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  1. I always like this tank, it looks unique. The old one look nice, but your rebuilt made it so nice! I also rebuilt some of my old models hope to improve them, coz unable to buy new kits.
  2. Thank guys for all the kind words, appreciate them!
  3. Great build and great weathering!
  4. Build this severals years back, the only aftermarket parts used in the build are 3 PE clamps. Canvas tarp made from tissue paper. [/url]
  5. Great build! I saw the base in some review before and I think you improve it so so so much!
  6. Nice, love the stowages on the trailer.
  7. Great build, your PE works are very clean and neat.
  8. The size of this gun is already awesome, and the hard works you put in made it even more amazing!
  9. Just back from CNY holiday. Thank guys for all the kind words!
  10. Did you mean here? Thanks
  11. Hi Badder, thanks for the comment. Haha, where was the squashed fly? Can you point me out? Thanks guys for all the kind words too!
  12. Nice! Especially love the ground works.
  13. Finished this last year. Some of you may see it before at Meng's FB page, I enter Meng monthly contest but not even reach 200 likes, haha. Almost build OOTB, only added 3 PE butterfly nuts and 2 PE buckles for straps. Thanks for viewing, please feel free to critic and comment.
  14. Very nice effects on chipping and mud!
  15. Hi Cambridge, yes there are simple work in progress I posted back in 2010, you can view it here, a dead Malaysian modeling forum: But it's the old look which is in camo scheme, the flat coat ruined the color, I not satisfied with the end result and repaint the model several years later. It's the same model, the proof is the DIY canvas tarp. Sorry moderator, I not sure if link allowed here, please remove if not allowed.