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  1. ModelMinutes

    1/72 Airfix SBD-5 Dauntless (A-24 Banshee)

    I've got quite a few in the stash . . i'm undecided at the moment
  2. ModelMinutes

    1/72 Airfix SBD-5 Dauntless (A-24 Banshee)

    Yeah, it presented quite a few challenges
  3. My latest build is the classic Airfix Dauntless kit, but decided to finish it in the French Version which was known as the Banshee for land based operations. It's a pretty old kit with a lot of flaws, but the biggest one is the incorrect decal for the stripes on the tail - I didn't realise that until i'd built the model and done some research on it for the video Anyways, let me know what you think
  4. ModelMinutes

    BF 109 - Airfix 1:72

    Love this! You've done a really great job there - neat paintwork and weathering
  5. Hi All! Finally finished another build, this unusual and tiny model: Let me know what you think of my finished model, it's not a bad kit on the whole, just the decal issues were annoying really. Here are some pictures too: Thanks for taking the time to check out my build
  6. Your model looks great! I built the same kit a little while ago, but yours looks better than mine i think. I made a video about mine if you wanted to see some pics of it
  7. Hi all! I finished this Airfix Hawker Hurricane and made a review video of the kit! Let me know what you all think of the finished model. Thanks
  8. ModelMinutes

    Airfix Spitfire Mk1a 1/72

    Thanks guys! Glad you liked it
  9. ModelMinutes

    Vintage 1970's Airfix Harrier

    You guys are so eagle-eyed! Yeah, the Decals weren't 100% right, perhaps I could change that in time - but for now i'm quite happy with the result
  10. Hi all! My latest build is of the Spitfire 1a from airfix - i made a beginner's guide to the build as i hear a lot of people tend to start off with something like this when they start model building! Let me know what you think of my build and finished model
  11. ModelMinutes

    Vintage 1970's Airfix Harrier

    Some more pictures here fr you guys
  12. ModelMinutes

    Vintage 1970's Airfix Harrier

    I've had a few kits that went up in flames, spiralling towards the ground from the upstairs windows!
  13. Hi All! Built something a little special recently, a vintage 1975 Harrier from Airfix. It was missing the decals, but I got some gifted to me which helped Let me know what you think of the finished model
  14. ModelMinutes

    1/144 Scale Revell Hellcat

    Yeah, I only discovered it by chance in my local model shop . . . was a bit hidden at the back as well, must have been there a while
  15. Hi All! I finished one of the smallest model I ever built - 1/144 scale Hellcat. Let me know what you think of it - I made a video of the build Thanks in advance