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  1. Yeah, I realised that pretty quickly. I've since bought some tamiya and vallejo paints
  2. Hi All! I finished this kit recently and I have to say - I was very impressed with it. It's one of the better new-tool kits from Airfix in my opinion, having some great details including open gun bays! I was still getting to grips with my new airbrush and the Humbrol paints I used didn't airbrush so well, but I think it looks ok. What do you think? I know there are lots of little things I could have done to improve this (removing seams here and there etc) but it looks pretty good on my shelf The video here features the full build of the kit, the techniques and products I used and a final review at the end. Thanks for taking the time to take a look!
  3. Thanks Troy! I'll have to make sure i take some notes and then use them for my next build! As far as your question regarding how I made my videos, here is a summary: I use a DSLR camera to record the build - planning the shot occasionally before I complete the step. If I want shots of the sprues etc before the build then I need to make sure I do it, otherwise I can't include that sort of thing when I get to the end. When that's all done I do a bit of photo editing to get suitable thumbnails and the slides with text on. I'll then write a script so I don't forget what I want to cover in the video, which also helps to format it. Then I record myself reading the script. At this point i'm ready to bring it all together in my video editing software. I'm using an older version of Sony Vegas so it's not too powerful but it suits my needs for the moment. I'll match up the audio, music, clips and trim it all down to the "good stuff" leaving out anything dull. This is one of the most time consuming processes. A 20 minute video can take a number of hours to edit. Then, when i'm happy, I render the video and upload. If you have any more questions i'd be happy to answer!
  4. Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I managed to post a build, life gets in the way like that occasionally. I thought I would do this one "out of the box" to try and get some mojo back so it might be a little rough around the edges in places. It's mostly hand painted (with the odd spray can) and I didn't find it to be too difficult to do, just a bit . .well . . dull. So not really the best one to do to get my mojo back it turns out! Anyway, let me know what you think of this one! Full build steps is in the video here: Thanks everyone!
  5. Hi all! It's been ages since I last posted anything (I couldn't remember my password) but here's my latest build, the recent tool Airfix BP Defiant Mk1. I went for the night fighter version because of that cool shark's mouth! What do you think of this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JfL2f1WuYg Or a still image here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5vUNCyBstO/ Thanks for taking a look guys, Matt
  6. I've got quite a few in the stash . . i'm undecided at the moment
  7. My latest build is the classic Airfix Dauntless kit, but decided to finish it in the French Version which was known as the Banshee for land based operations. It's a pretty old kit with a lot of flaws, but the biggest one is the incorrect decal for the stripes on the tail - I didn't realise that until i'd built the model and done some research on it for the video Anyways, let me know what you think
  8. Love this! You've done a really great job there - neat paintwork and weathering
  9. Hi All! Finally finished another build, this unusual and tiny model: Let me know what you think of my finished model, it's not a bad kit on the whole, just the decal issues were annoying really. Here are some pictures too: Thanks for taking the time to check out my build
  10. Your model looks great! I built the same kit a little while ago, but yours looks better than mine i think. I made a video about mine if you wanted to see some pics of it
  11. Hi all! I finished this Airfix Hawker Hurricane and made a review video of the kit! Let me know what you all think of the finished model. Thanks
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