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  1. After a build dip i finished this simple little Toyota Supra. Finished of with Aoshima wheels, Zero Paints Meteorite Silver and Mr. Hobby Supergloss finish!
  2. Next up was the Ebbro McLaren Honda MP4-31 Late Season 2016. A simple kit to build also because it only needs 5 colors! Paint done with Gravitiy Colors and Tamiya. Clear coat done with Mr Hobby.
  3. I also used tweezers and a lookingglass for the PE stuff but still... first time doing those PE windscreenwipers. Just need more practice i guess
  4. Not my first build but it is my first post on this forum! Being a watcher for years it's now time to post my builds! Fisrt one of 2021 is the Tamiya Toyota Supgra GR in 1/24th scale! Used a Hobby Design PE upgrade kit with went on ok. Didn't get the windshield wipers to finish because of my big fingers... Some small dust particles in the paint as usual
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