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  1. As always a flawless result, Matthias! I like the restrained chipping on the wings with its low contrast. The dust on the wheels looks a bit reddish on the pics, but that may be the lighting. What are your impressions on the buildability of the kit?
  2. What can I say? I finally found someone who I can blame for buying that beautiful kit. The weathering blends perfectly into the paint scheme, the construction is clean and flawless. With a ten months old kid around this is a remarkable achievement. Congratulations!
  3. That GAU spits out some soot, that's for sure. The A-10 is one of my fovourites, so I'm tuned in.
  4. Nice to see you doing a Würger again. I built the Egon Mayer markings of that kit, cause I liked the Höhenjäger intakes on the cowling. Mayer tested them against high altitude flying bombers and wasn't that impressed. Only three prototypes were deployed.
  5. Now you have my attention, Andy. The Karaya kit is waiting in my stash along with half a dozen Eduard Würger. They're not the easyest kits but when you finished one successfully you're hooked. I really enjoyed building my A-5. Nice to see your well executed renditions in the gallery. Thank you for sharing!
  6. Funny that you're mentioning the instructions as the only letdown of the kit. Actually they're the only part made by Kinetic. The whole kit development was made by 'Aviation Art', but due to some problems with their partners, Kinetic ended up producing the kit. Your definitions of the kit looks splendid. Great paintwork, especially the heat stains on the burner cans. Also the fading of the camo looks just right. What a pity that this beautiful plane had such a short period of service.
  7. Kitty Hawk Su-22 Fitter

    That really is the Shi**y Hawk kit? Wow, you made the best of it, no doubt. What stands out for me is the diversity in the paint work with all the touch ups and fadings. Very well done, Muzz!
  8. SU-11

    Oh boy, she's a beauty! That's a very convincing finish, the stressed skin beneath the cockpit looks great. And, as mentioned above, the photography is splendid.
  9. Please clear cache and try again. They're definitely showing on both of my browsers (Firefox and Safari).
  10. Sorry, my fault. Should work now.
  11. Very well done, Matthias! What I really like is the weathering, especially the oil leaks around the rivets on the motor cowling. Are they enamels or oils? My Eduard Spitfire will hit my doorstep tomorrow. Looking forward diving into it.
  12. When I read your post I realised that I didn't posted it here on BM. I just changed that:
  13. A blast from the past, or 2014 to be precise. It took me 11 months to finish and was a journey through pain and joy likewise. Some first-timers for me like pre and post shading, Future for canopy and decals and dealing with aftermarket the big way. The model depicts the Arado built machine of Hauptmann Egon Mayer in the spring of 1943. The rudder shows 62 kills, which he had between February 14 and April 16. He was Commander of III. /JG 2 and a specialist in fighting bombers, shooting down twenty B-17, five B-24 and one B-26 until his death on March 2, 1944. Used aftermarket: Bottom Fuselage Panel / Department of Correction Fw 190A/F/G Tail / Department of Correction Prop & Spinner VDM 9-12067A / Ultracast Spoked Wheels / Ultracast Pilot Seat / Ultracast Photo Etch Set / Eduard Armament Set & Pitot / Master Comments and constructive criticism are as always welcome!
  14. Yes David, I hear you on all those issues you battled so successfully. Finished my A-5 in 2014 and it wasn't a walk in the park. Luckily like you I learned from other's mistakes and listened to Eduard's additional remarks. But nonetheless I managed to glue the cockpit tub in a tenth of a mm to far to the front. That ended in a lot of fun with the weapons bay and engine alignment. Learned to curse in seven different languages back then. But back to your work. I think you can be proud on what you've achieved with that demanding kit. I also like the unusual hybrid version you've chosen. Pretty cool!
  15. Renault Ft-17 FlyHawk 1/72

    Thank you all for your flattering comments, Gentleman! Much appreciated.