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  1. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I've been using AK's Real Colors on all of my builds this year and I'm quite pleased with the RLM's. The only one I have an issue with is the 02, which I mix 50/50 with 75 to get a shade I think is correct. They're also a joy to spray - they go down with the ease of Tamiya acrylics and dry to nice satin sheen like MrColor lacquers 74/75/76 again on my 109G-6: 81 (Dark Green) / 75 / 76 (Late) on my 190A-8 And for fun, 76 and 83 (Blue) on my what-if He162:
  2. Back with the latest off the bench - Hasegawa's 1/48 Macchi C.205 Macchi C.205 Veltro Series III Red 23, 1° Gruppo Caccia, 1st Squadriglia, ANR March 1944, Udine, Italy - True Details cockpit - Yahu instrument panel - Quickboost intake, exhausts, oil coolers - Ultracast wheels - Albion Alloys tubing gun barrels - Sky Decals - Riveted - All scoops opened up - Painted with AK Real Colors On to the pics!
  3. Thanks! As for the prop it's a little bit of both, but mainly flecked varnish. I do spray it with slightly lightened base color and do some sponge chipping with a lighter green, but almost all of that is hidden by the varnish trick. I toned it down a little this time compared to my other recent builds, it's AK Matte Varnish with Ultra Matte flecked on it with a brush and toothpick, then a thin layer of Matte sprayed back over top
  4. Wow! Thanks for the feedback folks! That's some high praise, I'm glad you all like it. I feel like I'm getting back in the groove and each build is a little bit better than the last. Plenty more to come!
  5. Latest one off the bench, #7 since February. Feels good to be so productive this year after 0 last year and only 2 per year for several years before that. II./JG53 January 1944 Vienna, Austria Aires cockpit Brassin exhaust BarracudaCast wheels Quickboost gun barrels Montex masks EagleCals decals Scratch details Reworked ETC rack Shortened gear legs
  6. For sure! Everyone has that one subject they are overly anal about and for me that's the Fw190. For example it drives me crazy when people don't fill the seam in the wing root forward of the gun cover and instead make it a panel line I love the AK Real Colors line. I've been using them on every build of mine since February and I find them absolutely perfect for me. Prior to AK, I used MrColor and Tamiya paints exclusively. For me the AK paints are a perfect blend of both - the easy sprayability of Tamiya and the silky smooth satin finish of MrColor lacquers. There are a few RLM col
  7. Very interesting. I just checked my leftovers and you're right - the shape is much improved. Still not as nice as Tamiya, but far superior to the old tool. The framing is pretty thick, but at least there is some curve to the outline now. The updated blown canopy is probably "good enough" for most people but I'll keep using Tamiya replacements while I have a baggie full of them haha. There also doesn't appear to be any change to the flat canopy, which should also curve downward sharply at the very front like the Tamiya piece. For those interested, here is an updated com
  8. Not many people picked up on the canopy issue, they just focused on the novelty of having separate options for open/closed. I'd rather have the correct shape Thanks everyone for the kind words!
  9. Eduard got the shape of their canopies wrong. The blown one is not blown, and the flat one is too flat. They got it wrong in the old tool kit, and when they released the new tool they just reused the old clear sprue. Pretty disappointing. The Eduard headrest armor is also pretty anemic so I used the Tamiya bits for that as well. Here are some comparison pics I took a while back of the two manufacturer's blown canopies. Feel free to Google any Eduard 190 builds and it sticks out like a sore thumb that the blown canopy is flat
  10. Build #6 since February rolls off the bench. After finishing 0 models last year thanks to a pinched nerve, and several years of barely finishing 2 models a year, 2020 has been a very productive year for me thus far. I've had a closet full of new-tool Eduard Fw190's for a while and finally got around to building one - and there are plenty more to come! Fw190A-8 "White 6" Lt. Gustl Stalffner, Staffelkapitan 7./JG 300 Lobnitz, Germany, March 1945 - BarracudaCast snapshot cockpit upgrade - BarracudaCast exhaust - BarracudaCast wheels - Ultrac
  11. Do you mean the upper cowl piece? I did have to shim it with some plasticard but it was a quick fix The underside needed a shim as well
  12. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you like it
  13. Latest one off the bench, Tamiya's classic P-51B Mustang with a good bit of work thrown at it. 1/48 Tamiya P-51B Mustang Capt William J Shackleford 375 FS / 361 FG Bottisham, England August 1944 - Aires cockpit - BarracudaCals cockpit placards - Ultracast spinner, prop, exhaust, flaps, and wheels - Squadron vac canopy - Gun barrels replaced with Albion Alloys tubing - Fuselage riveted - Wing panel lines filled - Custom paint masks for all major markings - AMDG decals for "Queen Jean" script and playing cards Anyways, on to the pics!
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