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  1. Cracking job mate, hoping you and yours are all keeping well. Take care Cheers Dave
  2. Having just seen this build in the flesh, so to speak, I can see the filters on the camera have made the green very much brighter than they actually are. It's a stunner mate, very well done. Cheers Dave
  3. Cracking build my friend, new camo style for you I see. Cheers Dave.
  4. That's very nice, love the colours, cracking build. Cheers Dave.
  5. DWC1968

    Old John

    Hi John, just a quick hello from a fellow North Eastener, welcome back. Cheers Dave
  6. I'm liking that a lot, looks like its just rolled off the roads into the fields, I like the amount of weathering, not over done. Maybe needs sinking into the soft earth a tad. Cheers for posting. Dave.
  7. Pictures don't do your build justice mate, its a little cracker and I for one am looking forward to seeing more maritime from you Cheers Dave.
  8. That's a cracker mate, know how much you've put into it and it shows, loving that sea. Cheers Dave.
  9. That's cracking mate, flying along Cheers Dave
  10. Welcome back from a fellow northeastern, Cheers Dave
  11. Excellent video and some great tips and info. Thanks for posting. Cheers Dave.
  12. A very nice build with a great finish, thank for the idea of using opaque paints as a technique, a great idea. Cheers Dave.
  13. Got to echo Jim's comment, so much to look at and all very nicely done. Cheers Dave.
  14. Nice build and choice of figure. I have this kit in the stash, hopefully I can do it as much justice as you have, thanks for the inspiration to dig it out. Cheers Dave
  15. That's a bit special, you have a fine eye for the smaller details. Cheers Dave.
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