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  1. I'm on a roll, #6 for the year with a late start after moving house in January. This one has been on my to-do list for years and I finally got around to building it. My first Tamiya 262, and as expected it was just as good of a kit as I've always heard. Just added a seat, instrument panel, and wheels. 1/48 Tamiya Me262A-1a "Green 4" of Stab JG7 Major Theodor Weissenberger Brandenburg-Briest, Germany, Feb-Mar 1945 Ultracast seat Yahu instrument panel CMK wheels Montex masks EagleCals decals AK Real Colors paints Anyway, on to the pics! Thanks for looking!
  2. Thanks everyone! Normally I would use oils for the effect, but this time around I used a mix of AK Paneliners. While they're great for panel lines, they're also a good consistency for leaks, streaks, and filtering
  3. Hey folks! Wrapped up build #5 of the year so far, Tamiya's venerable F4U-1A Corsair. As with the P-51B, it's still a great kit - but I wouldn't mind seeing a newer tooling. The foldable wings are still an annoyance but not a huge deal. 1/48 F4U-1A Corsair "Big Hog" Lt. Cdr. John "Tommy" Blackburn VF-17, Feb/Mar 1944 Rabaul, New Britain Ultracast seat Ultracast wheels Eduard PE Riveted with RB Mini AK Real Colors paints EagleCals decals Montex paint masks On to the pics! Thanks for looking!
  4. Thanks everyone! I use AK Paneliners washes. I cover the whole model, one section at a time, with the wash and then wipe away the excess with a lint-free cloth
  5. I think Tamiya focused too much on the option to display the engine and alternate cowlings attached with magnets that could be swapped out to have it open or closed. It felt very much like building a small version of their 1/32 kits, but less detailed. The 1/72 kit is more the breakdown I would expect from a 1/48 kit, aside from the molded closed slats and flaps. As it is, it just feels so gimmicky and that design time could have been better used on surface detail. But what do I know? Haha If I could pick three things from the design of the Tamiya kit and put them into the Eduard kit, it would be the attachment of the slats, canopy, and landing gear. That would be my ideal 109 kit.
  6. Thanks! The metal is just MrColor #8 silver, everything else is AK Real Colors
  7. Before this build I didn't know either, yet there they are tucked under the belly haha
  8. Hi folks! Just wrapped this one up over the weekend. Having a closet full of Eduard 109's, I was a little worried that I would be spoiled by the Tamiya kit and not like the Eduard kit so much. To my relief, I found the Tamiya kit to be a bit over-engineered and a bit simplistic with many of the details. If you want to build one with the engine displayed this is surely the easiest path but I like my models closed up. I do love the design of the canopy though and some things I learned from this kit will change the way I build my Eduard 109's. 1/48 Tamiya Bf109G-6 9./JG54, "Yellow 9" Ludwigslust, Germany Spring 1944 Yahu instrument panel BarracudaCast seat BarracudaCast wheels BarracudaCast tall tail conversion Albion Alloys gun barrels EagleCals decals AK Real Colors paints Anyway, on to the pics! Thanks for looking!
  9. Hi folks! Just finished this one up last week, it's been a productive year thus far. I had never done a plane with full invasion stripes so I figured I would give it a go. The Tamiya kit still holds up well, but I'm looking forward to a B variant from Eduard. P-51B Mustang "Impatient Virgin?" 376th FS 361st FG Lt. Victor E. Bocquin Bottisham UK, September 1944 Ultracast seat Ultracast wheels Ultracast flaps Eduard Zoom PE Riveted fuselage Hollowed kit exhaust and gun barrels Squadron vac canopy KitsWorld decals Custom insignia masks Anyways, on to the pics! Thanks for looking!
  10. Hi folks! I wrapped this one up last month and forgot to make a post for it. The Gaspatch kit is interesting, and surprisingly complex. The tiny little cockpit has more parts than a 1/48 Eduard Spitfire. It's unusual for me to build something OOB, but that's how this one is with the exception of replacing the pitot and antenna with Albion Alloys tubing and rod. On to the pics! Thanks for looking!
  11. That's correct, and I did paint it Dark Earth/Middlestone first, then overspray with Azure
  12. I'll definitely be building more 72's in the future. I wish Tamiya had done their P-47M in "true scale", I really want to do one of the two-tone blue 63rd FS birds. Guess I'll stick to my usual 1/48 for that one
  13. From what I could tell, the red step markings were painted over. As for the strakes/pylons, that was a mistaken omission on my part
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