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  1. Did not any one notice that the star under the starboard wing is upside down ?. Sorry Trev, vh-bob
  2. I love the CA-18 Mustang VH-AUB I remember seeing her in Melbourne a lifetime ago. She was highly polished and in immaculate condition even then before the Warbird movement got started and she is still on the register today and based in Scone NSW.. The book "Southern Cross Mustangs is an invaluable source for information on Aussie civil Mustangs having many 1/72 scale drawings of these subjects. I modelled VH-FCB by coping her markings on to decal paper from the book and being just silver with black lettering found it to be an easy task. Well Done, Trev. (vh-bob)
  3. A beautiful job with the MIG-15 UTI and a great choice of markings. It's odd how these Hobby Boss kits are often criticised for inaccuracy and lack of detail while the fact that the Airfix version is much oversized seems to go un noticed. Let's have some more of these great little kits on these pages. Well Done, Trev. (vh-bob)
  4. You have done a great job on this despite the quality of the basic kit. I have a Carvair stalled at a late stage due to Problems with the Mach II DC-4 kit it is based on. I should have saved up the $100.00 and bought the Revell one. Well done, Trev.
  5. This scheme is still one of the great challenges and you have done it well. I didn't notice the wheel problem. Great Work, Trev. (vh-bob)
  6. Ryan NYP-2 (1.72 RS Models)

    Another great build. I have this kit and while I think I have a reasonable idea of aviation history I had not seen this version and was afraid that it was a "what if". Well done, Trev (vh-bob)
  7. Nicely done, a very neat job on what is quite a small model. Love the gold trim , how did the decals perform ?. Trev. (vh-bob)
  8. 1:72 Fujimi MiG-21bis Kampuchea

    I agree with Mario, you have certainly hunted out some of the more obscure users of former Soviet aircraft. Well Done, Trev.
  9. A beautiful job Tony. I once had a flight in one and was allowed to "steer" for a while. Magnificent. If you come up with enough information to build a third, please do , I would love to see it. Well Done, Trev.
  10. Magnificent as usual Faud. Well Done , Trev
  11. Ryan, another nice chopper build and yet another "different" camouflage scheme. Well Done Trev.
  12. The RAAF was an early operator of the C-130 A. On disposal, they were involved in a scheme with a shady US arms dealer that fell through and one was later overhauled at great expense to the Aussie taxpayer and sent to Africa as an aid programme. Possibly the only survivor of the 12 is at the RAAF museum at Point Cook Victoria. All the best , Trev.
  13. I don' know if it's the fact that have some sympathy for these prototype aircraft that didn't quite make it or the impact that the Sperrin had on me when it featured as a cutaway drawing in the center pages of "Eagle" comic all those years ago. I always thought that the fin shape had a look similar to some French bomber designs of the day. Most un "jet like". Now that Valom are doing a B-45, what about a 1/72 Sperrin ? Well Done Tony, Trev.
  14. Well done Faud, your model makes me question my policy of not weathering mine. While some don't like these older kits with their raised panel lines etc., what would we Regia Aeronautica fans do without these former Supermodel kits. Great Work, Trev.
  15. Pink Spitfire

    A very nice build and a more believable shade of pink than some references suggest. Well Done, Trev.