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  1. Lovely build and lovely finish, like what you've done with this kit. Cheers Dave.
  2. Like that a lot, I have one in the stash and you've made up my mind to build it. Dave.
  3. Nice build and just the right amount of grime for me. Dave.
  4. Very very nice, the scene speaks a lot. Cheers Dave
  5. Have to say I love these builds and your finish on them is fantastic, can't wait for the t Rex. Cheers Dave.
  6. Cracking build and an excellent idea for the theme. Like it a lot. Dave.
  7. That's a bit tasty, lovely finish. Dave
  8. Lovely build, like your extras and the overall finish you've achieved is fantastic. Dave.
  9. There's just something about these kits that say YEAH build me, great little build, thanks for sharing. Dave.
  10. Very very nice, I love the station wagon kits and yours is cracking. Dave
  11. That's one cracking build, base and kit. Dave
  12. Hi Mike I was in there couple of weeks ago and they had sold most of the kits off, looked like it was the end of the model zone in there. Dave.
  13. Good start and some nice imagination used to get the look you wanted, if your using the revell glue then a quick flash over the needle with a lighter clears the blockage. Dave.
  14. Nice one, loving what you did with the wheels Dave.
  15. Lovely build and loads of very nice detail. Dave.