the future. Fantastic build, I especially dig the weathered metal work on the underside.
  14. Absolutely stunning work. You guys make them Bandai engineers proud. What about that red light, is it clear styrene painted with transparent red?
  15. Had the same thought, ha ha! Andy, you made a daydream come true for me. When I came back from cinema I checked all the Bandai stuff on Amazon again and had a K-2SO in mind exactly the way you did it. I love it and will shamelessly copy it as soon as I can! With backpack of course.